A New 800-Foot Promenade Will Open Up The Lake Wellington Waterfront To Residents Boardwalk Project

A New 800-Foot Promenade Will Open Up The Lake Wellington Waterfront To Residents

Boardwalk Project

Along with a busy amphitheater, lively playground, spacious green lawn and an inviting community center, the Village of Wellington will soon be adding a peaceful promenade to its list of amenities in the Wellington Town Center area.

After years of consideration, planning and construction, Wellington residents and visitors can expect to enjoy the tranquil boardwalk atmosphere at the beginning of May along the Lake Wellington waterfront behind the Wellington Community Center. 

The community center already has an outdoor paver brick area overlooking Lake Wellington. It’s earthy, old-Florida tones partnering with the scenic, water view presents a picturesque environment. The new promenade will be an extension of this ambiance. 

Families, couples, friends and individuals can look forward to the boardwalk-style promenade as an avenue for togetherness, exercise and appreciation designed specifically for community use. It will stretch 800 feet from north to south, ranging from 20 to 30 feet in width. And, yes, it will be dog friendly.

Along with the idyllic scene, the promenade is also designed for community involvement. Wellington Assistant Village Manager Jim Barnes, for example, expects it to be instrumental in improving the lives of boaters using Lake Wellington.

“When we’ve had the Lakeside Family Fun Days this past year, before we started construction, some folks did try and come up on their boats and tie off temporarily,” Barnes said. “They all noted that it would be great if there was a way for them to do that on a regular basis.”

The idea, then, is that rather than having to drive to various events, such as the green market that the village expects to hold along the promenade, individuals living off of the lake can cut through the water and dock right there at the Wellington Community Center. 

“We think it’s going to really open up the waterfront that we’ve had since the beginning of time and provide more access to our residents and visitors alike,” Barnes said. “Not only do we have the view, based on the facilities we have with the community center, but now people will be able to also access the waterfront area when they’re not in the community center, whether it’s a walking path, a jog, enjoying the sunsets, whatever.”

To Wellington’s Assistant Planning, Zoning & Building Director Michael O’Dell, the view alone is worth a visit.

“I think one of the other major aspects of this particular spot is that the sunsets here over Lake Wellington are spectacular,” O’Dell said. “We get a lot of people who just come down here and watch the sunset.”

O’Dell himself enjoys it from the second floor of the community center, and he is excited by the possibilities offered by the new boardwalk promenade.

Community center patrons will be welcome to use the space for weddings or other parties.

“It’s an added amenity,” Barnes said. “Right now, [users] are able to, if they want to as part of their rental of the community center space, have an outdoor portion to it, whether it’s on the patio back there or whether they use the gazebo that’s over on the actual lake.”

The new 800-foot pathway expands that available area, and with the added electricity, O’Dell expects to open the promenade to more uses, such as food trucks.

“In the future, I see the food trucks being utilized in a given location that’s designed for them. I see the green market working itself along the promenade,” O’Dell said. “I see people utilizing the docks for boating activities and canoeing and kayaking activities.”

With the new addition comes in increased hope for Wellington citizens to take advantage of their community amenities.

“I think it’s just being able to provide greater access, whether it’s for the boaters so they can tie off here and go to an event or enjoy the amphitheater or some other activity here on site,” Barnes said. “Or whether it’s for folks who now have another access point if they want to paddleboard on the lake… or to increase the number of rowers with the ones we already have utilizing the lake now.”

Lake Wellington has been frequented by rowers for more than 20 years, and Barnes said he hopes this new project will help bring in even more.

“A lot of folks in the rowing club note that whoever laid out the design [for the lake] must have had some rowing background, because the length from end to end of Lake Wellington is ideal for a rowing course,” Barnes said. “So, that’s something that they’ve noted, and they’ve been using it for a long time. It’s something that would be great if it was a year-round activity.”

Many Wellington residents attend and participate in events that the village hosts. The promenade area is meant to complement the active Town Center lifestyle, not completely revolutionize it.

“I think that Wellington has such big community involvement, and everybody likes to participate in things that the village puts on,” agreed Ana Graham, a longtime Wellington resident. “And so, if you have another venue, that’s a good idea.”

Promenade visitors can expect to enjoy the sunset from the bricked boardwalk in the beginning of May. In the meantime, there’s always the second floor of the Wellington Community Center.