Horsing Around

A Galloping Success Benefiting The Equestrian Aid Foundation

By Shannon Anastasio

The Jennifer Balcos Gallery in Palm Beach recently played host to a magnificent event — “Horsing Around,” a showcase of equestrian-inspired artwork that left attendees spellbound. The gallery served as the perfect backdrop for a gathering that was not only a celebration of artistic talent but also a heartfelt fundraiser for the Wellington-based Equestrian Aid Foundation (EAF).

During the opening night of Horsing Around on May 9, guests were treated to a visual feast as they roamed through the gallery, marveling at the stunning pieces on display.

From paintings capturing the adrenaline-fueled excitement of show jumping to serene depictions of the bond between horse and rider, every work of art was a testament to the beauty and grace of these majestic creatures.

Among the standout pieces was a mesmerizing portrayal by Kyle Lucks Fine Art featuring show jumper Nayel Nassar in action. The dynamic energy and harmony between horse and rider were palpable, leaving viewers in awe of the skillful artistry. Weatherly Stroh’s works also left a lasting impression, capturing the tranquil essence and natural elegance of horses with remarkable precision.

Beyond the visual delights, the event also served as a fundraiser for the EAF. By attending Horsing Around, guests not only fed their love for art and equestrianism but also contributed to a worthy cause, supporting individuals within the equestrian community in their times of need.

Adding to the ambiance were the mint juleps and Polo Girl Cabaret, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and conviviality. With 17 talented artists showcasing their work, including several local Palm Beachers, Horsing Around provided a platform for creativity to flourish while fostering a sense of community spirit.

The event’s success goes beyond the accolades of artistic achievement. It exemplifies the power of collaboration and generosity, bringing together art enthusiasts, equestrians and philanthropists alike in support of a wonderful cause. This legacy of inspiration and compassion will continue to resonate in the hearts of all who attended.

The EAF provides emergency financial grants to members of the equestrian community throughout the United States who are struggling to overcome catastrophic illness, injury or another unforeseen crisis.

For more information about the Equestrian Aid Foundation, or how you can become involved in helping, visit www.equestrianaidfoundation.org.