Providing The Best Possible Fit

Providing The Best Possible Fit  
Nettecha Rheingold Began Achette’n To Give Women Access To Top Quality Mastectomy Bras And Prostheses

By Deborah Welky

If you or someone you love needs a specialty mastectomy bra or prostheses, Achette’n offers clients the best possible fit. The firm features a wide range of medical-grade breast forms, mastectomy bras, compression garments and lingerie, measured exactly to fit the client’s body.

The company, founded in 2020, is the brainchild of Nettecha Rheingold.

For 15 years, Rheingold owned assisted living facilities, providing support and encouragement, together with housing, for those needing help with their day-to-day activities. In that role, she was attending a medical equipment trade show when it hit her — there were very few products for women.

“It jolted me,” Rheingold recalled. “I had been dealing with women for a long time, many of whom had had breast cancer, and there was nothing for their needs.”

Still, Rheingold remained focused on the job at hand — walkers, canes, things to help seniors in their everyday lives — but when she went back the following year and experienced the same dearth of women’s products, she opened her mind and began considering possibilities.

Rheingold did some research and found that, in Palm Beach County, there were very few places that post-surgical women could go to be fitted for — and buy — a specialty bra. There were also very few specialty bras and protheses to be had. “I was surprised,” she said.

So, in 2020, she sold her assisted living business and began work on Achette’n (a take on a backward spelling of her name).

“There are a lot of regulations — a lot of insurance requirements and so on, but I found a location and opened a store,” she said. “I wanted to provide services and products. I wanted to fit these women and make them feel confident and good about themselves. They have needs like everyone else, and many do not even realize what is available to them for post-surgical issues, much of it paid for by Medicare or private insurers.”

Located on Ocean Avenue in Lantana, Achette’n carries a wide assortment of bras culled from the top vendors in the country in different styles, colors and sizes, as well as a variety of protheses.

“Everyone is different,” Rheingold said. “I fit my clients based on the shape, size and form of their breasts, but the first thing for me is treating them with care and compassion. Many women are depressed after a mastectomy, and feel they’ll never be the same again. But their life is not defined by having had breast surgery. They can get back to looking like they were before. They still can be beautiful. They can be their best.”

With Rheingold’s help, a recovering mastectomy patient’s life can be made a lot more comfortable. She can even help identify their concerns before the surgery takes place.

“I may be able to anticipate their concerns,” she said. “And then I can share as much knowledge and education as I can give.”

Rheingold emphasizes that having had a mastectomy is not a requirement for getting a fitting or access to the perfect bra.

“Many women have their favorite bra, and that’s the one they wear,” she said. “I am able to communicate with them. Sometimes I have to tell them that their bra’s band doesn’t fit, or the straps are making a dent in their shoulders.”

Whatever the issue, Rheingold addresses it honestly, fits the customer for the perfect bra, then offers a selection of styles and colors. When they’re happy, she’s happy.

Patients planning for or recovering from surgery or reconstruction are invited to call and schedule an appointment with one of the certified mastectomy fitters at Achette’n.

Achette’n Specialty Mastectomy Bras and Prostheses is located at 114 E. Ocean Avenue in Lantana. For more information, call (561) 557-7978.