Generational Women

Generational Women Understanding Motherhood And The Bond Mothers, Daughters & Granddaughters Share!

Generational Women, our focus this month, explores how the unique familial bonds that are shared can extend into successful business partnerships.

Many people have their mom as the top person on speed dial when the good, bad or ugly happens in life. And this is for good reason. There is scientific evidence pointing to the incredible bond between mother-daughter relationships, which trickle down to granddaughters as well.

Moms are likely to understand where you are coming from when faced with life’s challenges, as she has experienced a similar journey. She is also less likely to pass judgment.

Mothers and daughters know how to get on track and stay on track, easily taking a disagreement to a laughing frenzy in moments — and their unconditional love for one another stays intact. But it is a big leap taking this unique relationship into the business world.

On the following pages, you will learn about three unique families, and how they prove that mother-daughter teams can work! Whether it is within the equine industry, lifestyle or the beauty world, learn how it all began and how their success continues through the strength and determination of Generational Women. Who better to build and capitalize on then your mom?