Kaela Genovese Of Wellington’s La Enovesé Designs Creates Amazing, One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry Pieces Unique Creations

Kaela Genovese Of Wellington’s La Enovesé Designs Creates Amazing, One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry Pieces
Unique Creations

One-of-a-kind pieces for a one-of-a-kind woman. Based in Wellington, La Enovesé Designs was created with the idea that every woman’s style should reflect her own personality and story.

The creations from La Enovesé Designs effortlessly incorporate into your daily style and show off a sense of luxury and beauty that is as unique as the person wearing it.

Kaela Genovese, founder and designer at La Enovesé Designs, puts careful thought and consideration into each piece that she creates, knowing that the woman who wears it will recognize the attention to detail that went into it. Whether you are looking for jewelry for that special occasion or something more casual, Genovese designs pieces that will speak to you and your sense of style.

Genovese began her career in the luxury world of jewelry on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. There, she realized that she had a special talent for knowing exactly what her clients wanted when it came to their personal style. Her training allowed her to combine the classic styles of jewelry with the ability to forecast and apply fashion trends.

Listening to the advice of her mentors, Genovese decided to start her own business designing, creating and selling her unique jewelry pieces. La Enovesé Designs was a leap of faith, but with the support of her family and friends, her dream became a reality, and she has never looked back.

Genovese brings her passion and creativity to life by making jewelry that tells a story about the woman wearing it. La Enovesé currently has three collections: the Handcrafted Collection, the Designer Collection and the Curated Collection. Genovese sketches and hand designs, but also collaborates with single-piece manufacturers that she visits and consults with regularly. Each piece must meet her high-quality standards before being embossed with the La Enovesé Designs seal.

Each piece in the Designer Collection is custom created by Genovese just for you. There are five unique steps to her design process for the collection. First, she sketches with paper and pencil as the design begins to take shape. Once the sketch is complete, she digitizes it into a 3D model. After reviewing the 3D model, a rubber mold is created so that the jewelry can be cast. The master metal silhouette is then created. The metal casting is dipped into the selected gold, which gives the jewelry piece its shine and finish before adding the pave crystals.

Genovese’s talents extend beyond designing and hand-crafting jewelry. Through the Restore and Renew service, she can work with you to transform your heirloom vintage jewelry into modern pieces that better match you and your style.

Additionally, the Styling and Accessorizing program allows clients to have an at-home or virtual consultation with Genovese, where she helps style and accessorize your look for the next girls’ night out, gala or night on the town.

Looking for unique jewelry items? Shop La Enovesé Designs online at www.laenovesedesigns.com. Find them on Instagram @la.enovese.designs or e-mail owner Kaela Genovese at kaela@laenovesedesigns.com.