Carrie Scharbo Brings Stylish Beauty To Equestrian Industry With William Grace Livable Luxury

Carrie Scharbo Brings Stylish Beauty To Equestrian Industry With William Grace
Livable Luxury

Spending summers riding horses in South Florida, Carrie Scharbo never imagined that her professional career would one day lead her back to combine her love for fashion with horses in creating an American lifestyle brand inspired by both.

As an award-winning television journalist, successful entrepreneur and mother of two, Scharbo founded William Grace in May 2019 based upon the belief that fashion should be both easy and effortless, a mantra that is taking the equestrian world by storm as she shares products that help people from all backgrounds sport their own unique style.

“I have always loved being around horses, and I spent several summers riding western and barrel racing a little bit growing up, but it is an expensive sport. I was not from a wealthy family, so that wasn’t something my parents could afford for me to continue to do,” Scharbo said. “As an adult, I got back into horseback riding with some girlfriends. I brought my children out to the barn, and they immediately fell in love with it. So, we jumped right into horse showing.”

Upon entering the hunter jumper horse show scene with her young son and daughter, Scharbo noticed a gap in the equestrian market for products at an in-between price point. This noticeable rift inspired Scharbo to put on her entrepreneurial hat and dive deep into the possibility of starting her own business. Further investigation led Scharbo to one conclusion: if she was to have her own business, it would be a one-stop-shop that made fashion accessible for both riders and people who just love the equestrian aesthetic, lifestyle and fashion — something for equestrians and enthusiasts of the sport.

“I was looking for something for the next chapter of my life, as my kids were getting older and becoming more independent,” she explained. “Having started a company before with partners, I was anxious to exercise my own entrepreneurial skills, and the more time we spent at horse shows and the more horse shows we went to, I was envisioning different products and elements that I could bring. I really wanted to see more of what I was personally and decided that William Grace would allow me to bring all of that to life.”

And so, the brand William Grace was born, breathing fresh air into the equestrian space with what she calls a “livable luxury” line of products, including masks, scarves and hats, handbags, jewelry and home accessories. The hand selection of each product is a process Scharbo takes great pride in. Careful consideration of quality, function and style are all determining factors that go into finding and pricing products that best serve her customers.

“I care very much about our customers and their experiences regarding the pieces that we are putting out. There is nothing more disappointing than spending your hard-earned money on something and not having it last for years to come. I want to make sure that the products are high quality and durable,” Scharbo said. “From there, I consider the aesthetic. I want these items to be fun and fashionable. I want people to feel good about what they are putting on. I test everything with friends, family and people inside William Grace, because their opinion matters. I also like to pick things seasonally. There are some classic pieces that will stay in our product line for many years to come, but I love celebrating the change of seasons, especially with jewelry and, of course, home décor.”

Scharbo is dedicated to weaving the William Grace brand into all facets of life. Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, Scharbo took it upon herself to implement face masks into the William Grace brand in order to support the growing demand in the industry. Along with popular lifestyle products such as jewelry, clutches and scarves, Scharbo’s addition of face masks allows equestrians to remain safe while continuing to sport their style as they compete across the country. Just this fall, William Grace became the official mask provider for the 2020 National Horse Show and has now sold more than 50,000 masks worldwide.

“William Grace translates to people inside and outside the horse world because it has such a traditional, classic, simple elegance to it, a refinement,” she said. “It is just something that I wanted to share with people, share my love of the things that bring me happiness.”

The sky’s the limit for Scharbo and her growing business, as she continues to pioneer her way into the equestrian space with products that serve all disciplines. In the future, Scharbo hopes to take the brand global, aligning herself and the William Grace name with a broader audience with one common denominator: their love for horses.

“We have so many wonderful disciplines within our sport, and horses are just a universal commonality for each,” Scharbo said. “Horses bring people together and unite people, and as a company, I want to unite people, because we are more similar than we are different. That is my goal for the brand, to bring people together, whether it is around clothing or jewelry or homeware or kitchenware or even just each other, being together is what matters most.”

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