The Hot New Brunch Spot Is Your Home

The Hot New Brunch Spot Is Your Home Local Foodie Alina Davidov Of Real Gourmet Food Offers Tips For Hosting The Perfect Brunch

Story by Jaime Joshi Elder  |  Photos by Sunman

The hottest new brunch trend is to host one yourself. Delicious gourmet dishes, a perfectly curated playlist, exclusive clientele and the best table in the house can all be found at your home.

Local epicure and the owner of Real Gourmet Food, an online luxury gourmet marketplace, Alina Davidov is a passionate and visionary food lover with a taste for the finer things in life, and a belief that everyone, from beginners to seasoned chefs, can host a delicious and memorable brunch for family and friends without leaving the comfort of their home.

“I can say with confidence that the right dishes can elevate any brunch experience from ordinary to sublime,” she said.

And for Davidov, caviar is king. Her favorite food since the age of two, she was introduced to caviar by her family and distinctly remembers the experience, calling it the most perfect thing she had ever tasted, her comfort food and her indulgence.

“Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cook looking to host a truly spectacular brunch, I would recommend simple-to-make, eye-catching, canapé presentations,” she said. “Create a tantalizing caviar and lox canapé by topping a mini blini with a layer of crème fraîche, some smoked salmon and a dollop of caviar for a briny flavor.”

Living in South Florida means access to premium seafood, and Florida fishermen catch more than 84 percent of the nation’s supply of stone crab, pink shrimp and spiny lobster.

By using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients and combining them with more exotic imported items, hosts can create a true gastronomic adventure.

“Spread a generous dollop of salmon mousse on top of a locally grown cucumber slice, fresh dill and a squeeze of lemon for a refreshing and upscale bite,” Davidov said.

Don’t like seafood? She has plenty of options for the discerning palate.

“French delicacies are always a hit. For example, hors d’oeuvre like escargot seasoned with garlic butter and herbs. I like to serve Achatines in shells,” Davidov said. “Duck is an innovative idea for brunch. We sell an amazing pâté that you can layer on a crispy brioche toast and top with a sweet red onion marmalade.”

For the more seasoned home cook, Davidov said that there is nothing more inviting than the heady aroma of freshly baked bread.

“We sell premium pastry butter sheets, imported all the way from France,” she said. “They’re the perfect balance of richness and flakiness, and guests will be delighted when they come over and you pull a tray of freshly baked croissants out of the oven. I recommend serving them with one of our organic fruit spreads. We have classic flavors like strawberry and raspberry, but also more exotic options like red fig and clementine.”

For main courses, Davidov likes to wow her friends and family by pan-searing foie gras or offering an upscale take on the classic breakfast staples of sausages and eggs by serving lamb merguez or wild boar and cranberry sausage with fresh quail eggs.

If celebrating a special occasion with a birthday or Mother’s Day brunch, Davidov loves the simplicity and sophistication of surf and turf — wild-caught lobster tails and Wagyu A5 beef.

A sweet treat is the perfect ending to a perfect meal for both novice and seasoned hosts. For those looking for simplicity, Davidov said that Morello cherries in brandy served over French vanilla ice cream or pre-packaged almond-sweet macarons are a crowd-pleaser. For more enterprising cooks, she turns to France again, recommending crêpes filled with fruit spread or chocolate-hazelnut spread as a must.

Brunch wouldn’t be complete without cocktails. Bottomless mimosas, bellinis and bloody marys are mainstays, but for those looking to really impress their guests, Davidov has a bold suggestion.

“The food scene in South Florida is so rich with different cultures and innovative fusions that we thought it would be fitting to kick things up a notch when it comes to caviar pairing,” she said. “Real Gourmet Food has been working with Don Sueños, an award-winning premium tequila brand, in carefully pairing tequila with caviar.”

Known for its smooth taste with notes of agave, lime and mint, their blanco tequila offers a bright contrast to the rich and buttery flavor of caviar.

“The sweetness of the tequila pairs perfectly with the creamy texture of the caviar, while the mint and lime notes cut through the richness of the roe, creating a blend of flavors that lingers on the palate,” Davidov said. “We have found that the experience elevates the palate to new heights.”

For those who prefer the classics, the Don Sueños web site offers a twist on the bloody mary — the Sweet and Spicy Bloody Maria with tequila, Tabasco hot sauce and the secret ingredient, a very Floridian shot of orange juice.

Planning the perfect event is even easier thanks to the Real Gourmet Food web site, which not only offers a vast array of caviar, seafood, fish, meats, cheeses, vinegar, oils and other gourmet delicacies to meet your needs, but also offers free shipping on purchases over $250. With a little planning and creativity, anyone can host a fabulous brunch in their home that will leave guests raving.

“We don’t settle for ordinary when we can indulge in the extraordinary,” Davidov said.

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