Oh La La Catering Creates Taste-Tempting Works Of Art In A Wide Range Of Styles International Cuisine

Oh La La Catering Creates Taste-Tempting Works Of Art In A Wide Range Of Styles International Cuisine

Love Peruvian, Spanish or French cuisine? Chef Ely Walter of Oh La La Catering specializes in it all, creating individual pieces of art with every savory bite.

Her creations come from the heart, poured from her soul — all with impeccable attention to detail.

“For me, cooking is a part of my life. It gives me energy and peace,” said Ely, whose husband Gerard Walter is always by her side with support and admiration.

“She is so humble, but she is a star in the kitchen!” he exclaimed.

Married for 17 years, the couple came to the United States in 2009, first living in Broward County, later settling in Wellington. They were attracted to the quaintness of the community, and also drawn by Ely’s affinity for horses. She grew up with many in her native Peru, alongside her mother, who is also an amazing cook.

Ely studied culinary arts for three years, along with communications and philosophy. She loved to cook for her friends and host dinner parties. At the age of 25, she set off for Madrid, Spain. It’s there she learned the art of making paella, known around the world as the national dish of Spain.

“The mothers and grandmothers of friends showed me how to make paella,” Ely recalled. “I was so lucky.”

Madrid is also where she met Gerard, who originally hails from France. She made quite an impression on him with her culinary skills. “She has a sense, an influence,” he said. “I saw what she did in the kitchen. It was precise and well presented.”

Her unique flair comes from constant experimentation. “It’s a never-ending art form,” Ely explained. “There’s always something to learn.”

In 2008, Ely entered her first cooking contest, taking second place in an international culinary challenge, coming in behind the top chef in England, who also was rated in the top 10 worldwide. This brought a realization of the gift Ely truly had. Gerard encouraged her to expand and spread her gift for infusing flavors for others to enjoy. “This is what encouraged her to move forward with her passion,” he said.

In all, Ely worked for 12 years in Spain and 10 in France before moving to the United States to create a new life. She has a number of regular clients in the French communities in Miami, mostly through word of mouth. She’s working to get that same word out around the Wellington area, where she already has garnered several awards, taking Best Dessert and Best Display at the popular Flavors of Wellington event in 2014.

“It’s traditional, sophisticated. A combination of all types of cuisine, from Nikkei. which is Peruvian food using Japanese techniques, to French, Peruvian and Criolla.” Ely said of her wide-ranging cuisine style.

One of her many specialties is creating banquet-sized paellas. She prepares gourmet meals in your home, or on location, whether it be a party or a private dinner. Need a caterer on a yacht? She has done it. She also pairs wine, as well as formal place settings.

Ely’s artistry is apparent. Each food item is like a sculpture with an immense attention to detail. “I love the traditional plates,” she explained. “Sophisticated presentation is very important.”

Some of her popular presentations are Tortilla de Patatas con Chorizo, a potato omelet with chorizo; Camarones al Ajillo con Mayonesa a la Mostaza de Dijon, which are garlic shrimp with mayonnaise and Dijon mustard; and Ensalada de Papas, a savory potato salad made with red potatoes, red onion, celery, red and green peppers, spicy brown mustard, along with vinaigrette, topped with an array of cherry tomatoes, all presented as a slice.

Ely also prepares a barbecue recipe with spareribs called Costillas de Cerdo en Salsa BBQ. She makes many traditional French items, like various types of quiche, beef Bourguignon, as well as salmon dishes and much more.

Her desserts are just as breathtaking, and the flavors are bold. Her Copas de Tiramisu is made with strong coffee, cognac or brandy.

“It’s the best gift, seeing people enjoying my food,” Ely said. “I want it to be a flavor explosion with each bite.”

Also offered are full buffets, cocktails, amuse-bouche, table-served menus, cooking classes and Spanish tapas, along with her signature paella dish.

Trailing back to her family roots, it was her mother who pushed her to cook, and Ely has kept her catering business in the family. She calls her husband her engine, who keeps her going. While her mother has since passed, her 92-year-old father lives with Ely, Gerard and their 16-year-old son, Yannick, a junior at Wellington High School.

That love among all in this family is apparent in their admiration for each other, as well as the heart and soul that spills into Ely’s inspirations. “I feel so emotional,” she said. “My hope is for people to be happy.”

That is what ignites her passion for all her unique and tantalizing creations, with hopes of an exceptional culinary experience for all who partake.

To contact Oh La La Catering, call (954) 707-2266 or (561) 309-9270, or e-mail ohlalacatering@att.net.