Fine Dining At Your Home

Fine Dining At Your Home Bring Home The Secret Ingredient With A Meal Catered By Duo Cucina Chef

By Callie Sharkey

Imagine the opportunity to have amazing fine dining without leaving your home. The care and precision of a personal chef at your table is within reach thanks to Duo Cucina Chef. Professional chef Rosana Pacino, owner of Duo Cucina Chef, has built a business out of her passion for cooking — and she quite literally brings it to your home.

Clients can enjoy a wide array of Italian dishes, both traditional favorites like fettuccine and bruschetta, but also try something new. And if you have a sweet tooth, they have you covered as well.

“In my opinion, the most delicious dish we make is the massini dessert. It’s two layers of a light and fluffy cake, with three different creams — a whipped cream, a caramel cream and an egg cream on top,” she said.

Other homemade desserts on the menu are tiramisu, flan, lemon pie or a fresh brownie with vanilla ice cream.

When catering services are designed for large venues and bigger crowds, it can lead to the flavor profiles being more generic. Pacino wants to avoid that by connecting with her clients in a personal way.

“First, we come to your house to see the kitchen layout, then we have an interview with the client to see what they would like served at the dinner or lunch, whatever the event. Then, we ask if there is anyone who is allergic to certain foods or eats gluten-free. We have a flexible menu for vegans or vegetarians. The menu is very personalized — it’s what we do. We try to make it as exclusive as possible for each client,” Pacino explained.

A Duo Cucina Chef experience is approximately three hours, beginning with appetizers and fresh, made-from-scratch soups and salads to follow.

Pasta dishes of gnocchi, fettuccine or ravioli paired with alfredo, Bolognese or marinara sauces, bring the comfort of classic Italian cuisine to the meal. Even the ravioli flavors can be tailored with spinach or squash and ricotta cheese.

Popular main dishes are filet mignon in a red wine reduction or a delectable salmon with lemon caper sauce, both served with fingerling potatoes and an arugula salad. After dessert, finish off a great Italian meal with coffee and a treat, like little brownies with sweet caramel and meringue.

Meals are prepared by hand and tableside, so guests see the magic happen up close. “I love making the pasta, kneading the dough, and the whole process feels like making art,” Pacino said. “To go along with the different kinds of pasta, I like to make a squash-filled ravioli, but my favorite things to make are the desserts.”

More than 20 years ago, Pacino came to Wellington with her husband, Alejandro, and a young daughter in search of growth and opportunity. They both found it in the equestrian community, where her husband is a trainer, and she began cooking for local families. Her family continued to grow with the birth of her son, and even with roots in South America, she sees Wellington as her home.

In Argentina, she grew up with Italian-Spanish grandparents, including a grandmother who taught her to bring love into her food.

“My grandmother was the one who taught me all the tricks and secrets to the cooking side of everything,” Pacino said. “We still have family get-togethers every Sunday, and I always make a pasta dish. It all ties back to just being together as a family and staying together.”

Family gatherings are how she found that cooking alongside her cousin, Ariel Cerezo, worked well. Five years ago, the duo came together in the kitchen as a team and haven’t looked back.

“We cook everything with love and really put a lot of effort into each meal because we want it to be perfect for everyone,” Pacino said.

Reservations for Duo Cucina Chef require a $500 deposit, which goes directly toward the final cost of the dinner. For a meal designed for four people, the fee is a flat $1,000 and includes everything except drinks. Want more people included? There is a $210 charge for each extra person up to a group of 20. While most groups range from four to 20 people, Duo Cucina is happy to serve larger events with about two weeks’ advance booking. Otherwise, reservations must be made at least five days in advance.

The best way to reach chef Rosana Pacino is by e-mail to or by text to (561) 951-1730. For more information, and to explore the menu, visit