Enjoy A Fusion Of Delicious Flavors Mediterranean Plate In The Mall At Wellington Green Brings Together The Cuisine Of Three Distinct Cultures

Enjoy A Fusion Of Delicious Flavors
Mediterranean Plate In The Mall At Wellington Green Brings Together The Cuisine Of Three Distinct Cultures

Story and Photos by Melanie Kopacz

Fill your plate with fresh and delicious Mediterranean cuisine reflecting a blend of three cultures — Greek, Egyptian and Lebanese — at Mediterranean Plate, also known as Med Plate. A gem that has been serving high-quality food at the Mall at Wellington Green for several years, Med Plate has now moved to a new location inside the mall’s food court area.

This casual eatery features delights from specially grilled lamb gyros to tabbouleh salad, homemade hummus, lentil soup and much more. All are the creations of the husband-and-wife duo Raymonde Ibrahim and Joseph Esnasuos. The couple pride themselves on bringing a mix of their eastern Mediterranean backgrounds to others through the love of food, which is all made from scratch each day, finessing each recipe to the liking of their customers.

“We try many times to make it better and add our own thoughts to the food,” Ibrahim explained. “All our recipes come from our experience.”

They also put a unique spin on their two main sauces. “Tzatziki sauce is Greek, but we make it Lebanese style. The Greek people make tzatziki with dill. We don’t make it with dill, we make it with fresh peppermint,” she said.

Their top sauce — the Mediterranean garlic with dill — is so beloved, it’s often suggested by customers that it be bottled. It’s always in high demand, with diners liking it on virtually everything.

The food variety at Med Plate is wide with portions just as big. Including many specials, like the Churrasco Platter.

“It’s a Spanish item. We grill it with our Mediterranean seasoning. We have a combination of our own seasonings. We use on the meat, beef, chicken and shrimp,” Ibrahim said. “My husband makes the combination of seasoning himself to marinate the meat. We make it fresh every day.”

A combination of seven seasonings, with a twist, gives the food a flavor all its own.

“We use nutmeg, a little cinnamon and ground clove,” she said. “The cinnamon has a very light taste, along with some paprika, garlic powder, dill and onion.”

All the meat is grilled, including the lamb. “People like the lamb,” Ibrahim said. “Most places put out the spinning machine. We don’t. We shave it while it’s still raw and grill it on both sides. It’s thick. We grill both sides to give it a better taste.”

Gyros are always top sellers. The Gyro Plate comes with sliced lamb and beef, Greek salad, rice, a soft pita and tzatziki sauce. The Chicken Kabob Plate is a hearty serving with two skewers of tender and juicy cubes of grilled chicken between red peppers atop two sides.

The tasty sides include Egyptian sauteed eggplant with red peppers and tomatoes. Lemon potatoes, rice pilaf or spicy rice are also options. Tabbouleh salad is a big favorite. It’s made with parsley, tomatoes, bulgur wheat, peppermint, onion, olive oil and lemon juice.

“It’s a Lebanese item, so it’s made with a lot of parsley,” Ibrahim said. “We also have kibbeh. This is a Lebanese and Syrian item. It’s cracked wheat stuffed with ground beef, but it can also be vegan.”

There are a number of vegan choices. From a plate of six grape leaves stuffed with herbs and rice to the popular homemade hummus with pita bread and choice of sauce. All are on a one-price menu. Another vegan entrée option is the Koshary Plate.

“It’s Egyptian. It’s a combination between rice, black lentil, fried crispy onions, marinara sauce and chickpeas all layered like a cake, and then you put the marinara on top and serve it with a choice of sauce,” Ibrahim explained.

To sweeten things up, the baklava is a must try. It’s perfectly flaky phyllo dough layered with walnuts and drenched in honey. Other variations include pistachio with a chocolate drizzle, making an incredibly rich and deliciously indulgent dessert.

The fusion of all these flavors comes largely from the couple’s time living in Port Said, Egypt, along the Mediterranean Sea.

“Ships coming west to east have to go through the Suez Canal and to my city,” Ibrahim said. “So, we have a lot of culture, and it’s what gives us inspiration in sharing the Greek, Egyptian and Lebanese cultures.”

The restaurant is a labor of love. They hope many more will explore their food and love it as much as they do. “Me and my husband are here every day,” Ibrahim said. “This is our life here. We try to satisfy our customers. We value and appreciate them.”

Mediterranean Plate is in the food court at the Mall at Wellington Green at 10300 W. Forest Hill Blvd. For more info., call (561) 762-3132 or visit https://mediterranean-plate.business.site.