Decades Of Experience

Decades Of Experience Realtor Steven Prince Brings His Unique Expertise To Clients Looking To Buy Or Sell A Home

By Mike May

If you are looking for a real estate agent with experience and unmatched know-how, Steven Prince of the Tolliver Prince Realty Group is a great choice to be your professional companion throughout the real estate transaction process.

Prince, a longtime resident of Wellington who grew up and attended middle school and high school in the community, understands Wellington’s real estate scene very well. He has 26 years of experience in the local real estate industry — six years as a real estate appraiser and 20 years as a real estate agent. Since 2012, he has been a managing partner with Tolliver Prince Realty, where his specialty is in mortgage lending.

The key to Prince’s success in the real estate industry is his intimate knowledge of all aspects of the buying and selling of property. His skill set is rather unique.

“I originally became licensed as a mortgage lender 26 years ago,” Prince said. “At that time, I was hired by World Savings, and they trained me to become a real estate appraiser. I worked for the bank for three years before leaving and becoming a full-time mortgage broker. In 2002, I realized that I worked hard at obtaining a mortgage license and an appraisal license, so I figured getting my real estate license would just add more credibility. So, that is exactly what I did.”

At Tolliver Prince Realty, Prince spearheads a team of 10 real estate professionals who guide clients through any given real estate buying or selling experience. According to Prince, many real estate deals fall through the cracks, so to speak, because of a lack of understanding of all the “ins and outs” of the real estate business.

Prince, who lives in Wellington’s Sugar Pond Manor neighborhood, describes himself as a real estate troubleshooter who understands the language of banks and underwriters. Not every real estate agent can confidently make such a claim. But Prince’s background as an appraiser, in banking and in development puts him in a unique position in the real estate profession.

To truly understand and appreciate Tolliver Prince Realty’s commitment to excellent customer service, look no further than the organization’s logo.

“Our logo, which features a lion, is actually a door knocker and used by many as ‘guardian of the home,’” Prince explained. “The lion represents strength, pride and protection. It is also majestic, fierce and, of course, known as the ‘King of the Jungle.’ We wanted our clients to know that Tolliver Prince Realty will serve as a ‘guardian of their home’ throughout the real estate sale process.”

While the logo gives you an idea of the group’s commitment to high-quality customer service, it’s more important to emphasize the ability of Prince and his team to navigate pitfalls during the process of buying and selling a home.

“Hands down, our experience and backgrounds in this business are second to none,” he said. “There are very few, if any, real estate firms or individual agents who have a real estate appraisal, mortgage and development background. There are some fantastic Realtors out there, but there are so many moving parts inside a real estate transaction that stretch far beyond the Realtor’s duties, such as appraisal, title, financing, survey and inspection. Many transactions fall apart because of a lack of experience.”

At Tolliver Prince, clients are treated like they are going to board an airplane where the goal is to arrive safely at their final destination.

“We use a ‘boarding pass’ as a means of educating our buyers and sellers,” Prince explained. “Our goal is to get our clients from Point A to Point B, safely. During the flight, we may hit turbulence, but a skilled pilot knows how to navigate through the turbulence. This is exactly why technology will never take away the Realtor. Technology cannot solve the emotions of a buyer and seller when things start to go south.”

Regardless of where you live in Wellington or beyond, and what kind of real estate price point you are considering, Tolliver Prince is well-positioned to lend a helping hand. “We are well-versed in equestrian, waterfront and golf communities in Wellington,” Prince said. “The bulk of our sales are $500,000 and north, but we still work with clients with lower price points.”

One of Prince’s past clients, who had a great real estate experience with him, is Todd Fronrath, a partner with the West Palm Beach law firm of Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath.

“Steve did a great job listing and helping to sell my home in Wellington,” Fronrath said. “The deal was going along smoothly until about two days before closing. There was an issue with the buyer and the appraisal. Steve went above and beyond to meet with the other agent, the buyer and the lender to work out the details. He did an outstanding job, and I sold the home. Since then, he has helped other members of my family with their real estate needs.”

To reach Steven Prince of the Tolliver Prince Realty Group, call (561) 719-7474 or (800) 596-1035, e-mail or visit on the web at