Many Options To Improve Your Quality Of Life

4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions Is Focused On Keeping Clients Looking And Feeling Their Best

By Mike May

If one of your resolutions for 2022 is to “live your best life,” it may be time for a visit to the Wellington location of 4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions, which opened last spring in front of the Mall at Wellington Green and has already developed a loyal and devoted following.

The daily foot traffic and stream of clients confirm that many residents of the western communities value what 4Ever Young has to offer.

“There has been a slow and steady growth of patients, but really nice to observe the patients that we have acquired have been repeat patients,” said Polina Tolstunov, co-owner of Wellington’s 4Ever Young franchise with her husband Stan. “They’ve shared that they’re very happy with the modern feel and cleanliness of our med spa. They are having a quality and elevating experience. They have also reported achieving great results with our skilled cosmetic injectors, as well as having wonderfully welcoming and informative experiences with the rest of our staff.”

It’s fair to say that 4Ever Young is in business to help people improve the quality of their lives — and a growing number of Wellington residents appreciate having access to 4Ever Young’s list of products and services.

If you are suffering from fatigue, loss of energy, loss of muscle mass, mood changes, loss of productivity, disrupted sleep, difficulty losing weight, anxiety, depression and/or reduced bone density, then 4Ever Young has a solution to your predicament.

The services provided by 4Ever Young include IV therapy, hormone replacement therapy, growth hormone peptide therapy, microneedling, platelet rich plasma, dermal fillers, Botox and Dysport injections, sclerotherapy, chemical peels, testosterone therapy, and facial and skin care.

According to Polina, the Botox injections and fillers have been the most popular services that they provide.

Both Stan and Polina truly feel that when clients spend money at 4Ever Young, it’s not a short-term expense. Instead, it’s a long-term investment in their health and well-being.

“The body does magical things when treated well,” Stan said. “Also, we want our clients to enjoy our unique atmosphere and benefit from the social experience at 4Ever Young.”

“By using our services, you will improve your inner world and your outer appearance,” added Polina, who is a big proponent of 4Ever Young’s hormone replacement therapy. “HRT has been transformational for me. I feel more energetic, and my body looks great.”

Before anyone starts ordering from the menu of services, 4Ever Young analyzes each client’s bloodwork. That analysis will provide a guide for what services each patient will specifically need to improve their overall health and, more importantly, their overall quality of life.

The professionally trained staff at 4Ever Young in Wellington will be able to provide each patient with those necessary procedures, treatments and nutritional supplements.

The Tolstunovs invite anyone who hasn’t considered anti-aging procedures before to visit and give them a try.

“They’re missing out on an opportunity to look and feel their best, inside and out, at any age,” said Polina, who noted that while she is in her early 40s, she feels like she’s in her mid-20s.

Both Stan and Polina practice what they preach at 4Ever Young. The Tolstunovs exercise daily, take supplements, and use the same services and products at 4Ever Young as they offer to their clients.

In fact, the Tolstunovs were 4Ever Young clients before opening the Wellington location last year. After moving to South Florida from New Jersey in 2019, they became regulars at the 4Ever Young location in Boca Raton. They loved the experience so much that they decided to open their own franchise location.

One of the strongest endorsements for any business or service always comes from people who have sampled and tried what there is to offer. At 4Ever Young, the testimonials from current clients are powerful and convincing.

“From the moment you walk in, you are welcomed by the friendliest and freshest faces. The facility is clean, welcoming and serene,” said Kristy, one of their clients.

“The staff members were beyond helpful,” added Angel, another client. “They were so nice and made sure we were 100 percent comfortable.”

So, if you’re ready to “live your best life” in 2022, make plans to visit 4Ever Young. Stan and Polina Tolstunov, along with their staff, await your arrival. Walk-ins are always welcome.

4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions is located in Wellington Green Square at 10620 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 50, near the Fresh Market. For more info., e-mail, call (561) 220-3771 or visit Find the Wellington location of 4Ever Young on Facebook at