Loving Care For Your Pets All Paws Animal Clinic Is A State-Of-The Art Veterinary Practice Located On State Road 7

Loving Care For Your Pets All Paws Animal Clinic Is A State-Of-The Art  Veterinary Practice Located On State Road 7

Story by M. Dennis Taylor  |  Photos by Abner Pedraza

At an age where many children’s idea of a future career involves tiaras or a cape, Dr. Patricia Forsythe of All Paws Animal Clinic knew she wanted to be a veterinarian.

Planning on a career helping animals from the tender age of 5, she later graduated from the University of Delaware in 1981 and went on to the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, where she earned her veterinary degree in 1985. More than three decades later, “Dr. Patty” — as her staff and clients call her — still loves her chosen career path.

“I love people and their pets, and after 36 years, being a veterinarian is the greatest profession for me,” said Forsythe, who ran a clinic in Broward County before opening All Paws Animal Clinic in Royal Palm Beach in 2002.

With her successful practice, Forsythe loves the community she is a resident of and a business owner in. She appreciates that it is a pet-loving community with plenty of space devoted to dog parks for exercise.

Forsythe also enjoys getaways to the Keys and days out on the water with her high school sweetheart, to whom she reestablished a relationship with and is now engaged. “We reconnected after all these years,” she said. “He has grown children, and my family is my pets. I have three dogs and a cat. The dogs are a Shih Tzu and mixes by the names of Sully, Gypsie and Tootsie, along with Pirate, the cat.”

As a complete, state-of-the-art facility, Forsythe said that her practice has great follow through and is interested in the health and well-being of pets for a lifetime. Believing the adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, All Paws strives to avoid many future problems with proper care.

“We are interested in dogs’ dentistry and problems that are below the gumlines,” Forsythe said. “We have digital x-ray and ultrasound, and an in-house lab, and we do diagnostics in house.”

Forsythe explained that on average, pets age about seven years for every one year that people age, so early detection of health problems is very important. She said that it’s crucial to have thorough health examinations once a year. This way, gradual onset of disease in seemingly healthy pets won’t go unnoticed. By the time symptoms do appear, it may be difficult and costly to diagnose and treat the ailment, so annual physicals are a necessity.

The diagnostic testing provided in-house at All Paws is the most sensitive and accurate method of early detection of any type of underlying health problems. The laboratory tests can detect blood disorders, kidney and liver disease, diabetes, infection, thyroid disorders and other hormonal problems. Many of these conditions can be prevented, controlled or completely reversed if diagnosed early.

The facility is among a growing list of veterinarians utilizing cold laser therapy as a means to help patients with acute and chronic medical problems. Commonly known as low-level laser therapy or LLLT, cold or soft laser is a form of photo therapy that involves the application of specific types of light to injuries and lesions to stimulate healing. The effects of LLLT are photochemical, not thermal, often making a pet’s healing process shorter and less painful. The therapy is done at the clinic as an outpatient procedure. There is no sedation required, and it takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes and is very affordable. Cold laser therapy has been shown to be effective with the treatment of a range of medical conditions.

The clinic’s vaccination recommendation is consistent with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). There are guidelines for canines and felines that are required by law. Other vaccinations may be recommended based on the pet’s lifestyle. Parasites, flea and tick prevention and heartworms can also be combated with medication.

“Our clients are our family, and we have a wonderful, caring staff we are blessed with,” Forsythe said. “We have great follow-through to get back to them with the answers for their pet.”

Forsythe added that the clinic treats common skin conditions so prevalent in South Florida dogs.

“We follow your pet throughout their life providing dental care and extractions, if needed. We do the wellness blood panels and follow their health from year to year,” Forsythe said.

Vicki Deitz, the practice manager at All Paws, added that the clinic carries Hill’s pet food, which is specifically formulated to the needs of the dog, as well as the flea, tick and heartworm medications that can help with the many pests common to the South Florida climate.

Deitz explained that the facility has a complete pharmacy, stocking the majority of all pets’ pharmaceutical needs. She also pointed out that the practice has been voted “Best in the West,” three times in recent years.

All Paws Animal Clinic is located at 1011 N. State Road 7 in Royal Palm Beach. For more info., call (561) 790-9225 or visit www.allpawsanimal.com.