Living Calla Genics Focuses On Med Spa, Rejuvenation And Sexual Wellness Therapies Your Best Life

Living Calla Genics Focuses On Med Spa, Rejuvenation And Sexual Wellness Therapies Your Best Life 

by M. Dennis Taylor

Calla Genics, which opened earlier this year in the original Wellington Mall, specializes in non-surgical aesthetic medicine. The practice provides clients with the latest in med spa, rejuvenation and sexual wellness treatments.

The practice is the brainchild of Dr. Tiffany McCalla, a board-certified emergency physician with two decades of experience. In recent years, she has become interested in addressing wellness on multiple levels, which led her to establish Calla Genics. “Calla Genics has been my passion project for years,” Dr. McCalla said. “I’ve been a physician for 20 years, and I am the proud owner of this new, state-of-the-art wellness center. We opened our doors on July 1.”

The practice offers aesthetic medical procedures, such as nonsurgical facelifts, breast lifts and acne/scar minimizing. They also focus on rejuvenation treatments, such as hair regrowth/enhancement, IV therapy, vitamin therapy, light therapy, hyperbaric therapy and medical weight loss.

The facility has a concentration in platelet-rich plasma procedures, which helps patients feel and look like a younger version of themselves — regardless of their age.

“Our mantra around here is ‘living your best life.’ We strive to add value to seeing the doctor,” she explained.

Included in the list of services are a number of treatments for sexual wellness, such as hormone insertion therapy, wave therapy, PRP shots, PDE5 inhibitors and peptide therapy.

“It’s not only therapies for sexual wellness and balance,” Dr. McCalla explained. “It’s a place of wellness with a holistic approach to that wellness. We offer a 360-degree approach with partners in other specialties and wellness areas — all with a focus on customer experience and results.”

Dr. McCalla, who grew up in Broward County, has been living in Wellington with her family for nearly a decade. She moved to the community with her husband Alan and her older son Karsten, then an infant. Karsten has since been joined by four-year-old Kaleb. They are being raised in their hometown of Wellington. “We live here and plan to be here,” she said. “Wellington is a place for kids to grow into great adults.”

Known as “Dr. Tiffany” to staff and patients alike, Dr. McCalla was recognized as one of Legacy’s South Florida’s 50 Most Powerful & Influential Woman Leaders of 2020 and as one of the Top 25 Frontline Healthcare Workers in 2021. In addition to practicing medicine, she is president of a nonprofit organization comprised of dedicated healthcare professionals working together to improve health and wellness, access to quality care, and academic and career opportunities for underserved populations in Palm Beach County. “‘Saving the world one patient at a time,’ is an often-repeated motto,” Dr. McCalla said.

Dr. McCalla is active in the Palm Beach chapter of Jack & Jill of America. She is also active in the Alpha Alpha Upsilon Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, the oldest Greek letter organization for women of color, established in 1908. Previously known as the Crowned Pearls of Wellington, this group of more than 50 professional women is also the first panhellenic group to focus on service to underserved people in Wellington and the surrounding western communities.

Through Calla Genics, Dr. McCalla provides patients with the most powerful and proven procedures that eliminate the common signs of aging.

“Calla Genics is a true physician-led facility featuring wave therapy, revitalizing sexual health treatments and laser rejuvenation. Our therapies and products provide benefits for all skin types,” she explained.

The practice features the newest technology in plasma skin resurfacing, gentle laser skin rejuvenation, tightening and hair removal, and cryo-slimming technology, which presents a nice gradual process, with no sharp contours, no scars and no downtime.

The practice opened during the uncertain times of the pandemic, and that was included in the services offered. “The pandemic hit the pivoting point, so we addressed the challenge of the needs of COVID-19 patients on a concierge-based medical service,” Dr. McCalla said. “We even provide COVID-19 testing in people’s homes if needed. It’s all a part of service.”

Calla Genics is located at 12794 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suites 9-10, in the original Wellington Mall. For more information, call (561) 252-5398 or e-mail Learn more at