Expert Veterinary Care

Expert Veterinary Care Your Pets Are The Priority At ACCESS Specialty Hospitals Palm Beach County On Southern Blvd.

By Mike May

If you live in the western communities and your pet needs specialty veterinary care or emergency services, you can find what you need close to home. At the northeast corner of Southern Blvd. and State Road 7, you’ll find ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals Palm Beach County.

ACCESS stands for Advanced Critical Care, Emergency, and Specialty Services. And just like a human hospital, this animal hospital never closes. It’s open for emergency services 24/7.

Just as people, from time to time, need access to an MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, radiology treatment, cardiology care, the ICU or surgery, so do dogs and cats, which comprise the vast majority of the patients at ACCESS. If your pet needs a specialist in the area of veterinary oncology, neurology, ophthalmology, cardiology or internal medicine, ACCESS also has experts who can provide that kind of professional expertise.

The ophthalmology services at ACCESS allow it to provide unique vision assistance to dogs.

“Dogs don’t read or drive cars, but we can provide some assistance with their vision,” said Mark Garrison, technician manager at the Animal Eye Specialty Clinic, which provides outside ophthalmology services for ACCESS.

“We can equip a dog with ‘doggles.’ We call it goggles for dogs. And we have the expertise to treat cataracts, too,” Garrison added.

ACCESS is owned by veterinarians and the staff shares a deep love for animals. Pets are an integral part of any family’s life, which is why the business is guided by four principles: quality, integrity, compassion and service.

ACCESS is driven to exceed not just what patients expect but exceed the standards that the four owners have established for themselves. The practice is committed to finding ways to provide better care and treatment for every pet patient.

When it comes to integrity, ACCESS will always provide the best possible care and do what is right for you and your pet. Meanwhile, the commitment to compassion is not driven by a marketing slogan. You can see it on the faces and hear it in the voices of those who work there. The entire staff — from the receptionists to the most experienced, board-certified veterinarian — takes great pride in the role of helping animals heal so they can return home and lead a normal life.

Services available at ACCESS are broad and far-reaching. It starts with a friendly greeting as soon as you walk through the front door. This includes accurate and timely reporting, spending time with you, explaining the proposed medical treatment, and rising before dawn to check on your pet.

“We are the Mayo Clinic of veterinary medicine,” explained Co-Medical Director Marcos Unis, DVM, MS, DACVS-SA, a board-certified veterinary surgeon. “There’s a big need for specialty medicine for animals, and we provide it. We give clients all the information and let them make the final decision on treatment for their pet.”

According to Hospital Liaison Kami Kreaps, the majority of pets treated at ACCESS arrive based on a referral from a local veterinarian, but, again, the doors are always open if your primary veterinarian is closed or unavailable for emergency services.

ACCESS has been open for just over a year, having opened its doors in April 2021. In the last 12 months, the practice has established relationships with more than 400 veterinarians from across South Florida.

Capacity-wise, ACCESS can deal with many pets at the same time. It has room to house 120 pets in its more than 20,000-square-foot facility. There is a large staff of qualified professionals to take care of these companion animals: 75 surgery assistants/technicians, 16 veterinarians/specialists on staff, 15 exam rooms and four surgery suites.

ACCESS also has its own triage area, pharmacy, lab and laundry room on site. It even has generators on standby, ready to provide power in case of a storm or anything else that might knock out the power. ACCESS also has the ability to produce its own oxygen on site.

Personal service is important to the staff at ACCESS. As soon as a pet enters an exam room, a sign is put on the outside of the door with that pet’s name, so the attending veterinarian can provide personal service for the animal by name.

In addition to being a hospital for sick or injured pets, ACCESS also serves as a place for area veterinarians and veterinary technicians to get educated about changes in the veterinary profession.

“We have the room to host continuing education sessions for those who work in the veterinarian field,” Kreaps said.

While ACCESS is committed to helping your pet get well so it can go home, there are times when pets are not well enough to recover, and compassionate services are available for that as well.

“We also provide end-of-life services for those sad and tragic moments in any pet’s life,” Kreaps said.

ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals Palm Beach County is located at 10465 Southern Blvd. in Royal Palm Beach. For more information, call (561) 774-8855 or e-mail Visit to learn more.