Dr. Andrea Bayer And The Staff At Seasons Women’s Care Treat Patients In All Stages Of Their Lives

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Dr. Andrea Bayer And The Staff At Seasons Women’s Care Treat Patients In All Stages Of Their Lives

By Jason Stromberg

Dr. Andrea Bayer came up with the name of Seasons Women’s Care for her practice because it reflects how she and her associates care for women through all the seasons of their lives. The practice includes two other doctors, Dr. Sarah Knowlton and Dr. Jessica Clark.

Bayer, Knowlton and Clark practice obstetrics and gynecology on the campus of the Wellington Regional Medical Center. Each doctor also practices at Palms West Hospital, where Bayer recently received a plaque honoring her 20 years of service.

Bayer enjoys her work caring for patients. “It’s an opportunity to help other women. I’m a mother. I’ve had babies. I can relate to a lot of conditions that we see,” Bayer said. “It’s great to be able to help women with all the different issues that affect them throughout their lives.”

Seasons Women’s Care offers a personal approach, especially when working with pregnant women.

“It can be a lot of fun. You are bringing new life into the world,” Bayer said, adding that she has now been at it long enough to have brought infants into the world for adults she delivered. “It’s really nice.”

The doctors at Seasons Women’s Care aren’t taking care of only the baby, but also the patient.

“It can be very stressful. You have the life of the mother and the baby in your care,” said Bayer, former chair of Wellington Regional’s ob/gyn department. “It’s two patients we are taking care of. Babies come whenever they want to come. We can work 24 to 48 hours straight, doing deliveries during the middle of the night. We are always available for our patients.”

Bayer said that it is very common for a baby to be delivered in the early morning hours. However, many deliveries nowadays are planned.

“There are different reasons for inducing patients with medication to help deliver a baby,” Bayer said. “It could be because the baby is really big, or for personal and medical reasons, or social reasons.”

Bayer, Knowlton and Clark understand the needs of women throughout every stage of their lives. Not only do they handle medical issues, they also cope with each patients’ emotional changes.

“There are patient’s moms whom I have known for 20-plus years,” Bayer said. “It kind of makes you feel like part of the family. The patients are friends now. That is a really nice part of our practice. We get to know our people.”

Women of all ages are treated at Seasons Women’s Care, where quality obstetrical and gynecological services are always offered, regardless of what stage of life a patient is in. The team’s goal is to help every woman establish a happy lifestyle and a healthy body.

“We have patients, from young children to women of all ages, who deal with many kinds of problems,” said Bayer, who is certified by the North American Menopause Society (NAMS), which makes her an expert in helping women through that stage of their lives. “When it comes to women’s reproductive organs, we deal with a lot of preventive evaluations and a lot of problems that arise.”

There are other things that Bayer and her staff look for in teenage girls and older women, such as general health-related issues.

“We look for other issues that affect their general health, such as, we listen to their hearts,” Bayer said. “If they have a heart murmur, we pick it up. If they have thyroid issues, or diabetes, we check that out. Patients can come in complaining of a pain. It could be an ovarian issue, or it may be a bowel or a bladder issue, maybe an issue related to their back or hip. We are a very versatile team.”

Seasons Women’s Care Gynecology Obstetrics is located at 10115 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 300, on the campus of Wellington Regional Medical Center. Visit www.seasonswomenscare.com or call (561) 328-6165 for more information.