Real Estate Is All About Relationships Realtor Sophie Ghedin Recently Helped Three Generations Of The Wandell Family

Real Estate Is All About Relationships Realtor Sophie Ghedin Recently Helped Three Generations Of The Wandell Family

By Mike May

Sophie Ghedin, a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty Wellington, prides herself on developing ongoing relationships with her many clients — and that has led to Ghedin working with three generations of Wellington’s Wandell family: Rosie Wandell, her daughter and her mother-in-law.

This unique business relationship and friendship among the four people has seen to it that the three Wandells ended up as happy homeowners. Ghedin is thrilled to have three friends who are now also happy clients.

“Rosie Wandell and I have been friends for a long time. She’s my physical therapist,” Ghedin recalled. “We started talking about her selling her house. I was able to help her sell the house rather quickly.”

That led to more real estate business for Ghedin with the Wandell family from Rosie’s daughter Juliana Rose Wandell and mother-in-law Rosalie Wandell.

According to Ghedin, Rosie and her husband Eric lived in Lakefield West. They wanted to sell their house and find something smaller. So, Ghedin stepped in and delivered.

“We were ready to downsize, but we wanted to stay in the greater Wellington area. Sophie helped make it happen,” said Rosie, who has her own business as a physical therapist in Wellington. “We found a new home in the Arden community.”

With Ghedin’s assistance, Rosie and Eric put their Lakefield West home on the market soon after the pandemic hit in the spring of 2020. The home sold in June. Ghedin played an integral role in finding a buyer and facilitating the sale.

The entire process went so well that it got the attention of Rosie and Eric’s daughter, Juliana Rose Wandell.

Juliana Rose had made plans to move north to Orlando in order to start her career, and she wanted to buy a house. Naturally, she turned to Ghedin for assistance. Not only was Juliana Rose buying a home, it was going to be newly built. Again, Ghedin stepped in and delivered.

“I was really impressed how she sold my parents’ house so quickly, so I thought she could help me. And she did,” Juliana Rose said. “She was very helpful. She helped me make decisions on the floor plan and the location of the home. She gave me peace of mind throughout the entire experience. We closed in July of this year. She still stays in touch with me to check on the home. I love my home.”

Juliana Rose said that she probably would not be in her current location and so pleased with the final outcome without the assistance from Ghedin.

“I highly recommend Sophie as a Realtor, as I have seen her in action as a representative of both the seller and the buyer,” Juliana Rose said.

One of the memorable aspects for Ghedin of working with Juliana Rose was her age. Juliana is just 18 years old.

“She was my youngest ever client,” Ghedin said. “And probably my smartest. She’s a genius. She earned a dual bachelor’s degree at age 17.”

Juliana Rose may be a computer engineering/computer science graduate from Florida Atlantic University, but she was a rookie in the world of real estate.

Having helped two parts of the Wandell family, it was time for a “hat trick” of Wandell clients.

As they say, great things happen in threes. The next member of the Wandell family that needed real estate assistance was the matriarch of the family, Rosalie Wandell, Eric’s mother.

According to Ghedin, Rosalie had been living in Binks Forest for 24 years and needed help selling her home so she could also move to the Arden community. Again, Ghedin stepped in and delivered.

Naturally Rosalie followed the well-known path and enrolled the services of Ghedin. Her house was put up for sale in mid-October, and Ghedin expects a quick sale.

Rosalie has already purchased her new home in Arden. The closing was in early November. This new home is not far from where Rosie and Eric now live.

“We’re thrilled that she’s living in Arden,” Rosie said.

It was an easy decision for Rosalie to team up with Ghedin.

“I was a Realtor for 26 years, so I know the business,” Rosalie said. “I trusted her. She did what she said she was going to do. She did it all in a timely manner.”

Looking back, Rosie had the same strong, positive feelings about Ghedin.

“Her personality clicks with me,” Rosie said. “I knew I was in good hands. She took care of me and my husband.”

Not surprisingly, Rosie and Ghedin have a shared interest: Wellington’s tight-knit equestrian community.

“Sophie is a para rider in dressage, and many of my physical therapy clients are riders,” Rosie said.

“And I sell real estate to many people within the equestrian world because I understand their lives and needs,” Ghedin added.

Clearly, Rosie Wandell and Sophie Ghedin share a common bond — and it all started with a massage.

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