Promoting Optimal Bone Health In Horses

Promoting Optimal Bone Health In Horses BoneKare Supplement Is Making Its Mark In Wellington’s Equestrian Community

BoneKare, first made popular by breeders and equestrians throughout Europe, is an edible bone health and soft tissue vitamin supplement suitable for horses of every age and discipline. The supplement is FEI competition safe, and daily use of BoneKare promotes optimal bone and soft tissue health for horses.

Jay Golding, who first encountered BoneKare on one of his annual trips to Europe, believes the supplement to be the “holy grail” of horse health products, which isn’t recognized as much as it should be.

Golding is the United States’ sole distributor of BoneKare, where he has developed a stellar roster of equestrian ambassadors across a variety of disciplines and continues to advocate for the value of BoneKare for every horse.

Jennifer Papiernik is a lifelong horsewoman whose business completely changed when she was introduced to BoneKare. Papiernik trains out of To-Kalon Farm in Wellington, where she has had her horses on BoneKare since the beginning of the 2022 Winter Equestrian Festival season, when she ran into Golding.

After incorporating the BoneKare supplement into her barn’s nutrition program, Papiernik strongly believes in the power of the product and has seen significant improvements to her horses’ health.

“I’m currently using it on my show horses who are having some down time right now, my racehorses, young and growing babies, and broodmares with foals at their sides,” Papiernik said. “This season, I have had two horses with soft tissue bruising. It’s not something I have had to deal with much, but when I put these horses on BoneKare, I saw a change in their soundness within 30 days.”

Papiernik has even received complimentary feedback on some of her younger horses after starting them on BoneKare.

“We have two young colts — a yearling and a two-year-old,” she explained. “I hadn’t seen them through the winter season, and after two months of being on BoneKare, they looked like mature horses. The first thing everybody says when they see them is, ‘Wow, great bones on these babies!’”

So, what’s in the secret sauce? The answer is BoneKare’s advanced formula that consists of a blend of nutritious supplements and vitamin K1, given to horses orally in their grain. K1 is an important vitamin that horses absorb when they are allowed 10 to 12 hours of pasture grazing, and hay is not necessarily the solution for a lack of pasture grazing.

When grass is cut and made into hay bales, they are left to cure in the sun. As a result of the UV rays, the K1 compound is almost completely degraded, leaving horses without natural access to the much-needed vitamin. That’s where BoneKare comes in, backed with the right science and studies to prove it really works.

Not only has Golding witnessed BoneKare’s efficacy through first-hand experience, but veterinarians in both the United States and Europe have submitted multiple case studies demonstrating the success of the product.

“When I see a significant difference in multiple horses for different reasons, I’m a true believer in the product. I don’t use a lot of supplements, but when I see something that works, I use it,” Papiernik said. “I knew I was missing something. I just couldn’t pinpoint it. With BoneKare, I think I’ve found the missing link.”

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