Palms West Hospital And JFK Medical Center Have Taken Action To Protect The Community Safe Hands

Palms West Hospital And JFK Medical Center Have Taken Action To Protect The Community
Safe Hands

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the human race has faced an enemy like no other these last few months — one that has made time stand still for our nation and our world.

Never in the modern era have we faced a crisis like this one. Homes have turned into offices, schools and sanctuaries. Social distancing has become common language. Everyone has been stretched to imagine a new way of life — a new normal. Yet each day that passes brings the hope of a healthier tomorrow.

Through it all, the HCA Healthcare hospitals of Palm Beach County, including Palms West Hospital and JFK Medical Center, have remained focused on one thing — the care and improvement of human life.

In times of uncertainty, healthcare workers show up. When faced with a challenge, they see a path forward.

Joining with HCA colleagues and physicians, the hospitals have taken action to ensure — now more than ever — that community members are in safe hands.

The hospitals have established enhanced protections throughout its facilities to create a safe environment for everyone who walks through the door. There’s a lot to worry about in these uncertain times, and getting healthcare shouldn’t be one of them.

The goals of the hospitals are to move beyond fear, to define this new normal and to find a healthier tomorrow, all while fixing broken hearts and broken bones, lessening the pain and curing disease. This means tending to ailments, so patients can find peace of mind.

At Palms West Hospital and JFK Medical Center, as well as all HCA Healthcare facilities, they continue to take proactive steps related to COVID-19 preparedness and implementation of security measures for the health and safety of patients, visitors, colleagues, physicians and the community.

Steps the hospitals are taking to keep communities and clinical teams safe include:

  • Screening for all patients, visitors and staff before entering facilities.
  • Separate areas for COVID-19 positive patients and patients under investigation. Non-COVID-19 patients, including elective procedure patients and outpatients, are being grouped separately.
  • Patients enter the hospital through an entrance where screening and temperature checks are performed.
  • All caregivers wear masks throughout the facilities, which exceeds CDC guidelines.
  • Heightened infection prevention policies, including the removal of high-touch items. Food and drinks are prohibited in clinical units to prevent the spread of illness.
  • The hospitals have also limited visitors to only individuals necessary to the patient’s care. However, the healthcare teams are equipped to assist patients and families in communicating during a hospital stay using a variety of technologies, such as FaceTime.

The precautions that have been taken, and the new protections put in place, make HCA’s clinical care facilities, such as Palms West Hospital, among the safest possible places to receive healthcare at this time.

The hospitals have been and will continue to collaborate with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), maintaining and often exceeding the strictest of standards. As the entire community adjusts to this new normal, the hospitals encourage the community to continue to follow current CDC guidance regarding social distancing and hygiene.

Meanwhile, hospital officials thank friends, neighbors and community partners for their support during this unprecedented challenge and for standing with them in this shared commitment to protecting the health and safety of everyone, today and every day.

Palms West Hospital and JFK Medical Center are also helping the community in other ways, such as through a new insurance hotline.

“The COVID-19 crisis has challenged our communities in a number of ways, and we know many of our friends and neighbors have experienced the stress of losing their health insurance,” said Charles Gressle, president of HCA’s East Florida Division. “Just as we set up a COVID-19 hotline at the start of the crisis, we want to make sure we’re there to help our community as we move forward.”

If you need insurance coverage option assistance, call (833) 867-8771 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Through this free service, hotline advisors can discuss eligibility and advocacy services appropriate for a variety of scenarios. HCA will not be representing any specific company or selling insurance plans. The goal is simply to help the community get important information to manage their health needs.

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