Investing In Your  Health

Investing In Your  Health Wellington Has Programs To Support The Physical And Mental Health Of Residents And Staff

By Jim Barnes, Wellington Village Manager

One of Wellington’s hallmarks is our exceptional quality of life. We are a safe, resilient and inclusive community with an outstanding environment for all to thrive — physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Health and wellness are essential aspects of our community’s overall vibrancy and are among our top priorities.

Promoting Health & Well-Being
Our residents share these values. In a survey conducted as part of our parks and recreation planning process, respondents said that promoting health and well-being should be a high priority for the village. Your Wellington Village Council is committed to continuing to invest in these areas to ensure that everyone who lives and works in Wellington has the opportunity to thrive, now and in the future.

Bell Seal For Workplace Mental Health
As evidence of our commitment to health and wellness, the Village of Wellington was recently awarded a platinum-level certification by Mental Health America. The Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health is a national certification program that recognizes employers committed to creating mentally healthy workplaces. This was the second time that the village achieved the platinum level, which is the highest honor.

Workplace Health Achievement
Additionally, Wellington has been recognized by the American Heart Association with a bronze level Workplace Health Achievement. This award recognizes employers who demonstrate a commitment to employee wellness through comprehensive worksite health promotion and programs by utilizing a workforce well-being scorecard designed to help employers evaluate the culture of health and well-being within their workforces. The program also identifies gaps and determines how our progress stacks up to peer organizations. In addition to providing wellness programs for our workplace, we also offer a vast array of fitness activities through our Parks & Recreation Department.

Bike-Friendly Community
As another indicator of our commitment, we have initiated the installation of high-visibility green pavement in bicycle lanes to increase visibility of bicycle lanes, identify areas of potential conflict and promote a clearer understanding of the lanes’ purpose. This improvement recognizes our commitment to improving bicycling conditions through investments in infrastructure and pro-bike policies. Wellington has partnered with schools and various civic groups to ensure that we have a safe, bike-friendly community that offers accessibility and recreation for all. With those partnerships and more than 45 miles of bike lanes, 208 miles of sidewalks and 40 miles of multipurpose pathways, Wellington makes it clear that connectivity is a community priority.

Healthcare Providers
Healthcare is also an important amenity for residents and a vital component of our business community, with Wellington Regional Medical Center continuing to provide expert care in our community, the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Health Specialty Center offering comprehensive and convenient children’s medical services, Baptist Health South Florida offering specialized services in multiple locations and Cleveland Clinic offering services in several medical specialties locally. These four healthcare providers join dozens of other healthcare-related businesses making Wellington an elite hub for the medical sector.

Mental Health Support
We also know that mental health is an important facet of our community’s overall wellness, and we work with experts to engage community members so we can connect people with the right resources. Through partnerships with local hospitals, schools and our growing medical community, Wellington provides a multitude of options to support the mental and behavioral well-being of all. We are proud to work with local partners to end the stigma around mental health, and we continue to provide outlets for those in need.

Parks & Recreation Master Plan
While Wellington has much to be proud of in terms of health and wellness, we are always looking to innovate and improve. Among our many efforts to keep moving forward, we recently updated our Parks & Recreation Master Plan. This included analyzing our existing park system and providing recommendations for new amenities. It builds off the existing facilities plans developed since Wellington’s incorporation and will set the framework for planning, maintenance, development and rehabilitation of our parks, open spaces, recreation facilities and programming for a 10-year horizon. We will continue to partner with our local medical community as well, in order to assess and address our community health needs.
As 2023 hits its stride, I hope you are, too. Whether you’re walking, jogging or biking on our extensive shared use paths, enjoying a swim at the Wellington Aquatics Complex, or finding respite in our 12 community parks and memorials, 24 neighborhood parks, or three preserves and sanctuaries, please know that your village is invested in your well-being and dedicated to making Wellington an even happier, healthier place to call home.