From Paris, With Love

From Paris, With Love Unique Event Le Diner En Blanc Returns On Saturday, Dec. 16

Story By Kat Fleischman  |  Photos Courtesy Dreamland Creative and RSC Media

Le Diner en Blanc will return to the West Palm Beach area this month for its 2023 edition. This elegant and secret affair has become the foodie and dancing holiday event of the year, and on Saturday, Dec. 16, a new secret location will be revealed, and guests will dine and dance under the stars.

Le Diner en Blanc is an event that transports guests into another world while celebrating the local community. The sea of people adorned in white is Instagrammable, while meeting new people or reuniting with longtime friends. The theme this year is “From Paris, With Love.” Dinner à la française will be the centerpiece, and conversation and champagne will flow with French-inspired entertainment. The night will close with one of the best DJs. Dancing shoes are a must.

Le Diner en Blanc in West Palm Beach is hosted by Modernique & Co. Project Management with more than 12 years of experience in hospitality management and event production.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be bringing this spectacular event to picturesque Palm Beach County,” said Fabie Reid, project director and co-host of Le Diner En Blanc. “Over the years, we’ve taken this event to various stunning locations, from Boca and Riviera to downtown West Palm Beach, and each time, it has been a captivating experience to witness our community come together at our carefully guarded secret venue. This event serves as a remarkable opportunity to not only unite our residents, but also to showcase the splendor of this region to those from beyond our county borders.”

Excitement is building toward the Dec. 16 event. “We are very excited for this year’s theme ‘From Paris With Love,’ where the guests will be transported to a Parisian adventure without leaving Palm Beach County,” said Jessica Palmer, head leader of Le Diner en Blanc West Palm Beach.

Le Diner en Blanc wants to help boost the local economy by encouraging attendees to shop locally and discover some of the most spectacular event venues that get transformed with the picnic setting served by local vendors, such as, but not limited to, Ganache Bakery, Absolute Party Rentals, Trindy Gourmet and Epic Catering.

To maintain the uniqueness of Le Diner en Blanc, every guest observes certain requirements, such as the dress code: head-to-toe in white only. Elegance and originality are key. Jewelry and shoes can be silver, gold or nude. Table settings and picnic items are all white. At this French-influenced event, only wine and/or champagne are served.

As per the county and state, guests cannot bring their own alcohol. Guests wishing to enjoy some wine or champagne must reserve online through Le Diner en Blanc’s e-store. However, guests are welcome to bring their own non-alcoholic beverages.

To ensure that the location secret is kept undisclosed until the last minute, guests meet at their assigned departure location and are escorted by a Diner en Blanc volunteer table leader for bus departures or pedestrian groups.

To make sure that the event location is left as clean as when guests arrive, they are required to leave with all their belongings, leftovers and litter.

Guests should bring a small picnic basket or white cooler comprised of fine food, white tablecloth and serviettes, as well as proper stemware and white dinnerware. Tables and chairs are provided at the event.

A catered meal option can be pre-ordered online and picked up on-site, for those who do not wish to pack their own. Guests wishing to do so must reserve online through Le Diner en Blanc’s e-store.

Le Diner en Blanc West Palm Beach acknowledges Champagne Pommery as a national partner, with Vie de Rêve and the Village of Wellington as official local partners of the 2023 edition.

To get the opportunity to be part of the experience, people can sign up now by visiting, adding your e-mail, then click “validate” to enter your name. Once on the list, an invitation will be sent to you by the end of the day.

Le Diner en Blanc is so much more than an event. It’s a unique cultural movement that empowers friends of friends to gather and celebrate their shared passions for life, food, fashion and community, year after year, with a pinch of mystery and a large serving of spontaneity.

Elegantly dressed all in white, guests arrive at a secret location for a chic mass picnic. They bring their own tables, chairs, picnic baskets — all the trimmings — to sit down with friends and make new connections in one of their area’s most beautiful public spaces. The location remains secret up until the very moment of arrival. Over the course of the evening, guests from all backgrounds eat, dance and reconnect with the finer things in life, as they appreciate the night’s magical experience.

Tashia Hernandez, the event’s lead project manager and head leader, loves the aspect of the guests not knowing where they are going until they arrive.

“The community comes together for one night, and we all just put our daily worries away and escape into this magical experience together — celebrating life, joie de vivre, friends, family and dancing all night,” Hernandez said. “That’s what makes Le Diner en Blanc unique to me and always an annual holiday experience to look forward to.”

Jimmy Moise, the event’s co-host producer, said that groups, organizations and businesses are invited this year to celebrate their holiday party within Le Diner en Blanc.

“Special packages are made for them where all is inclusive: décor, picnic accessories, tablescape, food and wine,” Moise said. “All they have to do is show up, and we take care of the rest so they can fully enjoy their holiday experience.”

More than 120 cities in 40 countries have joined the ever-growing and international network to celebrate gourmet cuisine, offer extraordinary entertainment and bring together vibrant individuals around the world. While Diner en Blanc International is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, every local event is hosted by passionate local organizers who fell in love with the original Parisian concept and wanted to bring it home and dress it up with local flair.

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