Danny & Ron’s Rescue Makes A Lasting Impact On The Community Through Efforts During The Pandemic

Danny & Ron’s Rescue Makes A Lasting Impact On The Community Through Efforts During The Pandemic

Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta’s mission for their namesake dog rescue has remained steadfast since its inception: to ensure dogs in need always have a safe, loving home of their own, and those who have not received the care they deserve are given a second chance at life.

Throughout the years, the duo has become known as a beacon of hope both here in Wellington and at their other home base in Camden, South Carolina, as a shining example of humanity in their quest to better the lives of all animals they come into contact with.

Robertshaw and Danta, mainstays of the Wellington community and partners for nearly 30 years, founded Danny & Ron’s Rescue and operate the rescue out of their home in Camden. The nonprofit is foster-based in Wellington. Lifelong equestrians who have dedicated their lives to dog rescue efforts and making a positive impact on their communities, they have been traveling to Wellington for 30 years to compete at the Winter Equestrian Festival, and they made the community their home when they purchased a house in 2000. Their desire to help animals and the people who love them live the best lives they can continues to drive their philanthropic efforts every day.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the uncertainty that gripped communities around the world was amplified for nonprofit organizations. With job loss and sickness that accompanied the pandemic, it became more and more difficult for people to provide for themselves and their four-legged family members. After first establishing health and safety protocols for their own staff members and volunteers, Robertshaw and Danta put their heads together to figure out how they could best aid those around them who needed it most.

With an average of 75 rescue dogs in “The Doghouse,” a name coined for their home from their documentary Life In The Doghouse, the team at Danny & Ron’s Rescue quickly adapted to the new safety protocols and adjusted to new methods of “meet and greets” for potential dog adopters. With supplies like toilet paper, paper towels and vital cleaning items in tight supply, it was a great challenge to find everything they needed in such large quantities to keep the operation running as normal. Nevertheless, they were able to keep their doors open for the houseful of dogs that relied on them, thanks to the help of each person who contributed to their mission, either with funds, supplies or time.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Robertshaw and Danta, with the help of their full-time rescue team as well as volunteers, have spearheaded food drive efforts to supply families and their pets in need with vital resources, allowing many to keep their animals in their homes. They have donated more than 95,000 pounds of dog food, distributed through the Feed the Hungry Pantry of Palm Beach County, since beginning their efforts last year. In addition, they have made contributions to Meals on Wheels of the Palm Beaches, local spay and neuter shelters, and Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control by pulling dogs from the shelter to find them loving homes throughout the years. Earlier this season, they received the Robb Report’s Horsepower Award for their continued philanthropic efforts in the equestrian community and beyond.

But Robertshaw and Danta have not sustained their rescue operation alone — they have depended heavily on donations from generous donors in the local community and beyond, allowing them to continue full steam ahead to make sure every dog living with them continues to receive care.

Contributions of all amounts help dogs receive a visit to the veterinarian, medication and follow-up treatment needed for routine and severe health challenges.

In the last year, 289 dogs found loving homes through Danny & Ron’s Rescue, pushing the number of dogs saved since the start of the rescue past 12,300. More than 110 dogs belonging to struggling families also received urgent and lifechanging veterinary care, and the rescue team was able to deliver vital supplies to animal rescue organizations after Hurricane Laura devastated Louisiana. Left homeless and abandoned, 17 dogs were taken to the safe haven of “The Doghouse” after the hurricane.

Robertshaw and Danta’s feature-length documentary Life in the Doghouse, from Ron Davis, the director of the award-winning film Harry & Snowman, was featured on Netflix and made major waves around the world after its release. Now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, the film offers an inside look at the everyday operations of the dog rescue and inspires all to spread the word about their mission and make a positive impact on a local, national and global level.

To learn more about Danny & Ron’s Rescue, or to make a donation, visit www.dannyronsrescue.org.