Calling All Axe Throwers!

Calling All Axe Throwers!
Seven Axes Brings The Unique Sport Of Axe Throwing To The Wellington Area

Story by Mike May | Photos by Abner Pedraza

You can now add a new activity to the diverse list of sporting, athletic and recreational interests in the Wellington area. In addition to the many equestrian sports, team sports, individual sports, recreational endeavors and fitness activities that are popular here, the newest activity to hit the western communities is axe throwing!

Yes, people are having fun throwing axes. Fortunately, they are being thrown at wooden targets and not people.

If you visit Seven Axes in the Marketplace at Wycliffe, which opened in mid-November, you’ll be able to practice and hone your axe-throwing skills on a regular basis. It is the place to go if you want to have some target-shooting fun with a small axe or hatchet.

The owner of Seven Axes is not who you expect it might be. It’s a 45-year-old single mother without a long history as an axe thrower. In fact, her professional experience is in the world of education. Her name is Laura Delgado, and she’s thrilled to be in the fast-growing, axe-throwing business.

“I work in the early learning education field. A couple of years ago, while traveling across the country looking at preschool investments, I kept seeing axe-throwing venues,” recalled Delgado, who is also the vice president of curriculum and professional development for Learning Beyond Paper in West Palm Beach. “One day, curiosity got the better of me.

That’s when she first went into an axe-throwing establishment.

“It was a lot of fun!” she said. “I took my daughter, and she loved it as well. I then started looking at this from a business perspective and thought it would be well-received in the Wellington and western communities area. There aren’t many options for active entertainment — and 90 percent of our customers make a similar comment and have thanked us for opening in this area.”

For Delgado and her new business, the number of potential clients is quite large, which helps the bottom line.

“We require that all throwers be at least six years old,” said Delgado, currently an intermediate axe thrower who is improving every day. “There are no other requirements. This sport is very inclusive of all heights, weights, genders, abilities and skill levels. We have seen people in their 90s, people in wheelchairs, as young as six years old, and everyone in between successfully throw hatchets. It’s a very inclusive sport.”

To expand its reach, Delgado started a series of youth clinics in December. And there are now a number of seniors taking regular trips during the week to Seven Axes. They take part in a new senior citizen league called the Silver Axes.

Normally, Seven Axes is open Thursday through Saturday to the general public. Tuesday and Sunday nights are set aside for league competition. For the winter season, Delgado also will be opening her doors to the general public on Mondays, while Wednesdays are by appointment only.

While nearly everyone who walks in the door is allowed to throw an axe, the vast majority of customers have little or no experience in throwing these sharp objects. Delgado bridges that gap.

“We’re all about safety,” said Delgado, whose business is an officially sanctioned affiliate of the World Axe Throwing League (WATL), which is based in Canada. “We have six qualified coaches on staff who provide instructions on how to grip and safely throw an axe. Our coaches are very hands-on and present with each group of participants. The key to success in axe throwing is mental focus and not strength. Axes can be thrown with one hand or two. I think axe throwing is a great stress reliever.”

The coaches at Seven Axes have been professionally trained by two-time world axe-throwing champion Miguel Tamburini.

Two of the safety rules which are strictly enforced focus on footwear and form. Customers are required to wear closed-toe shoes and to not take trick shots with axes. Flip flops and sandals must be left at home when you visit Seven Axes.

At Seven Axes, there are 10 axe-throwing stations where the action takes place. The targets are circular and made of poplar, which is a soft wood. There are points attached to each target, similar to what you would see while shooting a bow and arrow. With each axe throw, you can get up to eight points. If you hit the red bullseye in the middle of the target, you get six points. If you hit one of the two circular targets, known as either the “kill shot” or the “clutch,” you get eight points, but you must declare your intention to hit them before you throw the axe. When you compete against an opponent, you get 10 axe throws each. The winner is the person with the most points. A game can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

One of the great, unexpected benefits of Seven Axes’ location is its next-door neighbor, Hurricane Grill & Wings. According to Delgado, Hurricane Grill sends its customers next door to have fun throwing axes, while food and drink specials are offered by Hurricane Grill to the clientele who visit Seven Axes.

When you walk in the door at Seven Axes, the charge is simple and reasonable. It’s $25 per hour, per customer. And just like at a restaurant, Delgado’s team of coaches willingly accept tips for their time, teaching and tutelage.

So, why is this business called Seven Axes? It’s simple, really. “Seven is a lucky and spiritual number for me,” Delgado said.

If you are curious about Seven Axes, visit and follow its growth and popularity on social media @sevenaxespb on Facebook and Instagram. Seven Axes is also a great place to visit if you like artwork, as the artistic creations of artist Nelson Perez adorn the walls and are for sale.

Are you ready to join the growing number of people who are having fun throwing axes? If so, plan your visit today.

Seven Axes is located at 4075 S. State Road 7 in the Marketplace at Wycliffe at the northwest corner of Lake Worth Road and State Road 7. For more information, call (561) 420-7552 or visit