A Community Working Together

Wellington Today – A Community Working Together Wellington’s Community Partners Roundtable Helps In Building A Stronger Community Together

By Jim Barnes, Wellington Village Manager

Wellington’s aspiration to create a thriving, safe and compassionate community isn’t unique, but it does require a coordinated effort. Recognizing that local government can’t address all community needs alone, the Community Partners Roundtable emerged. The village’s Community Services Department spearheaded this initiative, recognizing the value of a centralized effort. The goal was clear: to streamline efforts, reduce duplication and ensure that everyone is working in sync to provide support to individuals and families in need. What began as a small group of staff and local nonprofits has blossomed into a collaborative force for good that has quietly been shaping the way our community comes together.

Our Shared Goals 
Coretta Scott King once said, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

In 2017, the Village of Wellington initiated the Community Partners Roundtable as a platform to connect with like-minded local organizations. The first meeting, held at the Wellington Community Center, set the stage for a new kind of community collaboration.

Representatives from various nonprofits assembled to discuss shared visions and the collective pursuit of community improvement. Now, six years later, the Community Partners Roundtable initiative is more than just a series of meetings — it’s a testament to the power of unity and shared goals. This effort, launched with the aim of enhancing positive change and fostering inclusivity, has successfully brought local organizations and nonprofits onto the same page.

Amplifying Impact
Through collaboration, Wellington can accomplish much more than working alone. As Hellen Keller once said, “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

The outcomes of the Community Partners Roundtable meetings are tangible and impactful. Collaboration has led to a more efficient use of resources, the development of better programs and the enhancement of services.

Key partners like Christ Fellowship Church, the Crowned Pearls of Wellington, the Rotary Club of Wellington, the Kiwanis Club of Wellington, St. Peter’s United Methodist Church, Temple Beth Torah, the Wellington Community Foundation, the Great Charity Challenge and Wellington Regional Medical Center have consistently participated, with many organizations now proactively seeking engagement due to the initiative’s success.

Beyond meetings, the Community Partners Roundtable has spurred impactful stories that highlight the strength of unity. Last year, Wellington High School’s effort to provide bicycles to Rosenwald Elementary School students extended its reach when Christ Fellowship’s food truck joined the endeavor, offering ice cream and joy to the students. This seamless cooperation illustrated how partnerships amplify the positive impact of individual actions.

Another compelling example unfolded during the All-American City Competition. Wellington was selected as a finalist, presenting an opportunity to showcase our community youth programs. The challenge was twofold: extending representation beyond the village’s immediate members and overcoming geographic distance. Our community partners stepped in, contributing both resources and support to make the journey to Denver, Colorado, a reality.

Building Our Future
Looking ahead, the Community Partners Roundtable aims to grow further by welcoming partners who share a commitment to enhancing our “Great Hometown.” The initiative’s momentum is a testament to the collective spirit and shared vision of the community. While we’ve come far, we know that we have only scratched the surface of what can be achieved together.

In Wellington, the importance of unity is undeniable. The Community Partners Roundtable exemplifies this notion, reinforcing the idea that creating a thriving “Great Hometown” relies on a collective effort. It’s about diverse entities uniting their strengths to build a resilient, prosperous and caring community. As Wellington continues to evolve, it does so with the understanding that today’s collaborative endeavors will lay the foundation for an even brighter tomorrow.