Enjoy Quick And Healthy Snacks And Treats At Fresh Mangos

Enjoy Quick And Healthy Snacks And Treats At Fresh Mangos

For something healthy and very satisfying, visit Fresh Mangos, now open in the Mall at Wellington Green. The new Wellington location is the fifth South Florida outpost for this locally owned chain.

You can work up quite an appetite during a day of shopping. If you’re looking to dive into something healthy and tasty during a break in your buying, head on over to Fresh Mangos. The company recently opened its fifth South Florida location in the Mall at Wellington Green.

Fresh Mangos began as a way to fill a need for shoppers.

“We observed that malls had very few, if any, healthy snack options for their customers,” owner Jessica Tafur said. “If someone is hungry while in the mall, they have to eat some kind of junk food or high-carb or high-sugar snack. We decided to change that and offer something healthy and delicious.”

Fresh Mangos has been around since 2018, when the first Fresh Mangos opened at the Palm Beach Outlets (now the Tanger Outlets). Since then, they’ve developed a menu that’s hard to beat.

“Now we have mangos with more than 20 topping choices, depending on the location, up to four varieties of natural juice, frozen drinks, açaí and pitaya bowls, smoothie bowls, parfaits, fruit bowls, energizing teas, boba tea and more,” Tafur said.

If you like to eat your mangos sliced, you’re in the right place.

“The five sliced mango options on the menu were actually the clients’ top five combinations,” she said. “We decided to name the most popular combinations and put them on the menu for convenience, and to make the ordering process faster.”

You can choose between the Classic, Mexican Spicy, Flavor Explosion, Sweet Temptation or the Build Your Own, each with their own particular toppings, to satiate your mango mania.

As for which offerings are among customers’ favorites, it’s a question of where and who.

“This really depends on the mall we are in and the demographic of our customers,” Tafur said. “But in general, besides the mangos with toppings, the smoothies and açaí, pitaya and smoothie bowls are very popular.”

What, then, is the magic of the mango? Apparently, it all comes down to its adaptability.

“Mangos are one of those fruits that grow in just about every continent and are enjoyed in so many different ways,” Tafur said. “In Latin America alone, there are many ways of eating this fruit. Some like it green with salt and lime, others ripe and sweet, still others like to add hot sauce or sweet condensed milk. Travel to Asia, where it is eaten with sticky rice and cilantro, and then North America, where it is enjoyed ripe and in smoothies and drinks. The possibilities with mangos are quite vast.”

Fresh Mangos is well-aware that time is of the essence. Maybe you’re on a lunch break, maybe you’ve only got a few minutes to spare and need something to “grab and go.” Not only are they ready for you, but Fresh Mangos is also dedicated to making sure whatever you’re buying will keep you in the game.

“We like to think of ourselves as healthy fast food,” Tafur said. “We have our fruit ready to go, our juice is in the dispensers, and everyone has been trained in the most efficient way of preparing everything, so we can get our customers taken care of quickly. We are not as fast as a drive-through, since everything is made to order, but we do our best to be quick.”

Fresh Mangos and the Mall at Wellington Green is a match made in commercial heaven. They’d been waiting to set up shop in Wellington for a while, and finally, all the stars aligned.

“We have been wanting to open in this mall for years, but for several reasons, that was not possible,” Tafur said. “Many of our customers would come to our Tanger Outlet location in West Palm Beach and ask us if we would open in Wellington. We finally did! We are a bit hidden, but you can find us on the first floor, in front of California Pizza Kitchen. The clients of Wellington also deserve a healthy snack alternative.”

Check out Fresh Mangos during your next visit to the Mall at Wellington Green, and you — and everyone with you — will come away happy.

“We do not just have to be a snack, we have sandwiches and crepes as well for a larger meal,” Jessica said. “We have many families stop by, and everyone finds something on the menu that they like. Parents are happy their kids got a healthy snack, and kids are happy with their snack. Young adults and teens can also find something to their liking, usually smoothies or frozen drinks or boba tea. For our clients who like to work out, we have protein smoothies and zero sugar energizing teas. We have something for everyone.”

Fresh Mangos is located on the lower level of the Mall at Wellington Green across from California Pizza Kitchen and near Dillard’s. For more information, visit www.myfreshmangos.com.