Wedding Trends 2023 – Trends, Styles, Technology

Wedding Trends
2023 Trends, Styles, Technology

From sustainability to a sneak peek at the future bride and groom, 2023 will be like no other year, as trends are on the move. Many consider a “trend” to be nothing more than a fad, but like with that old-fashioned penny in your shoe for good fortune, many trends are here to stay and will eventually become traditions. Some will continue to coordinate their wedding as before, but more and more couples are opting to make their day stand out and become one for the books — photobooks that is. Like many things in life, your wedding day is but a fleeting moment in time, only captured in our memories and photographs. Check out some of the trends for 2023, use some, and make some of your own. After all, a trend is anything that catches on, and we’re sure ideas are plentiful!

After-Party Mini Dress
Your vows are done, and your reception was a smashing success. You’re saying goodbye to your grandparents, and that’s when you slip away to slip on your after-party look. The DJ keeps the dance floor alive, and upon your return, the party continues.

Intimate Celebrations
Many of us have a new respect for smaller, more intimate affairs, and weddings are taking on the same feel for some. Scaling back on your wedding day doesn’t mean a smaller celebration, it just means a more intimate one — that is what we will be seeing more of in 2023.

Make It A Weekend To Remember
You do not have to be rich to have or attend a “weekend wedding.” What does that look like? Kickoff festivities with a fun gathering on Friday night, followed by your stunning ceremony and reception, and recover until check out on Sunday. Be sure to send a “save the date” way in advance, so guests can plan this as one of their vacations. Keep it fun and simple for everyone!

Mismatched Bridal Party Dresses
Looking into 2023, not everything has to be matchy-matchy. As a matter of fact, it is looking less and less like that, especially for the bridal party. You will see not only different styles of dresses, but also combinations of color palettes. Some will be a variety in one shade of green with darker and lighter, and others will be a shade of a different color on each. Either way, it’s your day. Make it look like you want it to look.

Technology Is Here To Stay
Although we will continue to see some “unplugged” ceremonies (with the occasional plea to Uncle Jim to stop taking photos on the iPad), we will see the expansion in the use of technology at weddings. Some destination weddings are allowing you to Zoom in family and friends who couldn’t be with you, allowing live streams, both private and on social media platforms. And yes, hashtags are still all the rage. They’re a great way for your guests to share the view from their table!
First Looks
Although once considered taboo for the groom to see his bride before she walks down the aisle, first looks have been introduced and used at more and more weddings. 2023 will see this trend continue. It is a great way to capture that true emotion of how you both look into each other’s eyes, and nothing better for genuine photography than that.

Statement Florals
Not sure if Kim K. kicked off this trend with a wall full of roses on one of her many big days, but statement florals have taken on a life of their own — from overstated centerpieces to floral walls, and most recently, florals hanging from the ceiling to create a cascading effect that will take your breath away.

Bold Color Schemes
Trends used to be a pop color, now the boldness of color is making an entrance in a big way. Say goodbye to pastel shades and hello to anything goes! Daring and unforgettable color schemes reflect your personality, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Think of the colors that make you the happiest and go for it.

Ceremony Backdrops
Another ever-evolving trend you will see for 2023 is outrageously creative ceremony backdrops. No more are the days of the simple arbor or draped material over a trellis, now you can see hanging greenery, bling lighting and painted murals to masterfully designed balloon art and so much more. Not only is it a focal point during the ceremony, it often becomes the backdrop to many of your guests’ selfies and group photos.

Many are opting to use items that are not single-use plastics or other materials that may add to the destruction of the Earth. Couples are using their day to make a difference and reduce their impact ever so slightly, believing if everyone just does their part, it can have a bigger impact. So, for 2023, look for more locally sourced food selections, more sustainable wedding favors, live plantings as décor, and items that can be reused or regifted when the wedding day is done.

Remember, a trend is anything that catches on, and we’re sure that ideas are plentiful!