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Horsepower Travel On The Move The Dutta Corporation Provides Top-Class Equine Airfreight Service

By Connie Sawyer

The Dutta Corporation, founded in 1988 by Tim Dutta, is a global equestrian air transportation firm based in Wellington that serves the many equestrians and equine residents and visitors to the Wellington area.

Since its inception, the Dutta Corp. has maintained a core vision to provide a top-class equine airfreight service worthy of its clients. This vision has allowed the company to rapidly expand to service clients around the world.

With his deep knowledge of both the equine and business worlds, Dutta has created a structure that has the well-being of the horses at its core.

“Every layer of our company is staffed by horsemen and horsewomen, and we understand horses and their needs,” Dutta said. “We also have vast experience in international travel.”

This vision has proven extremely successful, as the Dutta Corp. has grown to become the shipping company of choice for world-class horsemen and top international athletes. Whether the horse is a world champion or a personal champion, they are all equal when traveling “Dutta Style.”

From a young age, Dutta competed successfully in both the show jumping arena and the polo field, where he developed his lifelong love of horses and horse sports. He has proudly represented his home country of India in both disciplines.

Dutta’s love and passion for all things equestrian is reflected in his daily life in Wellington, where he both lives and has chosen to headquarter his business.

Very involved in the daily operations of the Dutta Corp., he can often be found accompanying a horse shipment to ensure that everything is as it should be. He travels extensively to attend competitions and events worldwide, making it a priority to keep up to date with his clients and the various disciplines his company serves.

“We fly 2,500-plus horses in and out of Miami for the Wellington International and Global Dressage Festival shows,” Dutta said, adding that while Miami is the air hub of choice for international travel, national flights operate from Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

The Dutta Corp. team also currently fly weekly, coast-to-coast in the U.S., and from JFK, Miami and Chicago to Amsterdam in the Netherlands or Liege in Belgium, and bimonthly to Mexico and Argentina.

At the heart of Dutta’s success and happiness is his family, the love of equestrian sports and passion for horses that has become a family tradition.

Dutta’s wife, Susie Dutta, is a renowned dressage rider who has represented the United States worldwide and is a Realtor in Wellington. Son Timmy Dutta is a dedicated polo player who can be found playing regularly during polo season with his father on the Dutta Corp. Polo Team.

Once a horse is booked for transportation, the Dutta Corp. team starts the process, beginning with bloodwork, a vaccination records check and preparation of health papers before scheduling flights, consolidating shipments and preparing customs clearance to set up import into the arrival country.

What is the travel process like for the horses? “Like humans, some are very nervous, and some fall asleep before takeoff,” Dutta said. “No horse is alike, and we have to be able to read them and take care of them in flight.”

This is why Dutta insists that all layers of his staff include professional grooms with vast experience to be able to cater to each individual horse’s needs.

For horses used to trailer travel, air travel is not that much different.

“Very rarely do we see a horse fight the process,” Dutta said. “They are herd animals, and if their neighbors relax, they do.”

For more information, or to get in touch with the Dutta Corp. to schedule a flight or inquire about importing and exporting, visit, call the Wellington office at (914) 276-3880 or e-mail