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Dr. Sy Woon Brings Her Passion For Animals To All Paws Animal Clinic

Dr. Sy Woon Brings Her Passion For Animals To All Paws Animal Clinic

Dr. Sy Woon, the newest doctor at All Paws Animal Clinic, brings her life-long passion for working with animals all the way from her original home, down under in Australia — complete with the great accent.

“I am Australian, of Malaysian-Chinese descent,” Woon said. “I graduated with my veterinarian degree from the University of Sydney in 2014, which is accredited in the United States.”

Woon also received certification in this country by passing the state licensing exam and a rigorous board examination. “It is a seven-hour test and that ensures I am knowledgeable in all aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery,” she explained.

Just starting work at the clinic about a month ago, Woon is new to the western communities, having moved to South Florida three years ago.

“I’m loving it [here], although I have been working so much that I have only seen a bit of it,” she said. “I’m looking forward to getting to know the area. It has everything I need in a community.”

Since opening 17 years ago, All Paws Animal Clinic has developed into a well-respected veterinary hospital serving the western communities. With a mission statement dedicated to providing “quality care with compassion for your best friend,” the facility provides the latest in medical diagnostics and surgery with warmth and dedication.

Dr. Patricia Forsythe, medical director at All Paws, has been a veterinarian since 1985 and is a member of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association. “Everyone on Dr. Patty’s team [as Forsythe prefers to be called] has been so welcoming. A bouquet of flowers greeted me on my desk the first day,” Woon said.

All Paws provides an excellent, modern medical and surgical services facility with everything required to deliver the best quality veterinary treatment.

“The practice has a big-family feel, and everyone is so dedicated and loves animals,” Woon said. “The clients and patients are just great.”

Most recently, Woon was the medical director at the nonprofit Justin Bartlett Animal Hospital. She feels that she has found a home with the best fit at All Paws. “It really aligns with my values,” Woon explained.

Woon’s passionate views about the welfare of animals is one reason that she is also the state representative for the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association.

Working with her favorite category of pets, small animals, Woon said, “I am a dog and cat person,” explaining that she has a special interest in dermatology, dentistry and behavior.

“Dental disease is one of the most common issues with pets,” she explained. “They don’t have a self-cleaning mechanism, and dental disease can affect the important organs — the heart, liver and kidneys.”

Dermatology is another important issue in our area. “Florida is the perfect breeding environment for yeast and bacterial infections,” Woon said. “Many of the different plants and trees here can cause allergies that affect the skin. Just because you can’t see anything doesn’t mean it is not there.”

Woon explained that it is usually the odor and the fact that the animal is constantly scratching that alerts pet owners to a dermatological problem. “There are plenty of medications developed in the past five years that can help make your dogs and cats happier,” she said.

Both dental and dermatological issues can be combated with annual visits to the veterinarian. “Prevention is better than treatment,” Woon stressed.

Woon also works to modify behavior in dogs. “Behavior is the biggest reason pets are surrendered,” Woon said. “A ‘bad dog’ is exhibiting learned behavior, and there are many ways to address and train-out the established behavior. Any dog can be a good dog.”

Woon enjoys being the newest member of the All Paws family.

“I really enjoy working with these great animals… I am proud to share the compassion for the patients,” she said with a distinct accent on caring.

 All Paws Animal Clinic is located at 1011 N. State Road 7 in Royal Palm Beach. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information, call (561) 790-9225 or visit


New Radiance Cosmetic Center Helps Clients ‘Turn Back Time’

New Radiance Cosmetic Center Helps Clients ‘Turn Back Time’

New Radiance Cosmetic Center opened its new Wellington facility in March, and it has already surpassed the expectations of owner James Dorsey, as well as those of clients seeking to “turn back time.”

“New Radiance Cosmetic Centers have years of experience assisting clients in accentuating their inner beauty by providing procedures that let clients see themselves younger,” Dorsey said.

The Wellington location is New Radiance’s latest office serving Palm Beach County and beyond.

“We have beautiful, state-of-the-art locations in Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Port St. Lucie and now Wellington,” said Dorsey, who has been involved in the cosmetic industry for the last 12 years. “We are opening a 10,000-square-foot facility in Palm Beach Gardens, a new facility in Fort Lauderdale in the fall and another in Miami Beach the beginning of next year, so we are growing rapidly.”

The center is a full-service cosmetic facility dedicated to bringing the most complete and advanced selection of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures to Palm Beach County.

Wellington is a perfect opportunity for expansion, Dorsey explained. “It’s a great community, and there was not a cosmetic center in Wellington offering the range of services that we offer,” he said. “It has been well received and outperformed our projections.”

Dorsey added that the practice is unique. “We are the only cosmetic center in Palm Beach and Broward counties that has ever earned the CoolSculpting Diamond Level Practice Award, the highest achievement level. It is awarded to only a few practices,” he said. “The top two procedures in the United States are CoolSculpting and SculpSure, and we have both of them at our facilities.”

The medical director of New Radiance Cosmetic Center in Wellington is Dr. Andrew Rosenthal, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon. “He is one of the foremost plastic surgeons in the area, a highly experienced and accredited expert,” Dorsey said.

New Radiance’s talented and experienced staff includes top cosmetic physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, estheticians and more.

“We boast the most advanced technology in the skin rejuvenation and non-invasive body contouring industry,” Dorsey said. “We also sell health and beauty products, from skin care to energy boosters and weight management products that complement our quality cosmetic services.”

All of the staff members are also highly trained in New Radiance procedures. “We have expert injectors for Botox and Dysport, also called dermal or facial fillers with brand names including Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra and others,” Dorsey explained. “We also perform laser procedures such as fractional laser skin resurfacing and laser hair removal, as well as laser skin tightening.”

New Radiance is also known for its liposuction procedures. “We do more minimally invasive ‘walk-in and walk-out’ Smart Liposuction than anybody else in South Florida, with nationally renowned Dr. Neil C. Goodman performing 50 liposuctions per month, more than 5,500 so far in his career. “He is arguably the top liposuction expert in the nation,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey, who has more than a dozen patents in designing and developing surgical instrumentation, has always worked in the medical field. “I worked for United States Surgical Corporation and started a company called American Hydro-Surgical and grew it to just under 200 employees in 10 years,” he said.

Then, in 2005, he developed the first New Radiance Cosmetic Center. Today, the facility is the top provider of Ultherapy non-surgical facelifts in Palm Beach County. “It is perfect for those who are reluctant to undergo a surgical procedure to get a facelift,” Dorsey said.

Ultherapy is currently being offered at the promotional rate of 40 percent off, and right now the center is running a 25 percent off CoolSculpting promotion at the new location.

“CoolSculpting lets you ’freeze your fat.’ It’s non-surgical; you walk in and you walk out,” Dorsey explained. “Basically, you have a machine hooked up to you, so you can get ‘skinny without surgery.’ Today’s technology allows liposuction-like results without any surgery or downtime.”

With a vision to be the area’s premier facility offering state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical treatments at reasonable costs, in a comfortable spa atmosphere, New Radiance provides free consultations to interested clients. “During a one-on-one session with a specialist, you will learn about the options that are right for you,” Dorsey said.

New Radiance Cosmetic Center’s new Wellington facility is located at 2655 S. State Road 7, Suite 830. For more information, visit or call (561) 323-4267.


Frenette Dor Of Dor Life Spa Is Passionate About Health & Wellness

Frenette Dor Of Dor Life Spa Is Passionate About Health & Wellness

Frenette Dor, the owner of Dor Life Spa & Wellness Center, finds great joy in being an intricate part of the wellness of others. As a state-licensed, certified massage therapist, aesthetician and skincare specialist, she has been in the business for 15 years, moving to a new, larger location in May.

“We are now in the original Wellington Mall in a bigger, nicer location where we can offer more services,” Dor said. “My clients choose my spa because my job is not finished until my client is satisfied.”

In fact, client satisfaction is her top goal. “There are many spas in Wellington, but what sets me apart from them is that I make sure that each client feels like they are the only customer I have,” Dor said. “I always strive to make certain that my clients feel like their service was like no other they have ever experienced.”

The staff at Dor Life Spa includes a holistic doctor, registered nurse, nurse practitioner and therapists providing complete services for massage therapy, facials, bio-therapy, nutritional therapy, weight loss and weight maintenance treatments with an emphasis on eating clean and healthy, skin care, contouring, medical-grade chemical peels and more.

Dr. Melissa Peters is a certified holistic nutrition practitioner. A member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and the American Holistic Health Association, Peters focuses on increasing the “gut-brain” function, as well as power, strength and endurance among individuals and athletes.

Recovering from severe health issues of her own lead Peters to return to school in order to better care for herself and her family. Earning a master’s degree in health and nutrition education and a doctorate in holistic sports nutrition, she has also worked as a health coach and conducted research in nutritional protocols for Alzheimer’s prevention.

Peters is an expert on genetic and environmental factors pertaining to optimal nutrition. Like Dor, she is passionate in her efforts to enable clients to achieve wonderful health through the use of proper nutrients, knowledge and guidance. She works with a broad range of clients, including children and adults.

Marthany Jean Baptiste has been a registered nurse since 2012. As a nurse, she has focused on crucial care and emergency room nursing and has also worked as a personal trainer. She has a bachelor’s degree in physical education with a primary focus on exercise science.

Baptiste earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from South University in West Palm Beach. She is a new mother of her daughter, Renee, and is an active board member for a nonprofit organization promoting wellness in the community.

With extensive experience, many certifications and a decade-and-a-half in the spa and wellness business, Dor puts her focus on holistic methods, noting that they can be powerful painkillers without the side effects. “Massage is for more than just relaxation,” she said. “Natural painkillers released can help with chronic pain.”

The spa offers a long list of services.

“We offer a number of services that benefit so many different factors,” Dor said. “This would include doctor-endorsed nutrient body sculpt. Our formulation has been effective in a variety of consumer settings. Many clients see benefits after just one or two sessions and immediately start feeling more toned and relaxed.”

At the spa, Dor and her team use specialty products to optimize the benefits of the services.

“Our propriety solution is vegan,” Dor said. “It is a natural, premium product that tightens and tones, improves body contour, lifts thighs, buttocks and breasts, minimizes fine lines, improves mental clarity, relieves stress and relaxes the body.”

Several of the services are for people suffering from chronic pain.

“Another service is the laser and massage therapy blended approach, which deals with a broad range of soft tissue and repetitive stress injuries,” Dor said. “This method provides significant results for the elderly and patients suffering from conditions previously thought hopeless.”

Many of the services are preventative in nature, helping clients live a healthier life.

“I offer cardio-metabolic testing that helps assess the risk for developing conditions such as heart disease or diabetes,” Dor said. “This micro-nutrient analysis can yield powerful information that can be used to improve individual health status.”

Dor also offers the products used in her therapy to clients. “We are proud and excited about our partnership with the Circadia by Dr. Pugliese brand of products,” she said. “We are using Circadia professionally, in the treatment room, and we also have a comprehensive selection of Circadia retail products available for sale to all of our guests. This affordable luxury brand is known for its results-driven products that are manufactured in the USA.”

Other services offered at Dor Life Spa are enzymatic and traditional facials, “Zero Down Time” chemical peels, the liquid “Oxygen Rx” facial system by Circadia, the Switch Dermal Rejuvenation System by Circadia, nutrient body sculpts, hormone and thyroid testing, EpiFree hair removal and Vivace Fractional Micro Needle RF therapy.

Dor Life Spa will hold a special event on Friday, Aug. 24 from 2 until 6 p.m. Product demonstrations and explanations will be available.

“The event includes an exciting product, Xeomin, that is used by Christy Brinkley — age 63, an actual Xeomin and ultra-therapy patient and advocate,” Dor said. “Xeomin is highly purified, FDA approved and clinically proven to temporarily smooth lines between the brows. We will have drinks and light bites. There will also be package deals available. A $50 deposit reserves a client’s spot.”

Dor is excited about her first few months in the new location. “The business is expanding as more and more people find how exceptional our services really are,” she said.

Dor Life Spa & Wellness Center is located at 12794 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 18A, in the original Wellington Mall. Hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more info., visit or call (561) 557-4177.


Dr. Neil Grossman Joins The Staff At Palms West Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Neil Grossman Joins The Staff At Palms West Veterinary Hospital

One might say that Dr. Neil Grossman was born to be a veterinarian, as he is a member of a family that has devoted much of their lives to serving the pets of the Wellington area.

Grossman, 29, is the newest member of the team at the Palms West Veterinary Hospital. However, he has been hanging around and working at the practice much of his life.

“Some of my great memories are of observing my dad, Dr. Ira Grossman, operating on a pet and saving them,” he recalled. “I’ve never wanted to be anything else except a veterinarian, and I especially enjoy surgery.”

Grossman’s family moved to the area when he was 15 from New York, where his father had a successful veterinary practice. They have had Palms West Veterinary Hospital since 2005.

Grossman received his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida, then took some time off to work at the family business, before returning to veterinary school in the accelerated program at Ross Veterinary College on St. Kitts in the Caribbean, a school that is fully accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education. It offers a high-tech campus with a rigorous curriculum. “It’s a great school and a beautiful island,” he said.

After graduation, Grossman completed his clinical work at UF in 2017. When he’s not at the hospital, he enjoys surfing and working out.

Grossman believes several things set Palms West Veterinary Hospital apart from other veterinary clinics: their state-of-the-art equipment, round-the-clock service and the atmosphere.

“The digital x-ray allows us to make as many views as we want to take until we get what we need, and because it is digital, we’re not having to charge for all the film,” said Grossman, who explained that in conjunction with complete in-house, high-tech blood testing and telemedicine, they can work comprehensively and quickly. “We can see the big picture in about 15 minutes and send the results anywhere we need to.”

These capabilities, combined with laser therapy, ultrasound and even grooming, make for a single-point operation for pet care with emergency services.

In addition to extended office hours, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, the urgent care emergency facility — staffed with a doctor and veterinary nurse — is open 24 hours a day, every day.

“The fact that we are always open really sets us apart,” said Grossman, who explained that with a doctor always there, they are a true, round-the-clock, urgent care facility for pets.

Equally important is the family atmosphere.

“While we have 33 staff members, we are run by a family, like a family, and we treat our clients as family,” Grossman said. “My father and brother and sister-in-law all work here, and on the weekend, you’ll see my mom in the office.”

With Grossman’s brother and sister-in-law on the management team, and a younger sister soon to be following in his footsteps, graduating veterinary school herself this year, the practice really defines the term family owned and operated.

Additionally, the group functions great together. “We work well together as a team,” Grossman said. “We have people on the team who have 30 years of experience, so we can complement one another.”

Grossman offered advice to pet owners. “If there is one thing I’d like everyone to know, it is to get regular checkups, so you can prevent heartworms,” he said.

These nasty parasites affect many mammals, including dogs, cats and even ferrets. They are a chronic and potentially fatal disease in dogs, because dogs are their natural host.

The disease is spread by mosquito bites that transfer the juvenile stage from one animal to another. However, it is completely preventable with preemptive medication.

“Even inside-only pets can get heartworms, because we all know mosquitos can get in the house,” Grossman stressed.

Palms West Veterinary Hospital is located at 556 Folsom Road. For more information, visit or call (561) 798-2780.


Orthodontist Dr. Howard Shullman’s New Book Is Designed To Get People To Smile

Orthodontist Dr. Howard Shullman’s New Book Is Designed To Get People To Smile

Dr. Howard B. Shullman is a highly trained and skilled orthodontist who has been serving the Wellington community for more than 12 years and treats patients of all ages.

Now, he has published an inspirational book called 101 Reasons to Smile.

With an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering and a doctorate of dental medicine, both from the University of Florida, Shullman is a member of the American Association of Orthodontics and the South Florida Academy of Orthodontics.

Following graduation, Shullman practiced general dentistry in Tampa, focusing on the treatment of children, before continuing his orthodontic training at Nova Southeastern University. There, he served as chief resident in the Department of Orthodontics during his final year of residency.

An active member of the Wellington community, he is highly involved in the area, helping out with local schools, recreational leagues and businesses. In addition, Shullman is a member of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce’s Health & Medical Committee, where he and his staff brainstorm with other committee members about local community initiatives.

The practice’s philosophy is to employ both skill and compassion in everything they do. This ensures that each patient receives the most advanced, effective and customized treatment plan.

Shullman’s love of the constantly evolving field of orthodontics drives him to be knowledgeable about all the newest treatment options. As such, his patients receive the most up-to-date and effective care possible. Shullman offers multiple guarantees to alleviate concerns his patients may have throughout their treatment process and the life of their smile. In order to accomplish this, Shullman offers his Lifetime Satisfaction and Lifetime Retainer guarantees.

With the Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee, Shullman is so confident with his treatment methodology that if patients aren’t completely satisfied with their results at any point after orthodontic treatment, all they have to do is let him know, and he will fix it.

Shullman also knows that the key to a happy and healthy smile is properly wearing and maintaining an orthodontic retainer. Many orthodontists charge a fee to replace a retainer, but Shullman knows that sometimes accidents happen. With the Lifetime Retainer Guarantee, if a patient loses or breaks a retainer, Shullman will replace it for free.

His latest endeavor is a book written to inspire others to share a smile. Titled 101 Reasons to Smile, it reminds people to think about the moments in their life where they felt happy or inspired.

“Smiles inspire all of us,” Shullman writes in the introduction. “Smiles evoke confidence. Smiles warm the soul. Smiles have the ability to change our mood and the mood of others. Smiles are contagious. For these reasons and so many more, this book was written to express the joy I have experienced over the years creating beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.”

Each page of the book includes an inspirational reason to smile, such as: “Squishing your toes in the sand as the ocean water surrounds your feet,” “looking into someone’s eyes and seeing their soul” and “seeing the work you do impact people in a positive, lasting way.”

Since the book has been released, Shullman has donated thousands to local schools for their upcoming graduating classes as a special gift. In addition, 101 Reasons to Smile has been given to many community businesses and local Wellington Chamber of Commerce committee members. He has even begun signing copies for his patients.

To receive a complimentary copy of Shullman’s book, or to learn more about his orthodontics practice, call (561) 868-5050 or visit Shullman Orthodontics at 9859 Lake Worth Road, Suite 21. For those not in the area, or if you would like to send a copy of the book to someone special, 101 Reasons to Smile is also available on Amazon for $15, where 100 percent of the proceeds will go toward a scholarship fund for patients who otherwise cannot afford orthodontics treatment.


Learn more about Dr. Howard B. Shullman and Shullman Orthodontics at


New Weight Management Center Opens At Wellington Regional Medical Center

New Weight Management Center Opens At Wellington Regional Medical Center

Wellington Regional Medical Center recently held a grand opening celebration for the Weight Management Center, which provides personalized, physician-directed weight management solutions.

The newly renovated center includes a community classroom, where support groups and informational sessions are held monthly, a fitness center and eight private consultation rooms.

“Our programs are unique in that they are physician-directed and personalized to each person’s goals,” explained Dr. Emily Harrison, medical director of the Weight Management Center. “We start by learning the person’s story to understand the root cause of the weight gain, and then customize a program to help them be successful.”

The customized weight-loss plans include four-week and 12-week programs, as well as programs for people who have had bariatric surgery.

After an initial evaluation, follow-up appointments may include meeting with a registered dietician, a fitness instructor or a health psychologist.

“Depending on the program chosen, we focus on things like stress management, relapse prevention and exercise readiness, and offer services such as nutritional counseling, personalized fitness plans and cooking classes,” Harrison said.

As medical director, Harrison focuses on educating patients and helping them set personal goals to improve their overall health. Her passion for preventive medicine and focus on lifestyle modifications provide an approach that addresses medical, nutritional, physical and behavioral components.

To complement the individualized programs, a health coach may recommend additional services, such as metabolic testing to determine the calories or energy the body uses each day without activity, meal replacement therapy or pharmacotherapy. “Our team approach is designed to help people change their weight and improve their lives,” said Amy Noe, program coordinator of the Weight Management Center. “Together, we provide our patients with the most comprehensive weight management experience possible.”

The Weight Management Center also hosts support groups and informational meetings for those interested in learning more about weight management options. The team discusses weight-loss topics and provides information on programs offered and insurances accepted.

To set up a free, introductory visit to discuss weight-loss needs, contact a health coach at (561) 798-8587, or visit www.wellington


Dr. Pedro Sanchez Of MDVIP Offers A Concierge Approach To Healthcare

Dr. Pedro Sanchez Of MDVIP Offers A Concierge Approach To Healthcare

The trend toward concierge medicine is a blend of the old school family doctor and of the new school technological and preventative approach to medicine. Wellington’s Dr. Pedro Sanchez has embraced the trend, which he feels provides better healthcare for his patients.

Sanchez spent more than 25 years in a traditional medical practice, seeing approximately 30 patients per day, before joining MDVIP in March 2017.

“I was spending approximately 5 minutes with each patient, which wasn’t enough,” Sanchez explained. “Now, I can give individual attention, which is a massive improvement and a much higher level of care.”

Apart from the individualized attention, he believes there is also a cost savings benefit to MDVIP’s approach.

“I can call specialists while the patient is in the room and consult with them — and the patient — on the best way to treat the illness,” Sanchez said. “By doing this, I recently saved a patient an emergency room visit.”

Sanchez also feels that he can now better help patients who have chronic conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more.

“I have time to counsel and explain their condition to the patient, and insist on coordination amongst all of the specialists,” he said.

MDVIP was founded in 2000 in Boca Raton and now has a nationwide network of more than 950 affiliated physicians serving more than 280,000 patients.

“It’s also excellent for snow birds and travelers,” Sanchez said. “All of my patients have my cell phone number, and either I can coordinate what they need or I can get them in to see one of my colleagues.”

The foundation of the approach is the MDVIP Wellness Program, which encompasses advanced screenings and physician counseling that focuses on important health and wellness areas, and includes an annual comprehensive, prevention and wellness assessment that lasts up to two hours.

The annual membership of $1,850 breaks down to about $150 a month, or $5 a day, and can be paid quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

An added courtesy is the Family Plan, which allows the adult patients’ children, between the ages 16 and 26, to be seen without an additional annual membership fee.

MDVIP accepts all commercial insurance and Medicare, and the concierge approach offers another cost savings to the patient. “I have time to get prior authorizations,” Sanchez said. “I have more time, which means my ability to fight for the patient against the insurance company has increased.”

The annual well assessment also means that the patient is rigorously screened for diseases that are either present in their genetic tree or appropriate to their gender, age, race or ethnicity.

This is another way where the patients’ long-term health is focused upon, while simultaneously keeping costs down through early detection and treatment.

“Everybody in medicine is moving in that direction,” Sanchez said. “Accountable care organizations and commercial insurance companies do everything based on costs.”

Sanchez added that MDVIP has access to the master database of the Centers for Medical Excellence, which allows him to research the very best specialists to treat each specific condition and get an appointment for the patient.

He has privileges at both Palms West Hospital and Wellington Regional Medical Center and is connected to most specialists in the area. “Even if my patient is being treated by a specialist in the hospital, I will still stop by and visit during my social rounds,” Sanchez explained.

At any given time, he has a total of about 300 patients, and because he only sees about ten per day, he has time to deal with their urgent needs.

“If you need me now, you’ve got me now,” he said.

Sanchez feels he is practicing the kind of medicine he always wanted to.

“This is a dynamite package of high-level, quality, individualized attention at a reasonable level of cost,” he emphasized. “We’re finally doing the right thing for people.”

Dr. Pedro Sanchez Family Medicine, affiliated with MDVIP, is located at 1035 S. State Road 7, Suite 120, in Wellington. For more information, call (561) 432-4971 or visit


Dr. Matt Symons Takes A Holistic, Preventative Approach To Healthcare

Dr. Matt Symons Takes A Holistic, Preventative Approach To Healthcare

Chiropractor Dr. Matt Symons offers patients a different option for those who want the holistic and preventative approach to healthcare his practice offers.

“Rather than typical treatment models, I want to get to the cause of the problem,” Symons explained. “In their lifetime, five out of six people are diagnosed with either diabetes, heart disease or cancer, and these diseases are preventable. I want to take care of the situation before it becomes a major issue.”

He does this by following his model called the “5 Essentials Delivery System,” which focuses on patients having a maximized mind, nerve supply, quality nutrition, oxygen and lean muscle, as well as minimized toxins in their bodies.

Symons also uses equipment, developed by NASA, which allows him to see if a patient’s spine is in proper alignment. Motion study x-rays look at the functionality of the spine. This gives Symons data he can use for a personally customized adjustment that will move and loosen the joints systematically and scientifically.

“90 percent of the stimulus in the cerebellum comes from movement of the spine,” Symons explained.

He promotes nutritional testing and a specific diet for new patients. Also, since chronic inflammation can lead to pain, an inflammatory reaction test is also recommended for new patients, Symons said.

He feels an individual’s health goals are highly important, and he promotes fitness and energy ergonomics in order to allow the body to heal itself.

Symons has been a chiropractor for nearly 20 years, and has been at his practice —Palm Beach Health Center — for nearly 16 years.

The practice has two chiropractors, two massage therapists, two physical therapists and two nutritional consultants, and is adding a licensed therapist who will offer meditation, life coaching and counseling aimed at reducing stress.

Born and raised in the New York City metropolitan area, Symons moved to South Florida after his education and internships were completed because his wife is from here.

He chose to become a chiropractor after he suffered a traumatic wrestling injury when he was 16 years old, followed by six months of constant headaches.

“Traditional medicine prescribed me to take acetaminophen with codeine, but that ate a hole in my stomach,” Symons said.

The father of a friend suggested going to a chiropractor, and Symons was able to find relief from the headaches.

His sister and mother both suffered from scoliosis, so Symons has a deep understanding of how important a properly aligned spine and proper posture are to an individual’s well-being.

Due to his own background in athletics, Symons works with athletes often.

From 2010 to 2014, he was one of the team doctors for USA Judo, Wrestling and Weightlifting. His duties took him to the 2011 Pan American Games in Mexico and the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. The Palm Beach Health Center is the official wellness center for the Wellington Soccer Club.

Symons said most chiropractors base their treatment on how the patient feels, but he stressed that he is a spinal corrective chiropractor who uses x-rays to show exactly what the adjustment did for the individual patient.

“I have individual physicians who believe in what we do here, but these are selective consultations,” Symons said.

Reducing unnecessary thoughts, traumas and toxins are vital to a healthy lifestyle plan, he stressed.

Symons also pointed out that a preventative approach also benefits the patient’s financial well-being because catastrophic hospitalizations are avoided.

“50 percent of bankruptcies are due to medical bills, and 70 percent of those people had medical insurance,” Symons noted.

He especially wants to teach young people how to avoid disease. “I want to educate my patients so that they will take care of themselves properly,” Symons said. “The best doctor is inside of them.”

The Palm Beach Health Center is located at 1011 N. State Road 7, Suite D, in Royal Palm Beach. For more info., call (561) 333-8353 or visit


Yoga Expert Richard Cosola Offers A Holistic Path To Better Health

Yoga Expert Richard Cosola Offers A Holistic Path To Better Health

Richard Cosola has been a resident of Wellington for 20 years, and in that time, he has made a name for himself in the world of yoga, both here in the western communities and across South Florida.

Cosola first become involved in yoga for emotional, rather than physical, wellness. It has been 11 years since his son, Michael, passed away suddenly at the age of 22. His wife and daughter were both devastated, and Cosola struggled to deal with his own grief.

“My system was shocked, and I experienced major anxiety, which we now call PTSD,” Cosola said.

Facing a regimen of prescription drugs, he sought out an alternative. Cosola feels he was emotionally healed by his practice of yoga.

“I started the bereavement group at St. Rita Catholic Church, and I learned how many people out there are very sad,” he explained. “They’re carrying around a lot of burdens and excess baggage.”

Cosola wanted to share his experiences and practices with people, and see if what helped him could help them. So, he started Yogachi USA.

“I tell my clients, ‘I want you to be flexible until you’re 95.’ I want people to get out of their chair, go do something and be flexible,” he said.

What Cosola offers is more than just yoga instruction. He also focuses his attention on nutrition. The vegetables and herbs from his home-grown garden are a significant portion of the Mediterranean diet he practices himself, and encourages others to emulate. “It’s the best for lifelong wellness,” he said.

Cosola feels that yoga and a healthy diet are the major reasons why his wife of nearly 40 years is thriving, even though Randi suffers from multiple sclerosis. They enjoy spending time with their daughter Debra, son-in-law Jason and granddaughter Evie.

The Cosolas have lived in Wellington’s Coventry Green neighborhood for 20 years in a newly remodeled and redecorated 2,300-square-foot townhome. “My wife is a fantastic decorator,” Cosola said.

Upon reflection, Cosola said he is busy with teaching yoga six days a week.

“Sundays are for cooking, eating and spending time with your family and friends,” he explained.

He is an instructor at LA Fitness three days a week, he is at the Wellington’s Edge clubhouse two days a week and typically sees private clients one day a week. “My favorite place to teach is Wellington’s Edge,” he said.

The LA Fitness classes have about 40 students, but he prefers smaller groups or one-on-one sessions. “In those large classes, it’s impossible for teachers to focus on the individual,” he said.

Cosola likes to get to know his clients and understand what their life is all about, so he can offer them the best instruction possible.

He helps people with all kinds of disabilities and illnesses, including neurological diseases, people with chronic pain, patients suffering from fibromyalgia, and those with back injuries and sciatica.

Cosola can also work with someone who is wheelchair bound, and he has done some teaching in a pool. Aqua yoga will be an aspect of the practice that he expects will soon become popular.

He also does work with athletes, and in Wellington that means equestrians looking to become more flexible. Cosola was once a professional baseball player and did some boxing in his younger days, so he understands what athletes are looking for. “Athletes want three things: power, speed and flexibility. When they have all three, they become a very effective person,” he explained, noting that flexibility is the most important thing to have and that he is in better shape now than he was in his 20s.

He also has clients from the corporate world who are looking for a place to de-stress. Apart from the physical benefits, Cosola helps clients improve their mental ability to focus, which benefits them in their career.

“I have them get in the ‘quiet’ position at the end of a session, have them focus on all of the good things in their life and encourage them to let go of fear and anxiety,” Cosola said.

What is most important for him is to have mutual communication with a client, and especially to connect with their sense of humor.

For more information, call (561) 282-7450, e-mail or visit


Roger Roque Helps People Stay In Shape… One Paddle Stroke At A Time

Roger Roque Helps People Stay In Shape… One Paddle Stroke At A Time

Okeeheelee Park is an oasis in central Palm Beach County, offering nearly every recreational activity one could want. The park has lakes, along with plenty of trails for biking, running and walking. It’s a perfect setting for those who seek to exercise in the tranquility of fresh air.

Among the many options for exercising in Okeeheelee Park is to paddle a kayak, canoe or the more adventurous stand-up paddleboard on the freshwater lakes.

If you don’t own any of those watercraft, don’t fret, because Kayak-King WaterSports has you covered.

Eleven years ago, Roger Roque was working in the medical field when one day a client he befriended casually asked him if he was interested in buying a business. He was intrigued at the invitation and checked out the modest kayak rental business.

“I saw tremendous potential, and after arranging for financing, I bought the business,” Roque recalled.

As the United States fights an obesity epidemic, many people are trying to live a healthier lifestyle through proper diet and a regular exercise regimen. South Florida has plenty of water, so paddling one’s way to better health is quite popular.

“About 90 percent of the rentals are for an hour to an hour and a half, which is just enough time for the over-stimulated person to disconnect from their hectic lives in the peace and silence of nature,” Roque said.

The kayak and canoe offer an excellent workout for the abdominal core and arms, while the paddleboard is a complete full-body training session.

Roque said that in about five minutes, his staff can train the novice so they spend more time paddling through the water than falling into it.

In more than a decade of renting out equipment, he said he has not had one major injury. Roque believes this is because his staff ensures that the safety equipment — such as life jackets — is personally sized to the individual, ensuring a proper fit.

Anyone who is just starting to get themselves into shape shouldn’t be concerned with not being able to enjoy a kayak, canoe or paddleboard. “No one is too big to rent our equipment,” Roque said.

He suggests wearing a swimming suit and water shoes when going out on the water.

Other groups of his clientele are anglers, who typically rent a kayak or canoe for three to five hours, or people who have rented one of the park’s pavilions for a party and want their guests to be able to get out on the water.

South Florida is also known for pop-up thunderstorms, but Roque said Okeeheelee Park has lightning detectors and sirens that warn people if a storm is in the area. The warning system allows those out on the open water enough time to get back to the dock without getting caught in a lightning storm.

An added safety dimension of paddling at Okeeheelee Park is that the lakes there are not connected to the canal system, so the possibility of alligators, snakes and other dangerous animals is fairly minimal, Roque said.

Bicycles are also available to rent, and the paths in the park give the right of way to bikes rather than to those on foot, he said.

Running a small business can be a challenge at times, and Roque counts on the community for support. “If the community wants to continue to have these kinds of services available, then they need to support small business,” he said.

Kayak-King WaterSports is open Saturday, Sunday and major holidays (except Christmas Day) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (last rental is at 4 p.m.). During the summer, the business runs Thursday through Monday.

Kayak-King WaterSports is located in Okeeheelee Park at 7715 Forest Hill Blvd. For more information, call (561) 304-1344 or (561) 632-7969, or visit