Martha Jolicoeur Of Douglas Elliman Lives And Breathes Wellington Real Estate Competitive Sport

Martha Jolicoeur Of Douglas Elliman Lives And Breathes Wellington Real Estate

Competitive Sport

A career based around horses is often a lifelong endeavor. For Wellington real estate agent Martha Jolicoeur, her time in the saddle led her to her true calling. An accomplished rider training under the tutelage of Olympians, Jolicoeur made a big change that led her to call Wellington home — and to help others do the same.

Jolicoeur grew up in Westport, Connecticut, located in the heart of northeastern horse country. For her, riding felt like a natural step, and it was one that rewarded her from the moment she climbed onto the back of a horse as a child.

Unlike most Olympic sports, men and woman compete as equals in equestrian events, and the sport also involves another living, breathing being. Jolicoeur experienced the many highs while competing, but horses also helped her discover another passion. While living and competing in the Middleburg, Virginia, area, it was from the back of a horse that Jolicoeur was inspired to take her professional career in another direction.

“I was riding my horse along a hill and thought to myself that I needed to find a different path to secure a future for my family,’” said Jolicoeur, whose daughter, Isabel, is an associate attorney at Atkinson P.A. in Miami. “I got off the horse and decided to focus on real estate full time. So, I moved to Florida.”

South Florida became Jolicoeur’s permanent home in 2005, and she has watched equestrians flock to Wellington from all corners of the world ever since. According to her, it’s a place like no other that brings people together over a special bond with horses.

“Wellington has become a place where everyone speaks the same language. That language is horses,” she said. “Horses brought us all together, and it gives this place a real sense of community.”

Real estate is now Jolicoeur’s “competitive sport” and she has — once again — found her way to the top. In 2018, she was ranked the No. 1 Florida agent as a member of the elite Douglas Elliman Real Estate Sports & Entertainment Division.

Jolicoeur has witnessed the evolution of Wellington real estate. Through the boom in condo living in the early 2000s and a transition in popularity to farm and home sales as the equestrian community put down roots, Jolicoeur caters to the needs of both the equestrian set and people looking for their own slice of Florida paradise.

“When I started in Wellington, there was a boom in the market,” Jolicoeur said. “You listed something, and it sold right away. I still feel that we have a very healthy market, but we are dealing with a larger base of people coming to Wellington and looking to own property. Another thing that is positively affecting the market now is the tax advantages of being a Florida resident. It’s a perk that many people can’t pass up.”

Since 2005, Wellington has experienced a growth spurt that is impressive to visitors and the real estate market as a whole.

“Growth has been the biggest facilitator for a healthy real estate climate in Wellington,” Jolicoeur said. “The equestrian activities have expanded, and the array of people wishing to live here has skyrocketed.”

However, it takes the expertise offered by someone with experience in the market to find the perfect home. 

“In this market, buyers have to do their research, take their time and watch the trends,” Jolicoeur said. “On the flip side, if sellers do their homework and price appropriately, their properties will sell.”

Today, Jolicoeur feels that there is a healthy mix of equestrian farms, private estates, condos and year-round residences balancing the market. “There is something for everyone,” she said. “People — related to the horse business or not — have realized that this is a place anyone would want to call home.”

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