Traditions & Trends

Traditions & Trends

Are plans in motion for your big day? You are in luck! Although classic, ageless touches will never go out of style, today’s trends are definitely something to consider when planning the wedding of your dreams.

There is so much to look forward to in 2019, from dramatic, over-the-top customized dance floors to personalized embroidered linens. Unique textures will also be a big element this upcoming season. Think outside the box and let your imagination run wild. It’s your day, and everything around you should reflect that.

Instead of the same old thing, consider unique florals like dogwood for that soft bouquet feel. Use natural potted plants in place of traditional colored flowers, or perhaps long fern for your centerpieces.

Muted, but colorful candles and décor will be popular this year, along with splashes of sparkle here and there. Personalized items always make guests feel special, and they are usually very budget friendly.

The venue you choose will dictate many of your event fashion choices. Outdoor rustic has become a very popular choice. Destination weddings create lifetime memories for both you and your guests. Whether you are home or abroad, try to incorporate local customs from both sides of the family. This is sure to be a big hit with grandma, who sees her granddaughter in that beautiful white lace veil from Italy.

Many couples are opting for small, more intimate bridal parties. Even when the night is done, bride and groom keep the party train going with an after party. This is where you can really let your hair down.

We hope you choose a great blend of traditions and trends that help you capture every essence of the wedding you’ve been dreaming of!

Dogwood Bouquets  Bridal bouquet styles have been everything from a one-stem rose, to the rich and colorful norm. In 2019, we’ll see many different varieties. This year, we choose to showcase dogwood blooms, which trends show will make a huge appearance this season.

Local Culture Whether at home or abroad, one way to make a wedding feel entirely new is to embrace the culture of your heritages. Try a unique henna experience, have a Mariachi band or create a Buddha-inspired wedding ceremony. Embracing your culture is sure to create unity for family and friends.

Intimate Bridal Parties Trends are showing that a long line of bridesmaids and groomsmen will not be as popular in 2019. Many couples are leaning toward a more intimate, smaller group that includes a best man, maid of honor and a select family member or close friend.

Creative Place Cards Plain white place cards are being replaced by beautiful and personalized themed ones, which will be popping up at weddings across the nation this upcoming season. From personalized keepsakes that guests can treasure forever, to personalized gourmet cupcakes, plain paper will not be seen for miles at weddings in 2019.


Rustic Outdoors Although rustic, outdoor weddings have been popular in recent years, 2019 will see even more of them, as this trend grows with couples across the spectrum from first-time brides to renewing of vows and older couples alike. There is just something about bringing the wedding outdoors with that farm-style, rustic backyard feel that seems so special. We are seeing trends of glammed-up rustic as well. Stay tuned, y’all!

Living Bars The buzz is “living bars” will be the hot item planners will be recommending as a unique focal point of the wedding. Fresh, straight-from-the-garden, cut foliage will adorn many of the high-end, fancy finished bars using industrial metals and the natural foliage to create that unique touch to each venue’s living bar.

Textured Linens Many brides and their wedding planners are getting inspiration from the 2019 fashion runway for their linen selections. You will see that runners, napkins and table cloths will have a more finished, laser-cut style of linen in a variety of white and neutral tones this season.

Entertainment For years, the only two options when considering wedding entertainment was either a live band or a DJ. Well, not anymore! Couples are finding some of the most unique ways to set their party apart, such as a Mariachi band, a singing wait staff, dueling piano players and much more.

Exquisite Dance Floors The days of wood-plank dance floors are a thing of the past. Standard dance floors are quickly being replaced by granite, marble and for outdoor rustic weddings, metals and steel. Most couples never gave the dance floor a second thought. Song selection was usually the big item to concentrate on, but now dance floors are one of the first items of interest when visiting a venue. After all, it is a focal point of the room.

The After Party Not to downplay the reception, but once you move through all of the scheduled, organized events of the wedding day, wouldn’t it be great to let your hair down, throw on your favorite outfit and head out on the town? Yes, the after party is becoming a larger part of the planning process, and couples are ecstatic to get to hang with some of their favorite people, even after the reception is over.

Natural Touch Aisle Décor Candles or bows tied to chairs that line the aisle — pretty for way too long. Many planners are recommending turning your aisles into garden beds in 2019. This will be a big trend. Wrapping the pots in silk fabrics that coordinate with your wedding colors puts that special touch on this unique trend.