Gwen Gottlieb Helps Clients Boost Their Brand’s Influence

Gwen Gottlieb Helps Clients Boost Their Brand’s Influence

Gwen Gottlieb has found a way to have it all in life by exploring her passion for creativity while helping others build their brands.

Several years ago, Gottlieb was looking for something to complement her day job as the marketing director at Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute. This led to her new business, known as Gwen Lives Well.

“I was looking for something I could do in my spare time — something that would let me express my creative nature,” Gottlieb explained.

So, she melded her interests in the current cultural, food and social media trends to find success as a lifestyle influencer. She uses a vast network of online connections to put her clients’ message directly in the path of potential consumers.

“I love the Instagram community of people I’ve ‘met.’ I’ve gotten to ‘know’ folks from all walks of life, and believe it or not, have had several real friendships develop as a result,” Gottlieb said.

This one-woman army is equipped with a valuable skill set in a global economy driven by social media outlets. She has a strong client list ranging from hotels and restaurants to other businesses, and Gottlieb thrives on opportunities to collaborate.

“Social media is an amazing way to reach additional potential customers. Add that element to your traditional advertising methods, and you’ve got a more well-rounded campaign,” Gottlieb said. “What sets me apart from other influencers is that I’ll always go the extra mile for my clients. I treat their brand with respect and consideration. I do my best to present and help meet the client’s goals, whether it’s brand awareness, more sales or growth on social media.”

Another reason that her clients find Gottlieb a perfect fit for their campaign strategy is her ability to stand apart in a field teeming with young internet influencers. She has a depth they often lack, and the capacity to connect with both younger and older crowds. In addition, Gottlieb enhances her work with a multi-strategy approach.

“Potential clients can contact me for information on branding campaigns, or anything else related to marketing, public relations and business development, including web site copy, brochures, press releases, blog posts and any other creative copy needs,” she said.

Since Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute has four locations, one of which is in Wellington, this gives Gottlieb frequent opportunities to spend time in an area she has come to enjoy.

“I just love being in Wellington any chance I get — terrific restaurants, people and the community as a whole,” she said. “I also enjoy working with the Wellington Chamber of Commerce. It’s one of the most dynamic and active chambers I’ve ever been involved with.”

Her reputation as a seasoned foodie and Florida lifestyle influencer have also given Gottlieb some fun and unique experiences.

“I was thrilled to be a judge at this past year’s Flavors of Wellington event,” she recalled. “I had a blast meeting other judges and sitting next to Mayor Anne Gerwig, a fellow judge.”

With experience in a variety of subjects, working on everything from Canada Dry to Wells Fargo projects, Gottlieb is always excited to see what potential clients want to pursue. She has also worked with businesses outside of Florida, including the Hermitage in Nashville, Tenn., and the Peabody in Memphis, Tenn.

“Currently, my particular strengths lie with Instagram, and I’m also trying to spend more time working on my blog, Gwen Lives Well. I would also like to work more on my Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts,” Gottlieb said. “My business is a work in progress. I’m always evolving — looking for ways to grow my own brand while doing my best to deliver what my clients expect.”

Gottlieb is also on the lookout for travel information, great vacation spots and new product lines that she can share with her network of followers.

“I like to tell my clients, ‘Let’s grow together,’” Gottlieb said. “I’m available to brands, restaurants and really any business that wants assistance in getting the word out about what they do.”

She approaches every client and project with personal attention, tailoring individual quotes for any potential venture. “I am an award-winning newspaper creator and publisher, award-winning television documentary writer and an experienced corporate communications specialist,” Gottlieb said. “My social media persona is authentic.”

Outside of travel and managing her own Instagram account, @GwenLivesWell, she loves to cook for her family, do Pilates and yoga. Between herself and her husband Gary Gottlieb, a principal partner with the commercial real estate firm Avison Young, they have four children, two in New York and two in South Florida.

Contact Gwen Gottlieb through direct message on her Instagram account @GwenLivesWell, e-mail or visit her blog at