Tasty Treats and More At Glazed & Confused Eatery

Tasty Treats and More At Glazed & Confused Eatery

Glazed & Confused Eatery owner Sean Upson has been serving breakfast, lunch, coffee and donuts to the families of Wellington since January 2017. Glazed & Confused is not your average donut shop, which is made evident by the restaurant’s inviting staff, fun décor, and full breakfast and lunch menus.

Upson, who has been in the restaurant business since his early 20s, opened Glazed & Confused to offer Wellington residents a fresh, new spot to grab high-quality food, coffee and donuts.

“We aren’t just a donut shop,” Upson said. “In reality, we are a full restaurant that also happens to make good donuts.”

Glazed & Confused not only has a full menu, but it also has some of the best breakfast and lunch specials available. Throughout the summer, customers can purchase a full breakfast of two eggs, home fries, a bagel and coffee for $3.99 every Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 10 a.m. For lunch, patrons can choose from a burger, a chicken sandwich, a tuna salad sandwich or an egg salad sandwich for $6.99. “It is the best deal in town,” Upson said.

Along with the breakfast special, Upson highlighted some of the dishes that have turned Glazed & Confused into a favorite for Wellington locals.

The two versions of a traditional avocado toast are big favorites. The original avocado toast is served on multigrain bread with thinly sliced tomato and two over-medium eggs. Glazed & Confused adds a twist to the traditional dish by also offering its nova avocado toast, which is served just as the original, but topped with fresh nova salmon.

The “Jono” — named after one of Upson’s menu and business collaborators — is another frequently requested dish. It features challah French toast made with bananas, strawberries, blueberries, granola and topped with a strawberry drizzle.

Upson is currently working on expanding the featured portion of the menu to include a wider variety of French toast options.

The menu also includes several dishes, such as the Irish Benedict, that are accompanied by corned beef hash, which is freshly made in house.

“We make all of our corned beef hash,” Upson said. “We don’t use any processed ingredients, so that we can make a very high-quality dish.”

For lunch, customers can order from a variety of available sandwiches, such as a classic grilled cheese, a tuna melt or a smoked brisket sandwich, or from a list of popular wraps, like the sundried chicken salad wrap or the California turkey wrap.

Of course, Upson’s menu would be incomplete without the vast variety of homemade donuts.

Upson has developed more than 60 donut flavors and offers about 15 of them daily. The donut part of his menu, Upson explained, offers more options for a young and family-based clientele.

“The cool and neat thing about this restaurant is that families have the option to come here and give their kids a treat, like a donut, while they can relax and enjoy good food for themselves,” Upson said.

Though donut flavors change seasonally, some crowd favorites are the maple bacon donut, the PB&J donut and a classic sprinkle donut.

Aside from the appealing breakfast and lunch items, Upson credits the overall ambiance of his restaurant to be the thing that keeps people coming back.

“I think people appreciate the fact that we are a family business and that they can really adopt all of us as part of their own family,” he said.

Upson currently runs the restaurant with a small staff, which includes his three children.

“This truly is a local and family-run operation. My 10-year-old, Ryan, can make donuts from scratch now, and my two older ones, Evan and Kayla, help out serving tables,” he said. “We also hire a lot of high school students, which is really cool because it allows us to give a lot of them their first job opportunity.”

Upson believes that the most individual aspect of his restaurant is that he, because of his high customer retention and return rate, can greet many of his guests by name.

“I probably know about half of our customers by name, which is such a special and neat part of all of this,” Upson said.

The restaurant is open from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends. Dine-in or take-out services are available daily, and private party inquiries are also accepted.

Glazed & Confused Eatery is located at 2803 State Road 7, Suite 300, in the plaza with Trader Joe’s. For more info., visit www.glazedandconfusedeatery.com or call (561) 847-4346.