Dr. Andi Grossman Joins The Family Firm At Palms West Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Andi Grossman Joins The Family Firm At Palms West Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Andi Grossman was born into a veterinarian family, growing up as part of Palms West Veterinary Hospital, run since 2005 by her father Dr. Ira Grossman, who relocated from his successful practice in New York. They are a family who has devoted much of their lives to the pets of the Wellington area.

Grossman graduated from veterinary school in January and joined the family firm as the newest staff member at the veterinary hospital. But she has been following in her father’s footsteps and working around the practice her whole life.

“I love Wellington. I love the horses. I love animals. I love when the horse people come to town. They always have dogs and cats that need to be treated, and everyone in the horse community knows everyone else in the horse world, and they are great people,” Grossman said. “I used to ride horses a lot in Wellington. I haven’t in years, but I’m hoping to get back into it.”

Meanwhile, Grossman has been bonding with a newborn puppy. “It’s a Shar-Pei mix who is my new best friend,” she said.

Busy excelling in school for much of the past few years, Grossman graduated from veterinary school in the accelerated program at Ross Veterinary College on St. Kitts, a fully accredited curriculum by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education. It offers a high-tech campus in a Caribbean island setting and is the same school attended by her brother Neil, who joined the practice just over a year ago upon his graduation and completion of his clinicals. “It’s a beautiful place to go to school,” she said.

Grossman believes that two major factors set Palms West Veterinary Hospital apart. The first is that it is a family firm with father, sometimes mother, brothers, sister and sister-in-law all working there with a total staff of more than 30.

“We are run by a family with a family attitude, we are run like a family, treating patients and their pets like family, and we understand that a client’s pets are their family,” she said. “Our cats and dogs are our babies and our children. We want to take as much care of them as we possibly can.”

Grossman continued that the other major factor is that the hospital is never closed. “We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we are always there to help clients out and their pets with really anything they need,” she said. “We always have a doctor there all day and all night, so if they have any concerns or questions, they can always call us, and we will help them out with anything.”

The practice takes appointments but understands that you can’t schedule when your pet is going to be sick, so it also takes walk-ins. “When someone comes to the door, it could be a vaccine or a major emergency. We cover everything,” Grossman said. “Because we take walk-ins, you don’t have to have an appointment to come in. If you see that something’s wrong with your pet, you don’t have to wait for an appointment. You can come right away.”

The practice also offers a link on its web site to VetSource for medication, products and food, all available online, so patients can order any moment of any day and have the items shipped to their door. “The practice can help you choose and will arrange for any prescriptions,” Grossman said. “It couldn’t be more convenient than with our family team helping out.”

This family attitude and round-the-clock service combines with the in-house, state-of-the-art equipment, such as the digital x-ray, which allows for as many views as needed, and a complete chemistry facility that permits the team to work quickly, seeing comprehensive results in minutes. Grooming and other services make for a single-point operation for pet care and emergency service.

Extended office hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week. The critical care emergency department, staffed with a doctor and technician, is always open.

The Palms West Veterinary Hospital is located at 556 Folsom Road. For more information, visit www.palmswestveterinary.com or call (561) 798-2780.