Traditions & Trends

Traditions & Trends

Although the institution of marriage is a tradition all in itself, the tradition of how things are done has exploded with creativity over the last few decades. After generations of the same ole, same ole “here comes the bride” many couples opt for their first love song, or a moment in time captured lyrically. Either way you put it together, each couple must make this their very own special day.

In recent years, weddings have become a production. Thanks to the explosion of social media outlets like Pinterest, Etsy and other favorites, people are all out on the big day. The resourcefulness is boundless, and no idea can be shut down.

But there is a thoughtfulness behind it. Even in the most imaginative of weddings, you will find a hint every now and then of something that symbolizes the bride and groom’s connection to family and the past, affording the reality that a touch of tradition remains a wedding mainstay.

This year’s “Traditions & Trends” offers fresh ideas from new wedding cake designs and flavors to how to keep your guests safe — and everything in between. These ideas are meant to help couples searching for a way to spin traditions into moments that they will cherish for a lifetime, and possibly start a new trend that others will come to appreciate.

It is your day! Make it as simple or extravagant as your heart desires. Be brave, be bold and set the tone for what your relationship will look like, not only on your wedding day but through the course of building your life together.

Unique Wedding Cakes
Although the traditional wedding cake will never go out of style, many couples are sweetening the batter with very unique wedding cakes. This includes everything from favorite sports themes to bird seed sprinkles for exotic bird lovers. Perhaps you aren’t a fan of the same old cake, or just obsessed with a specific dessert, your wedding dessert is the perfect opportunity to showcase your taste with your family and friends.

Whimsical Seating Chart 
The days of paper guest cards are long gone — and the imagination of brides (and their wedding planners) has grown tenfold. Typically, the very first thing your guests do when they arrive is to figure out where they are sitting. Your seating chart will set the stage for what is to come. Don’t be afraid of something a bit different. Incorporate your colors and elements with a bit of the whimsical.

Ceremony Arch Art
The importance of having the perfect wedding arch is paramount, as it frames the most magical moment in your life, where you take your vows, say your “I dos” and become husband and wife. But the old-fashioned trellis has been replaced by exquisite masterpieces. Whether indoor or outdoor venues, a custom arbor is a great way to blend your ceremony with the other parts of your wedding décor.

Snap & Share
While nothing will replace your professional photographer, some of the most magical and candid shots are often caught by your guests. Get everyone on board early! Include your hashtag on the invitation, wedding web site, and, of course, a beautifully displayed sign reminding your guests to share their moments as they capture them. Tell them to snap it, share it and tag it!

Tented Garden
Even if your reception is indoors, adding a tented garden option is becoming popular. Whether serving as a cocktail area or a place of refuge for guests to steal a private moment, it will become an integral part of your wedding. Garden tents come in many shapes and sizes, in materials from sailcloth to clearspan glass, and can be filled with lush landscaping or sparse foliage. The garden tent plays a major role in 2022 weddings.

Digital Invitations
Digital invitations are making more sense than ever. They’re not just beautiful but smart. These invitations are taking fashion-forward brides by storm. The invitations can be interactive, great for tracking and, most importantly, easily updated if the situation arises. From engagement announcements and save-the-dates to invitations and thank-you notes, paperless seems to be moving into the wedding space at the speed of light!

Skip The Line
Many couples are opting for signature drinks as a way to add personal style and color to the cocktail hour or reception. It offers a lot of practical benefits, too — no long lines at the bar! Signature drinks instead of mixed drinks can be prepared ahead of time and can be a much more cost-effective option. They are faster and easier for the bartender to pour and a great complement to the beer and wine!

Lots Of Lights
Brides are thinking outside the “lightbox” and coming up with different looks to integrate lighting in a more personal way. Therefore, it’s no surprise that topping the trends list this year is mood lighting. During the day, they are points of light, and at sunset, they reimagine the space. Either way, lights can set the tone and mood — from exposed industrial bulbs to geometric-shaped lamps and vintage chandeliers.

Custom Face Masks
To wear a mask or not to wear a mask? Is this a question for your guests? More and more weddings today are being scheduled and even rescheduled, and everyone is taking safety precautions. Trendy face masks are being ordered in record numbers, some with matching colors to the wedding décor, some personalized, making it fun and easy to note that the “mask” is a must for the reception.

Wedding Inspiration
Your grand entrance down the aisle is one of the most photographed parts of your wedding. What was once just an area where a white runner would be placed is now a path filled with gorgeous floral arrangements, candles, vintage carpets for an eclectic feel, bales of hay for the western theme, elevated platforms to create a center stage or potted plants for a simpler effect. It is the focal point of the ceremony — make it grand.

Bridal Subscription Boxes
Bridal subscription boxes are all the rage. They are the gift that keeps on giving. Everyone loves opening a package curated just for them, and to get a different one each month makes it that much more fun! These boxes are filled with everything from quality product samples to items they would never purchase themselves; items to pamper themselves the day before the wedding or fun ideas for a bachelorette night on the town.