Surfing The Wave Of The Future

Surfing The Wave Of The Future Khanna House Studios Is Wellington’s First-Of-Its-Kind Pod/Vlogcast Studio

Story by Mike May  |  Photos by Abner Pedraza

The next wave in high technology and internet content creation has made its way to Wellington. In September, Khanna House Studios, a full-service pod/vlogcast studio with livestream capabilities and dedicated content creation space, opened its doors in the community.

Khanna House Studios — located at 3361 Fairlane Farms Road, Suite 4, in Wellington — represents the future of digital communications.

The business is the brainchild of Julie Khanna, a longtime Wellington resident who has spent more than a decade connecting people and businesses through creative and exciting vehicles, such as public and community relations, strategic communications and media marketing.

Getting this new facility constructed was no easy chore for Khanna, as there were many late nights spent in July and August getting everything constructed, connected and operational. The new facility is a positive side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic seemed to yield a public distrust of the media, and people turned to creating and consuming their own content for entertainment and infotainment,” Khanna said. “Independent media is our future. In the near future, people will watch their hospital’s channel for the latest medical news, their salon’s channel for the latest beauty styles and their local real estate broker for market trends. People will customize their media consumption according to what’s important to them, their beliefs and their emotional connection to the host.”

For Khanna, the opening of Khanna House Studios was the next logical step in her career.

“My background is in public relations, strategic communications and media marketing,” Khanna explained. “My family and I have always been quite center on social media. We know the power of social media and how it can positively help scale a business, connect resources and share important messages — and now we enjoy helping others to do the same!”

According to Khanna, digital communications content takes many forms.

“Content is any online material such as social media posts, written copy, videos, blogs, web site information and photos. Creating content is necessary for anyone interested in having an online presence and audience, whether you’re a small business or an influencer,” Khanna said.

She runs this new creation space with her children, Lillian, Nikhil and Devi, as well as Akai Jackson, a social media entrepreneur who speaks to corporations and organizations on mindset and personal development.

Khanna House Studios is truly a one-of-a-kind facility.

“Our studio is very different because it is a content creation studio and podcast studio all in one,” Khanna said. “I don’t know where one could find another content creation studio with moveable walls, green screens for branding options, rearrangeable furniture and the ability to stage different photo opportunities anywhere near here.”

The services that the studio provides will create powerful connections between businesses and their clients.

“This new space will be a community-based location where solopreneurs, content creators, business owners and organizations can come together to grow and learn from one another, showcase their businesses and create affordable content, whether it is for their social media or any other means of communications,” Jackson said.

Even though Khanna House Studios has only been operational since September, many local groups and organizations have used the studio, especially for live streaming.

“Surprisingly, we’ve had scores of people and organizations use the studio already,” Khanna said. “And people are using it in some exciting ways. For example, we’ve live-streamed a hands-off CPR demonstration by Wellington Regional Medical Center and Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue live-streamed a presentation by Community Partners of South Florida.”

The list of local clients also includes the Palm Health Foundation, Junior Achievement of the Palm Beaches, the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, the Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County.

According to Khanna, groups are using the facility for different purposes.

“We’ve also had podcast parties for people creating milestone keepsakes, rented the studio to photographers and watched people become show hosts,” Khanna said.

The 1,200-square-foot space features a moveable green screen wall, enough room for a client’s step-and-repeat for personalized branding during photoshoots, livestreams and content creation, and an entirely brandable, industrial-chic, natural-light-filled studio slated for photographers and videographers to host their own photoshoots.

With seating for up to four people, three camera angles, optimal lighting and multiple background choices, podcasters can record an episode or multiple episodes in the customizable, sound-proof audio/video studio. Khanna House Studios is also equipped to mix and master any professional audio/visual content, and podcasters receive their edited episodes within five days, or clients can edit their own content at a discounted rate.

“Whether you’d like to edit your footage, have us do it, or are interested in creating consistent content, we are excited to be able to customize options for our neighbors and fellow business owners,” Khanna said. “It is important to give people options. The moveable green screen wall allows us to create fresh content in seemingly different settings. The option to be or bring your own creative professional or edit your own work allows people options.”

In addition to the rentable space, Khanna House Studios offers events and classes focused on ways that organizations or individuals can monetize their podcast, build an advertising deck for their show and entrepreneurship tutoring. Khanna will also rent the space to creative groups that want to host their events.

“Our space is the growth hub for all things creative and creative collabs,” Khanna said. “The future of media and content creation is changing, and we’re here for it!”

The services of Khanna House Studios are not just used by social media gurus and large businesses.

“I want everyone to know that content isn’t just for influencers. Content is for small business owners to solopreneurs to nationally recognized brands,” Khanna said. “Social media is changing. Quality over quantity is revered. I would rather have 100 loyal followers who buy my products than a million who look and don’t buy. We are here for you to start your content creation journey.”

The cost to do business with Khanna House Studio can be structured for any budget.

“Our pricing is fair. I firmly believe that social media and content creation are crucial to business success,” Khanna explained. “That said, I don’t want anyone to be disadvantaged by barriers in creating content, such as budget, lack of knowledge or technology literacy. We solve that. We offer membership pricing for those looking to make consistent monthly content, and transparent hourly rates for the studio rental, available at all times on our web site.”

Khanna House Studios is open seven days a week. For more information, visit or call (561) 759-0801. Khanna House Studios can also be found on Facebook @khannahousestudios, TikTok @juliekhanna and Instagram @khannahousestudios.