Sahir & Jessica – Tell Us Your Story

Sahir & Jessica – Tell Us Your Story

“One of the most magical moments for us was when we paraded on our horses and carriages toward the venue and first saw our wedding venue all decorated. It really hit me in that moment how special the day was, how much effort our families had put into making this event magical, and how happy I was to be marrying my best friend.”

Jessica and Sahir Quraeshi don’t list just one day as their “wedding date” but four. They needed four to fit in all the American and Pakistani customs. But this expansive celebration had humble beginnings when they met in the hallways of Wellington High School. “Sahir’s friend had a crush on me, and Sahir was trying to be a good wingman and introduce us,” Jessica recalled.

The meeting went smoothly, but when Sahir and Jessica found themselves in the same Spanish class, they quickly became close friends. Before long, they found themselves very interested in one another. By 2011, there was no turning back. “That’s when we finally gave fuel to this flame we started in high school,” Jessica recalled.

From the time she was a baby to about the age of 11, Jessica’s family took summer vacations on Siesta Key, the birthplace of many of her fondest memories. “Sahir took me to Siesta Key and proposed to me at sunset,” Jessica said. “Worst wingman ever.”

From the time her future groom proposed through early November 2018, it was plan, plan, organize and plan. The logistics were incredible.

For the three-day Pakistani wedding, Max Sadik Photography took the pictures and video. “On the Mehendi night (Nov. 10), in traditional Pakistani style, we had a dance-off between the families at Escue Farms,” Sahir said. “Everyone brought their A game and, it was one of our fondest memories of the entire wedding.”

For the American wedding, it was Poirier Wedding Photography. “On the American wedding day (Nov. 11) at the International Polo Club, I wore a dolphin brooch on my bouquet that belonged to my aunt who had passed away the year before,” Jessica said. “It was very special to me because it made me feel like she was there with me.”

Jessica wore a wedding dress designed by Haley Paige, and Jennifer Goudreau was her maid of honor. Sahir had Shahmir and Ayaan Quraeshi act as best men. The newlyweds’ first dance was to “Greatest Love Story” by Lanco.

“Everything was absolutely perfect, especially the food, and it was a dream come true for both of us,” Jessica said. “We felt so very loved and blessed to have all of our family and friends by our side. It was the best weekend of our lives.”

Immediately following the event, the couple headed for Walt Disney World. “Jessica must be the world’s biggest Disney fan, so we initially did a honeymoon to Disney World so she could feel like the princess she is,” Sahir said. “We later took a European trip to Germany, France and England.”

The happy couple is very thankful for all those who made their wedding so magical.

“We would like to thank our families for the massive love and support they continue to give us,” Sahir said. “They have given us the joy and memories of an amazing wedding week, and so much more.