Pure Barre’s Unique Workout Is Gaining Popularity In Wellington

Pure Barre’s Unique Workout Is Gaining Popularity In Wellington

Micah Peters has been a fixture at the Pure Barre studio in Wellington since it opened. She has been the manager of the location since May 2014.

“I’ve been managing the studio since then, but I took over in November,” said Peters, who now owns the local fitness studio. “It was an opportunity that I could not pass up.”

Peters fell in love with the Pure Barre community and its unique workout when she was studying at Florida International University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. Paired with her cheerleading and dance background, Pure Barre, a combination of Pilates and ballet, was the perfect fit.

After Peters graduated, she learned that Pure Barre was opening in Wellington — her hometown. She knew it was the perfect opportunity to get involved as a teacher. “If you can hold onto the bar, you can do Pure Barre,” she said.

Pure Barre offers a beginners’ class called Pure Foundations for anyone who has taken five or fewer classes, where participants learn the various building blocks to the exercises in a hands-on, individualized small-class setting.

The typical 55-minute class can have up to 23 participants. “We target each muscle section to shake fatigue, and then stretch them out to create long, lean muscles, stretching each muscle section after we work it,” Peters said. “It’s low impact and easy on the joints. The workout was created by a woman and is geared toward a woman’s body, targeting the areas that women struggle with.”

However, men are also encouraged to join, and there are often special events to introduce men to Pure Barre. Nationwide, some NFL players take classes to sharpen their skills.

Participants must be 16 or older to take the class, which uses body weight for resistance, medicine balls, resistance tubes, and two-, three- and five-pound weights.

There are more than 450 studios across the country, with a similar layout in each, Peters explained, with a welcoming area, retail section, studio and cubbies for personal items.

The dress code is leggings or capris — shorts aren’t allowed because you want to keep your legs warm — a tank top or T-shirt, but no bare midriffs, and socks. Socks with grips are recommended.

Pure Barre isn’t just a workout, Peters stressed.

“It’s the community. It’s the environment. Seeing women come in here every day, the changes in their body, mentally, physically… it’s more than just a workout,” she explained. “The mental capacity, the physical capacity, the mind-body connection you have in it and seeing the change in others, and inspiring others and being inspired by clients as well. It’s amazing to see results in clients.”

Clients see results in as little as 10 classes, she said, and are able to find a familiar environment and workout when they travel. They also form lasting relationships.

“Clients will have met here, and they go on trips to New York together,” Peters said. “This is more than a workout. Friendships are developed here.”

Pure Barre has different milestones that are celebrated, be it 100 classes, 250 classes, 500 classes, 750 classes or 1,000 classes. When a client hits one of those milestones, they sign a bar in the back and receive a pair of socks.

Peters has seen clients overcome injuries and grow stronger, enjoy the challenge and transform their bodies. Pure Barre offers multiple membership packages, including those for brides-to-be and those who want to bounce back from having a baby.

Pure Barre is a challenge whether it is your first class or 1,000th class, she said, but always a great experience.

“Once you’re hooked, you’re hooked,” Peters said. “Once Pure Barre is in your life, it’s one of those things where you don’t ever want to let it go.”

For those who have never taken a class, Peters suggests coming a few minutes early — and be sure to keep an open mind.

“The first class can be a little bit overwhelming,” she said. “That’s completely normal. Give it a few tries, and you’ll definitely see results, because it is an effective exercise. It’s also fun to bring a friend because they hold you accountable, and you’re able to work out and have a good time together while changing your body.”

The Pure Barre experience is one that Peters truly enjoys sharing with her community.

“Pure Barre has always been a positive thing in my life,” Peters said. “It’s a dream for me to be able to actually say, ‘this is mine.’”

Pure Barre classes are listed online, where attendees are able to sign up and reserve a spot morning, afternoon and evening. Unlike other classes, attendees are able to sign up weeks in advance or on their way over. Walk-ins are accepted, and attendees can sign up for a class in the Pure Barre app. The Wellington location offers a new client special, as well as other promotions and packages.

Pure Barre Wellington is located at 11924 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 22, in Wellington Town Square. For more information, call (561) 469-7943, e-mail wellington@purebarre.com or visit www.purebarre.com/fl-wellington.