Palm Beach Brides 2022

The big day has arrived, the one you have been dreaming about since you played dress up with your nana’s long, white gloves. Since you began this journey, your thoughts have been plenty, and on your big day, you may replay the list of things to do, including, “Are my hair and makeup OK? I hope he remembers the wedding rings. Should I have done that first-look trend? Will the flower girl freeze or dance down the aisle? Will our dance be as special as I have hoped? I hope guests will enjoy the reception. Will the best man make us laugh or cry during his speech? Will I hold it together when I dance with my dad?” There will be dozens of thoughts on that big day, but the one that calms your mind from racing should be that you get to marry the one with whom you choose to spend the rest of your life, and together, you will go on to create many wonderful memories. And all of those thoughts will seem foolish when you look back on the most magical day ever!