Local Attorney Marcelo Montesinos Is Committed To His Community And His Clients

Local Attorney Marcelo Montesinos Is Committed To His Community And His Clients

Moving to Palm Beach County when he was less than a year old, Marcelo Montesinos spent the first 15 years of his life in West Palm Beach before his family moved to Wellington. He loves the area, where he practices family life and law today.

“There was no great epiphany that made me want to be a lawyer,” Montesinos recalled. “I was drawn into it because I always wanted to fight for the underdog and people who have the odds against them. I became a lawyer because I wanted to be given an opportunity to help people who sometimes need help.”

Married since 2005, with a five-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son, Montesinos, 46, is a noted personal injury attorney and family man.

A graduate of Florida Atlantic University and Seton Hall Law School in New Jersey, he has been practicing law since 1997. Working in Washington, D.C., after college, then joining the Palm Beach County Public Defender’s Office after law school, he went into private practice in 2001.

“Wellington has grown in the past decade quite a bit, and what I love about it is that there’s still a very tight-knit kind of community setting,” Montesinos said. “I enjoy being part of the community and seeing it grow and seeing all the leaders, some of whom I know personally, move us in the right direction.”

Montesinos also likes the community vibe here in Wellington.

“There’s still a small-town feel,” he said. “I guess that’s every small city’s challenge, to try and maintain the small-town feel, and Wellington does that.”

His is an intimately sized firm that specializes in personal injury law.

“There is just me and a couple of attorneys and a couple of paralegals and staff. So, we feel like a family practice, and clients can easily speak directly to me,” Montesinos said. “We are not a family practice, of course. We do personal injury and wrongful death cases.”

Montesinos said he gauges the success of his firm by the positive impact it has on clients and those clients’ willingness to refer him to their friends and family. “We handle things such as car accidents, trucking accidents and accidents caused by the negligence of someone else,” he explained.

While some gauge success by money won for clients, Montesinos said that for him, it’s more about helping those in need.

“It’s so hard to be specific, but we’ve handled thousands of personal injury accident cases, and they number very high in terms of the compensation. I’ve never really made a tally, although that seems to be the trend,” Montesinos said. “I realize that the best way I can tell that I’m doing well is by the referrals from clients, so I know that we are doing something right.”

Montesinos is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian, which has helped him communicate and maintain many relationships throughout the South Florida community.

What he feels sets his practice apart from others in any language is the entire team’s attitude toward their clients.

“We have a deep, deep commitment to our clients that goes way beyond a phone call to the office,” he said. “My clients have my cell phone and can contact me almost at any time. They can bypass the office when they feel the need. We have our team there, and they can help with a lot of the procedural paperwork, but sometimes clients talk to or text me directly, also. Since I’m a smaller office, I have an obligation to provide personal service, and I call them back, and our team does our best to make sure clients feel they can call us at any time.”

Nothing gets in the way of Montesinos’ commitment to clients.

“We satisfy our goal of devoting all of our energy and passion to every case,” said Montesinos, who explained that he is committed to excellence in the practice of law while maintaining the highest ethical standards in the pursuit of justice. “My dedication is surely to my clients and what they are going through, because when someone is involved in an accident, it really changes their world. Sometimes it really turns everything upside down. We work to set things right again.”

Things sitting right brings Montesinos back to his hometown and what he feels is great about Wellington.

“It is a great place to raise a family. I believe that this is a great community that is growing in a controlled manner, so we still maintain the small-town flavor. We have plenty of great restaurants and places to go with the kids,” Montesinos said. “I love Wellington, and I hope to continue living and working in the area for the rest of my life.”

For more information about Marcelo Montesinos and his law firm, call (561) 721-1600 or visit www.montesinoslaw.com.