Let’s Ask A Wedding Photography Expert: What To Look For When Hiring The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Let’s Ask A Wedding Photography Expert: What To Look For When Hiring The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Most brides and grooms describe their wedding day as among the most magical moments of their lives. However, moments do not last forever — unless they are captured by your wedding photographer. We spoke with award-winning wedding photographers Stacey and Brandon Poirier of Poirier Wedding Photography to get their pointers and suggestions about what to look for when hiring a photographer for your big day, and how to capture forever those amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

Q: How long have you been wedding photographers?

 A: We began our wedding adventure in 2010, and over the last nine years, we have had the honor of photographing more than 450 weddings. Our wedding experience is priceless. We approach each wedding with advanced technical know-how, and we are able to individualize our approach to ensure that we capture a wedding story that is unique to each client.

Q: What primary photographic style do you identify with?

A: Our style is a fusion of photojournalistic along with a modern casually posed flair. We approach each wedding as a love story waiting to be captured. We believe in preserving all the beautiful details of your wedding to complete your story. We love to photograph everyone having the time of their lives celebrating your love as a married couple. Real reaction and real emotions are what we strive to capture. We also understand that there is a time during the day to direct and lightly pose you both, along with your family, for those must-have family formals. We stay true to the immediate family portraits that we all have come to love over the years. Our images are fun, authentic and timeless.

Q: Do you have experience shooting in various lighting situations?

A: Yes, we are skilled photographers and can work in all types of lighting situations. Whether rain or shine, day or night, a wedding must go on, and we pride ourselves in the ability to capture amazing images regardless of the elements presented to us. We love natural light photography, but what do you do when there is no light? As wedding photographers, we need to be fully prepared to work in any type of lighting condition, because you never know what you may encounter on the wedding day. Therefore, we are considered full-gear wedding photographers, meaning we will bring all the proper equipment to each event we photograph. Do not make the mistake and just trust any photographer for your wedding day. Choose an experienced and equipped photographer, because you only get one shot to capture your wedding day.


Q: Can couples see an entire wedding from start to finish?

A: Absolutely! This is one of the most important things a client can ask of the photographer. Wedding photographers need to work fast and be able to shoot in any type of lighting situation. We are seasoned, experienced wedding photographers and know the ins and outs of the unpredictable, moment-driven nature of weddings. We love it and are happy to showcase any love story our clients would like to see.

Q: Do you offer video services?

A: This is a new adventure for us, but our team now offers video. Over the years, during our wedding adventures, we have discovered that weddings are fast-paced with lots of emotions at every turn. You plan your wedding many months, and sometimes years, in advance, and before you know it, the day is over in the blink of an eye. Our goal is to make sure clients enjoy every moment while in the moment. We believe a wedding is an intimate celebration with family and friends and should not be a production with a large team pulling the bride and groom in all different directions. Our team works flawlessly together to beautifully capture the day without being obtrusive or competing for the shot.

Q: Tell us a bit about the wedding collections you offer.

A: Our wedding collections are à la carte, which gives clients the freedom to custom design the collection that will best suit their needs. Most couples receive about 800 to 1,000 images. We do remove duplicates, test shots, images with eyes closed, etc. The high-resolution files are included with all wedding coverage. The files are delivered via a private online gallery that is viewable worldwide. From the gallery, clients are able to download directly to their computer.

Q: Do you travel for weddings?

A: We do! We are based in Palm Beach and Tennessee. Although many of our weddings are in Florida and Tennessee, we love to travel wherever clients would like to take us. We have photographed weddings in Maine, Cape Cod, the Bahamas, the Florida Keys, and our most favorite magical location, the Disney World Wedding Pavilion.

Q: What kind of equipment do you typically bring with you?

A: We carry more than $20,000 in professional Nikon digital camera equipment to every event we photograph. We use Nikon D3s and D750 camera bodies and carry a full line of Nikon professional lenses. We are full-gear wedding photographers and bring all the proper lighting to skillfully document each wedding. We have multiple lenses and camera bodies as backups in case of a malfunction.

Q: Are you available to shoot extra hours?

A: Of course. All wedding coverage begins with eight hours. This coverage fits us best to properly capture a wedding and not miss any priceless moments. We offer a hands-on approach to photography and work with clients closely to design a perfect schedule for the wedding day. If more wedding day coverage is needed, we will be happy to add it on for an additional fee.