Keeping Residents Safe & Sound Jay Hart Uses His Unique Life Experience In Law Enforcement To Provide Personal Security

Keeping Residents Safe & Sound
 Hart Uses His Unique Life Experience In
Law Enforcement To Provide Personal Security

By Lenore Phillips

Wellington resident Jay Hart has built his personal security business, Gold Shield Industries, on the foundation of his passion for law enforcement and personal security. His reputation for establishing respectful and secure relationships with his clients has helped him to become the go-to protection detail for some of Wellington’s most well-known residents.

Gold Shield Industries is the culmination of Hart’s life in law enforcement and his ability to take the lessons he learned as a police officer and utilize them to better serve the residents in his community who need his skillset the most.

Originally from Illinois, Hart did not have the intention of becoming a police officer. It was not until he graduated from college and moved to South Florida that he was exposed to the inner workings of life as an officer through his brother. After spending an evening on duty with his brother, then an officer in Fort Lauderdale, Hart joined the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in 1987.

“Growing up in Illinois, in the Midwest, it’s somewhat rural, and I did not have much contact with police officers,” Hart recalled. “Because of this, I did not have any aspirations of becoming a cop. But then when I rode with my brother Jeff, we were in a car chase, we had a burglary in progress, we had a dog bite. We did so many exciting things that it appealed to me.”

After graduating from the academy, Hart spent the next 10 years as a patrol officer with a two-year stint in the mounted unit. Hart had never been around horses, but his time in the mounted unit gave him a crash course in how to ride, care for and form a meaningful relationship with his equine partners. To this day, it is the passion for horses that allows him to relate to and work effectively for his Wellington equestrian clients.

In his career, Hart continued to achieve important recognition in the law enforcement community. His ambition afforded him the opportunity to compete in the United States Police & Fire Championships, known as the Police Olympics, and he eventually transitioned into the narcotics division, where he worked in the vice unit, gambling and racketeering, and later on Columbian money laundering cases.

Hart’s natural talent and ambition helped him get promoted to lieutenant and then captain. He was the PBSO’s District 3 commander in northern Palm Beach County and later transferred to the Wellington district. He served here for a total of 10 years — five as a lieutenant and five as the district commander, prior to his retirement.

As Hart’s time in active duty was winding down, he was serendipitously approached by a community connection, who inquired about his ability to offer private security services. This request would lead to Gold Shield Industries.

“I was approached by a very wealthy family, and they asked me if I knew of anyone who could help monitor their estate in Palm Beach,” Hart recalled. “Because I had several other cop friends who also did security work, I knew I had a team of people who could assist me with that. One client led to another client, which led to another client.”

In December 2016, Hart formally retired from the PBSO. His varied and successful career had given him not only the knowledge that he needed to succeed in the private security business, but also the relationships with other experienced offers to immediately hire an effective team.

“The fact that I have so many retired cops who I’ve known for 25 to 30 years working for me is so important,” he said. “I’m able to hire based on a performance that I can understand and review as a former officer, and I know each employees’ personality and dependability.”

Today, Gold Shield Industries is committed to providing the highest quality professional services, such as secure transportation, executive/VIP protection and VIP personal assistance. The business has provided top-notch security to high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, senior executives and dignitaries. Most recently, Hart had the opportunity to provide security for professional baseball players and their families during the Baseball Hall of Fame induction.

Many Wellington residents might not immediately understand how these services are utilized in their quiet South Florida community, and as a resident himself, Hart can relate. However, when the winter equestrian season ramps up, and some of Wellington’s most notable residents return to compete, his training and personal experience becomes ever more meaningful.

“Wellington is a close community, and people communicate with each other here and live easily alongside one another,” Hart said. “Because I am a former equestrian myself, and I understand the equestrian community, I have been able to develop a reputation where people know me and know what I can do to help them protect themselves and their families.”

Although Gold Shield Industries does offer services for high-net-worth clients, its services are also available for corporate business and events that take place in Wellington and throughout Palm Beach County. Hart and his team of professionals can offer one-on-one advice on whether or not corporate event security is appropriate for their clients and can help them make the best decision based on their needs. While still operating Gold Shield Industries full time, Hart is also the founder of My Community Alert, which is a critical alert service that keeps gated communities connected and their respective residents safe and up to date on security concerns in their specific neighborhoods.

“What I love most about living in Wellington is that even though high-profile individuals live here, I feel they come here not just for the equestrian events, but for all of the other things that the community has to offer, like restaurants, schools and businesses,” Hart said. “It does have a hometown feel to it. I have a lot of pride since I am fortunate enough to live in this town, where I know so many people, and I’m trusted by so many people to protect them and their loved ones. I hope to be able to do this for a long time and continue to watch Wellington grow.”

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