Hilda Porro Takes A Holistic And Mindful Approach To Practicing Law

Hilda Porro Takes A Holistic And Mindful Approach To Practicing Law

Wellington attorney Hilda Porro has worked hard to cement her reputation within the community as a professional who approaches all types of legal matters with compassion, allowing her clients to understand the law and how it will affect both themselves and their families.

Specializing in holistic law, Porro chooses to focus on the whole person and their unique legal situation. For some, holistic law may be an unfamiliar term. Holistic law is an approach, or style, of practice that focuses on the individual in their entirety and how their distinctiveness as an individual influences their legal situation. The approach then seeks to find sustainable and positive solutions based on that individual’s needs and conditions.

“I chose to practice holistic law because I felt that it was a perfect combination of my values and the practice of law,” Porro said. “[Holistic law] acknowledges our shared humanity, first and foremost. The main goal is to smooth over conflicts and to aid the client in maintaining communications and show a willingness to have full conversations based on the client’s situation.”

This approach to law differs from traditional practices where the focus is generally on the facts of a client’s situation. However, her unique approach comes as no surprise, since, when not assisting clients at her legal practice, Porro also offers services as a certified life coach and shaman.

It is this unique blending of professional skills that has allowed Porro to create a practice that has not only benefited from her legal expertise, but has also maintained a small town, personal feel appreciated by many Wellington residents. Porro concentrates in three areas of law: estate planning; probate and trust administration; and real estate transactions.

Porro brings almost 30 years of experience to assist with the sale or purchase of real estate, including contract-to-closing representation in residential and commercial transactions, including review and preparation of contracts, title-related documentation and all closing documents. She also has extensive experience with both year-round Wellington residents and the seasonal equestrian community. This knowledge allows Porro to have a deep understanding of the concerns of each.

Buying and selling a home, or even an investment property, can easily become stressful, as the legal system often encourages an adversarial approach, even when all parties have the same goal in mind. Porro’s goal is to completely represent her clients while also assisting in mitigating possible disagreements or conflicts that may arise. As a licensed title insurance agent, Porro has successfully handled a wide assortment of issues over the years.

“I am passionate about supporting my clients, and I am very invested in the success of their endeavors,” Porro said. “Addressing important legal needs, such as buying and selling a new home, is worth conscious focus and attention. I’ve designed my practice to address my clients’ unique concerns so that their legal needs are addressed, and they experience peace of mind as well.”

This approach comes as a refreshing surprise to many new clients, as it is not typical. Porro utilizes her training as a life coach to support clients in navigating the stressful times of transition, such as buying or selling a home, through mindfulness to move from and into a physical space that is clear and supportive.

“Having an attorney provides assurance that your specific interests are protected; that you’re not being overcharged or held responsible for something beyond your contractual obligation,” Porro said. “This is especially important as a buyer so that title is reviewed and confirmed clear with no errors in closing documents. Life coaching skills help in navigating the time of transition, for both sellers and buyers. Our homes often create a feeling of security. Moving is stressful on a deeper level than is often acknowledged.”

Aside from her practice in Wellington, Porro is also an integral part of the recently opened Triad Wellness Center in Jupiter. At Triad, her main objective is to aid clients in discovering true wellness through a holistic approach to wellness, which involves self-inquiry into all areas of her clients’ lives, including one’s physical body, physical surroundings, social life/relationships, career/self-expression, spirituality, finances, rest/relaxation, and, in her opinion, the most important and often overlooked component, fun.

“Professionally, I am a life coach, lawyer and shaman,” Porro said. “My goal in each role that I play is to support individuals in finding and living their own truth. By doing so, one can experience wellness, living life as the blessing that it is. Each one of us is unique. It’s easy to lose sight of what is essential, caught in the bustle of the day-to-day. It takes time and attention to become consciously aware of what is most important. It requires clearing away untruths that we’ve adopted along the way and deeply listening. By slowing down, we can begin to learn and develop our own language, and experience the support that I believe is there for every one of us. Willingness to look at all aspects of our lives can open doors to receiving the support that we need.”

In order to make a change toward wellness, Porro feels that people need awareness, an action plan, accountability and, in some cases, professional help. Through her life experiences, Porro believes that true wellness is holistic, since when one part of life is out of balance, the whole is affected. Her purpose is to help her fellow neighbors find that security within their lives.

To learn more about Hilda Porro’s law practice, visit www.hildaporrolaw.com.