A New Approach To Education

A New Approach To Education
Mandala World Academy Is Making Waves In The United States Teaching System

Story And Photos By Cassidy Klein

Making waves in today’s online and interactive learning systems, the Mandala World Academy is on a mission to provide students an advanced education and create a paradigm shift from the current educational teaching system in the United States.

Establishing roots in Wellington with the purchase of an equestrian center on Indian Mound Road several years ago, the Mandala World team is motivated to make a difference in the community to enrich today’s youth by providing higher education to students inside and out of the equestrian community.

Mandala World’s integrated curricula are customized and precisely crafted around extensive research conducted by Johns Hopkins University on “Brain Targeted Teaching” fueled by neuroscience, cognitive and psychological sciences, the science of learning and education to instill long-term retention.

As an institution, Mandala World Academy is transforming the process of teaching and learning to offer students the opportunity to embark on a new path in their educational careers to elevate their academic achievements.

Dr. George Hutchinson, the founder and CEO of Mandala World Academy, believes that “together, we can transmit the Mandala World Academy advanced educational system of methodologies and philosophies to all students throughout the nation and the world to achieve excellence for all our children.”

Mandala World Academy believes in a humanitarian approach to online learning. With its academic institutions focusing on the training of students in various subjects, Mandala’s experts offer students the opportunity to steer a more effective and rewarding life through education.

Driven by the brain-focused teaching model of Dr. Mariale Hardiman, Mandala World Academy addresses and emphasizes the offline and online teaching systems, including economic and environmental stability, development of advanced building architecture, cutting-edge online technologies and ongoing research relative to educational changes within the global society.

With a focus on building successful generations to come, the Brain Targeted Teaching model has all grade level core classes available, interactive environments and even an equestrian-based curriculum, making the Mandala World Academy the future of education.

The Mandala World Equestrian Academy uses an educational program that is unique and advanced, designed to utilize notable teaching and learning methods, allowing the students to neurologically utilize all aspects of their cognitive ability. This learning method is presented in relation to an environment that is melodic with nature.

The Wellington equestrian center, updated with all the latest, top-tier improvements for horse enthusiasts and equipped with a fully functional learning center on site, is ready to welcome community members. Its advanced educational program offers students a well-rounded curriculum built upon Brain Targeted Teaching to take into consideration the emotional aspect of a student.

The Mandala World Equestrian Academy has an online curriculum and in-person innovative programs designed to teach students the basic skills needed for their equines, all the way up to riders embarking on professional careers in the industry.

Courses range from Riding & Horsemanship, Equine Management, Hoof Anatomy & Maintenance, Mental Skills and Contemporary Equestrian Learning; all the way to Management of an Equine Business & Marketing, Training Courses, Equine History and Course Design within the Industry.

In company to learning the ins and outs of horses, the courses allow students to develop necessary life skills such as care-taking, understanding sport psychology, decision-making, intricate training techniques, business and communication skills, critical thinking and dedication.

In addition to learning all about the equine industry, students will be presented hands-on opportunities for learning with the equestrian academy horses.

Students will be responsible for the nutrition, fitness and all-around well-being of the horses while receiving a high level of instruction during riding lessons. The staff at the equestrian academy is able to teach and inspire students from those who are new to equestrian sports, all the way up to athletes competing on the highest level looking to make a career out of their lifelong dedication.

Mandala World’s commitment to the community and the younger generation has continued to aid in its growth over the last 10 years with an unwavering commitment to methodological Brain Targeted Teaching, setting it apart from other competing institutions throughout the world.

“Together, we can overcome the challenges of today’s school environments and prepare our children for greater opportunities now, for their future success,” Dr. Hutchinson said.

For more information about the Mandala World Academy, visit www.mandalaworldacademy.com or www.mandalaworldequestrian.com.