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Shannon Boyd And Mackenzie Scichilone Are Both Renovation Specialists And Realtors

Shannon Boyd And Mackenzie Scichilone Are Both Renovation Specialists And Realtors

The partnership of United Realty Group’s Shannon Boyd and Mackenzie Scichilone is based on trust, dependability and a shared knowledge of loss.

“Mackenzie and I partnered due to unfortunate circumstances,” Boyd said. “I was at a tough place in my life, struggling with the sickness of my mother and working 24/7 in real estate. I called on Mackenzie to help me, and she was able to take my current transactions and close them all while I was able to be at my mom’s side. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.”

Boyd’s mother passed last March. When Scichilone’s mother followed a few months later, she knew who she could count on.

“Shannon was entirely there for me,” Scichilone said. “Our clients never knew anything was happening, because Shannon never skipped a beat. We are both forever grateful that we found each other and have built this amazing partnership.”

The bond between these two lifelong Floridians goes deep, extending to their shared love of renovation.

“Real estate has been a passion of mine from the age of 19,” Boyd said. “At 22, I started investing in property and loved the renovation process. Fast forward a few years to becoming a licensed Realtor and being able to represent our clients in the buying and selling of real estate, while also giving them the vision to transform that fixer-upper into to their dream home.”

Scichilone was also driven by dreams of restoration.

“I decided to get into real estate because I felt like I had the knack for renovating and designing homes,” she said. “With that said, being licensed and having the ability to find my own deals to be able to flip homes was the right thing to do.”

Once these two Wellington residents joined forces, the community reaped the benefits of their joint talents.

“Mackenzie and I specialize in Wellington because, simply, we live here, we eat here, we entertain here and we love it here,” Boyd said. “We can be to most properties within 15 minutes and are able to provide our clients the flexibility of showing property on a last-minute’s notice.”

They are also adept at crystallizing a vision of what a structure can ultimately become.

“I would say what we specialize in is guiding our clients to finding their dream home and helping them create the perfect design to fit their lifestyle,” Scichilone said. “Most people do not have the ability to visualize the possibilities a home might have. Shannon and I are experts in renovating the imperfect and revitalizing a home to its fullest potential. Clients love the versatility that we offer, not just as Realtors, but also as renovation specialists.”

Renovating allows both women to infuse a bit of their personalities into the business of real estate.

“Our true passion is to be able to find a diamond in the rough and add our personal touches and find the perfect buyer,” Boyd said. “We find that we can get the best value for our clients through renovation. We have a great crew that is extremely efficient and specialize in quality craftsmanship.”

The two are always there for one another, which allows them to always be there for clients.

“Real estate can be very stressful at times, but doing it with a friend makes it less of a job,” Scichilone said. “We both realize we work better together. It’s the ‘power of two.’”

United Realty Group is located at 1035 S. State Road 7, Suite 121, in Wellington. For more information, call (561) 469-8706 or visit Call Shannon Boyd directly at (954) 415-3363, or call Mackenzie Scichilone directly at (561) 756-0528.


Bill & Jody Jorgensen Of The Jorgensen Team Keep The Focus On Their Clients

Bill & Jody Jorgensen Of The Jorgensen Team Keep The Focus On Their Clients

Bill and Jody Jorgensen of the Jorgensen Team at Keller Williams Wellington could be referred to as a duo or perhaps a partnership, but when you cover all the bases and supply satisfaction to your customers every step of the way, “team” nicely sums up the operation.

The Jorgensens went to school in South Florida and were childhood sweethearts. A job promotion brought them to Wellington in the early 1980s.

“We have brought together decades of talent and expertise to form a highly successful partnership,” Jody said. “With more than 25 years in the western communities, we understand the unique personalities of the various neighborhoods and have seen Wellington evolve into the vibrant village it is today.”

It doesn’t take much prodding to get one member of the team to sing the praises of the other.

“Jody is a successful second-generation Realtor with decades of exposure to the South Florida real estate market,” Bill said. “She is also a popular real estate home design stager. The staging service is complimentary and will help to showcase your home and maximize its value to prospective buyers. Her successes include a strong residential and property management background, including Fortune 500 global re-locations.”

Jody is equal in praise for her husband.

“Bill is brilliant, and he brings a wealth of knowledge of real estate acquisitions to his new position at Keller Williams,” Jody said. “He is E-Pro certified and receives high praise for his aggressive, state-of-the-art marketing campaigns, including powerful social media advertising strategies and his ability to get the deal done. He is our go-to Realtor for luxury home communities, international clients and clients with a keen interest in golf club and ‘fly in, fly out’ neighborhoods like Wellington’s beautiful Aero Club. He easily bridges the gap between first-time home buyers and CEOs looking for a new home.”

Like any successful team, the talents of the individuals involved come together to create an entity that is truly more than the sum of its parts.

“You get the best of both worlds with the Jorgensen Team,” Bill said. “You get the personalized service and communication of working with a single agent, and you also get the diversity and strength of experience of working with our team. The Jorgensen Team offers a collaborative approach to the evaluation process for both buyers and sellers, as well as the ability to leverage the expertise of more than one real estate professional.”

As experienced as they are, the Jorgensens realize that a deal is only truly successful if it works on an emotional level. “Our relationships matter, and we believe that a good reputation is a person’s greatest asset,” Jody said. “We know that finding a home for your family is about more than an address. It’s deeply personal and perhaps the largest investment you will ever make in your lifetime. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer looking for a seasonal home, in the market for a luxury estate or selling to move up or downsize, our team can make it happen.”

The Jorgensen Team puts their clients first.

“Your home is our priority, and we are honored and committed to providing both buyers and sellers the very best client experience,” Bill said. “Our goal is to far exceed our clients’ expectations. We are their trusted partner on this journey and beyond.”

For more info., call Bill Jorgensen at (561) 801-3212 or Jody Jorgensen at (561) 281-7908, or visit them online at


Linda And Harold Wellman Bring Unique Skills And Years Of Experience

Linda And Harold Wellman Bring Unique Skills
And Years Of Experience

Linda and Harold Wellman of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty didn’t start out as Floridians, but they both knew they would eventually settle here and begin their careers in real estate.

A New Jersey native, Linda majored in fashion design at Manhattan’s Fashion Institute of Technology while pursuing a career with United Airlines.

“Since I frequently traveled to Florida, I decided that’s where I wanted to make my roots,” she said. “In 1984, I took a buyout from United and moved to Boca Raton.”

Harold grew up in Michigan and got his degree in secondary education.

“My family spent all holiday vacations in Palm Beach County since 1968,” he recalled. “I was very honored to have met John D. McArthur, one of the largest land holders in Palm Beach County, which from a young age sparked my interest in real estate. I always knew that after I graduated from college, I would make Florida my home. So, I moved to Broward County in 1980 and through the years worked my way north, eventually settling in Wellington.”

The Wellmans married in 1986, the same year they both decided to get their real estate licenses. Their motto soon became “the husband and wife team that works for you.” The couple, who now have two college-age children, moved to Wellington in 2003.

“For the past 15 years, we have focused primarily on Wellington, selling family, active adult and luxury real estate, and Boynton Beach selling family and active adult,” Linda said. “There are so many choices in the adult market, and we are truly experts in that field. Our experience and knowledge is priceless, and we pride ourselves on always educating our buyers and sellers, and our video reviews speak for themselves.”

Their partnership not only highlights their individual strengths, but allows Linda and Harold to blend those strengths to provide the ultimate real estate experience.

“Linda and I have a fantastic working relationship,” Harold said. “She handles the marketing and customer relations, while I focus on contracts, appraisal issues, inspections and maintaining timelines. We are very easy-going and pride ourselves on maintaining a lasting relationship with our buyers and sellers.”

Linda’s background in fashion design has found its way into her real estate career. “There is a huge difference in listing a home and marketing a home, something that a majority of sellers don’t realize,” she said. “We truly offer the highest level of marketing out there and have no competition at our level. I am trained in feng shui and staging, so as an added benefit to our sellers, we offer complimentary staging. It is crucial when a buyer walks up to a home that their first impression is good.”

For Harold, the keys to continuing success lie in never resting on his laurels and a no-nonsense approach when it comes to getting the job done.

“I pride myself in continuing with education and always staying on top of local real estate trends,” he said. “Our efficiency makes all the difference when working on a real estate transaction. It is very important to both Linda and I that we maintain a professional image in this industry.”

For more info., call Harold Wellman at (561) 389-8356 or Linda Wellman at (561) 676-8886, or visit


Ameron Realty’s Halina Sledz Brings A Unique Background To Real Estate Clients

Ameron Realty’s Halina Sledz Brings A  Unique Background To Real Estate Clients

The allure of all things equestrian is what makes Halina Sledz, a broker for Ameron Realty, feel so at home in her adopted hometown of Wellington, a community world-renowned for its equestrian facilities and championship competitions.

“I was born, raised and educated in Europe,” Sledz said. “During my university studies in Poland for my master’s degree in civil engineering, an international horse jumping show was held annually at our university stadium. The excitement of preparing for my final exams coincided with the excitement of that competition.”

Balancing her scholastic responsibilities with her love of horses was not a problem for Sledz.

“My dorm was located next to the university stadium, so I could either take a break from studying and go down to the stadium, or I could watch the horse competition from my dorm window while I was hitting the books,” she recalled. “Over the years, that closeness to the equestrian community allowed me to meet horse owners, breeders and top international equestrian riders of the day.”

After marrying and starting a family, Sledz moved to Wellington, where she once again became immersed in the equestrian world.

“With my husband being an engineer as well, together we designed and built several spec houses in Wellington and in the western communities of Palm Beach County,” she said. “During the building process, I was involved in hiring and managing several subcontractors. That led me to selling real estate full time. My experience in property construction allows me to give good advice to potential clients on any issues with property they may be interested in.”

Sledz specializes in residential waterfront properties on the island of Palm Beach, as well as selling equestrian properties in the Wellington and the western communities.

“If a Palm Beacher desires to own a farm in Wellington, or a Wellingtonian likes to own an oceanfront property, I have that expertise and can assist them from start to finish,” she said. “I always try to fulfill the expectation of any potential buyer. I have world-wide contacts and speak several languages, which allows me to easily communicate with clients all over the world. While I have experience in selling upscale, luxury properties, I also work with first-time home buyers and military veterans.”

Sledz is also knowledgeable on investments in commercial properties and sells them, as well. No matter what transaction she is brokering, her top priority is to her clients.

“I am always on the lookout for the next great opportunity for my clients,” she said. “I attend to my clients’ needs in a diligent and conscientious way. I am very thoughtful of their time, and I work hard to find the right properties that will be of their interest.”

Many of those properties are right here in Wellington, a destination Sledz believes is a perfect place to put down roots.

“Having lived in Wellington for many years, I have witnessed first-hand its beauty, peacefulness, yet steady growth,” she said. “What makes the Wellington area special is the aeronautical subdivision, the Aero Club, and world-class equestrian facilities and venues. This makes Wellington a comfortable place to live, with major retail stores, various types of restaurants, excellent public schools and two hospitals.”

To contact Halina Sledz of Ameron Realty, call (561) 596-9727 or e-mail


Clients Are Treated Like Part Of The Family At Keller Williams’ Shockley Team

Clients Are Treated Like Part Of The Family At Keller Williams’ Shockley Team

It’s always nice when a mother and her daughter-in-law get along. It’s even better when the two join forces to form a successful business partnership. The Shockley Team — mom Maryjo Shockley and daughter-in-law Mary Shockley — are a dynamic duo at Keller Williams Realty in Wellington.

Along with her husband and three sons, Maryjo has been a Wellington resident for 15 years. After stops in Massachusetts, Arizona and Alabama, South Florida seemed like the right place to put down roots.

“I always research the places in the areas we have moved,” Maryjo recalled. “When we knew we were coming to Palm Beach County, I found nothing but good things about Wellington and decided it was the place to settle our family.”

Mary arrived in here in 2011. During a four-year stint as manager of a local pet spa, she met and married one of Maryjo’s sons.

“As a side-gig of sorts, I started helping Maryjo with various tasks, paperwork and marketing initiatives,” Mary explained. “After some time, one thing led to another. Thankfully, I passed both my course exam and my state exam on my first attempt a little over two years ago and officially joined the Shockley Team as a licensed agent.”

The Shockley Team specializes in the resale of residential homes in Wellington and the surrounding areas. The key to their success is simple: put the customer first.

“To us, real estate is not just about having a niche in terms of a specific price range or segment of the community,” Maryjo said. “It’s about building trust and relationships and helping our clients with whatever it is they need at the time. Whether a short-term rental, a small starter home or a luxurious home in the corner of Wellington, we understand that everyone has different needs, and we’re excited to help along the way whenever we can.”

Being a member of a successful team means you not only have each other’s backs, but you also combine your individual strengths to create a unified and highly efficient business model.

“Maryjo has years of experience under her belt,” Mary said. “She has in-depth transactional knowledge, a great grasp of the buying/selling process and a wealth of relationships in the community. On the other hand, I’m probably more familiar with the increasingly important technological and digital aspect of our business.”

The women work hard to make sure they separate themselves from the many other real estate professionals in and around Wellington.

“Picking a Realtor often comes down to personal relationships and trust,” Maryjo said. “We’re also working hard to differentiate by incorporating cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to promote our listings above and beyond the traditional means, such as using a targeted approach to Facebook advertising that allows us to promote listings to people who are most likely to have an interest or need for specific homes in specific areas.”

Technology and marketing strategies most certainly have their place in today’s real estate world. The Shockley Team blends those tools with what they consider to be something very special.

“We have a unique trust and family connection as a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law team,” Mary said. “This trust and connection has historically transferred to our clients and transactions. That’s why our slogan states: ‘Where you’re treated like family,’ and we really live by that.”

To reach the Shockley Team at Keller Williams, call (561) 762-1609 or (561) 223-5989, or visit


Jeff Browning And Larry Moffett Of Bowen Realty Specialize In Residential Real Estate

Jeff Browning And Larry Moffett Of Bowen Realty Specialize In Residential Real Estate

Jeff Browning and Larry Moffett of Bowen Realty could not have had more different beginnings. Browning grew up in a coal mining area of West Virginia, while Moffett is a Miami native.

A graduate of the West Virginia Institute of Technology, Browning started out working on large-scale construction projects in the nuclear power industry, eventually becoming licensed as a general contractor. Moffett earned his degree in secondary education and became a teacher at Berean Christian School in West Palm Beach.

Today, they’re working as a team at Bowen Realty. What binds them together is simple: they share the same views when it comes to how business should be conducted.

“My wife and I met Larry and his wife, Cherilyn, at church years ago and quickly realized that we have the same morals and set of ethics,” Browning recalled. “We place a high priority on decency and honesty in our business dealings, as well as our personal lives. In an era where perhaps those values are becoming increasingly more difficult to find, we will not waiver. We feel if you do what’s right to the best of your ability, then it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Both men make sure to provide a transaction process that is as painless as possible.

“At Bowen Realty, we offer a family-oriented atmosphere to our agents and customers,” Moffett said. “We try to take off the pressure of buying and selling a home by being involved in every detail of the transaction.  We want to make the experience an enjoyable journey, not a dreaded, stress-filled task.”

Browning and Moffett specialize in residential real estate. Both men see it as a way to provide a service to their customers and a chance to help their neighbors.

“I enjoy the relationship with people who are trying to make one of the most important decisions of their lives,” Browning said. “The choice of a dwelling in which to raise a family and create a sanctuary is a personal, exhilarating (though sometimes anguishing) choice, and I believe my individual and professional experience in real estate and construction comes across as an advantage for those looking to purchase a home. Likewise, as an agent for a seller and having the background of building homes in this area, I have a unique knowledge and ability to help a seller create a more appealing, saleable home via minor upgrades or improvements.”

Moffett also enjoys working in residential real estate.

“Being in residential real estate allows me the opportunity to help a young married couple who are ready to start a family to find their slice of paradise in the area,” he said. “It also allows me to help those who are transitioning from the workforce to retirement to find a community that will offer things they are interested in.”

Both enjoy their relationship with Bowen Realty.

“Bowen Realty is a totally independent agency, giving agents the ability and authority to make decisions quickly for the best interests of their customers,” Browning said. “Our agents also have a great support system with all of our managers having many years of experience listing and selling real estate. There are many advantages to this organization for both clients and agents.”

Moffett and Browning use those advantages to help their clients.

“Remember, no two real estate transactions are ever the same,” Moffett said. “There will always be a speed bump along the way, and you need an agent who will be there to guide you through the process. That is the experience we provide at Bowen Realty.”

Jeff Browning is based out of the Bowen Realty office at 12769 W. Forest Hill Blvd. To contact him, call (561) 719-2332. Larry Moffett is based out of the Bowen Realty office at 1168 Royal Palm Beach Blvd. To contact him, call (561) 889-9010.


Rosanne And Michael Currie Of The Currie Realty Group Work Hard On Behalf Of Clients

Rosanne And Michael Currie Of The Currie Realty Group Work Hard On Behalf Of Clients

The husband-and-wife team of Rosanne and Michael Currie of the Currie Realty Group have been successfully serving the western communities since 1999. Their dedication to creating and acquiring the best deals for their clients is their professional calling card.

The Curries are very good at what they do. Then again, they were also very good at selling soft-serve ice cream.

“When Michael and I got married in 1977, we had purchased a Carvel ice cream store that was in my family,” Rosanne recalled. “For the first two years in business, we worked from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m., seven days a week. We wanted to build up the business and save enough money to purchase our first home.”

Thankfully, their plan worked.

“We purchased our first home in 1981 in Long Island, New York,” Michael said. “That is when my interest in real estate first began. I decided to take all kinds of real estate investment courses, and the rest is history. I have been licensed since 1983.”

Soon after Michael got his license, Rosanne joined him as his assistant. That’s when she took an active role in the business. “I learned so much from him in reference to buying, selling, renting and negotiating,” she said. “I’ve always worked in sales, so I worked very well with people and was always a top salesperson.”

The Curries eventually started a family. They have two children — a son, Dean, and a daughter, Jenna. Together, they would vacation in Pembroke Lakes. The South Florida lifestyle appealed to them, which is why they ended up here in Wellington.

“I researched the State of Florida, coming down once a month to see where we were going to move the family,” Michael recalled. “After lots of research, we settled in Wellington, since schools were very important to us.”

Looking at different communities, they zeroed in on Coral Springs and the up-and-coming Wellington area. “I went to the schools, police and fire departments. I asked lots of questions and liked what I heard and saw,” Michael said of his research into Wellington.

When Rosanne got her real estate license in 2001, the Currie Realty Group was born. They specialize in buying, selling, renting and property management throughout Palm Beach County, with most of their business in Wellington. The Curries credit their success to the consistent effort they put into their work.

“We outwork all the other agents,” Rosanne said. “The lights are always on at Currie Realty. When you call us, we always answer our phones. We don’t just input your house on [the Multiple Listing Service]… We advertise it on our own web site, as well as on, Zillow and approximately another 150 other home sites. When we get a listing, we take it from listing to closing, never leaving your side.”

Being partners both personally and professionally gives the Curries another edge over the competition.

“Rosanne and I offer a husband-and-wife, family point of view, so the buyer and seller can make an educated decision when buying or selling a home,” Michael said. “We each bring something different to our team. Since women make most of the buying decisions in our business, Rosanne relates perfectly with all the buyers and sellers, and nobody does it better closing the deal.”

While she focuses on closing the deal, he negotiates the contracts. “I am the numbers man, and Rosanne is the salesperson,” Michael said. “We have the winning combination.”

For more information about the Currie Realty Group, call (561) 385-1111 or visit


Andrew Burr Leads TheRealtorAndrew Team At Century 21 Wieder Realty

Andrew Burr Leads TheRealtorAndrew Team At Century 21 Wieder Realty

Realtor Andrew Burr of Century 21 Wieder Realty heads up the RealtorAndrew Team with four other real estate professionals. They specialize in residential purchases, sales and leasing of luxury homes and farms throughout central Palm Beach County, including Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach and Loxahatchee.

Real estate was not Burr’s first career. Years ago, he did his work in the kitchen. Somehow, he has found a connection between these two seemingly disparate professions.

“I started in auctions, and a lot of people wanted me to move into commercial real estate, but I enjoy the personal interaction of residential real estate and the satisfaction that comes with making customers into friends,” Burr said. “It carries over from my time as a professional chef, I think. When I was a chef, I loved that I knew how well I did my job every single night. I still have friends I made due to being an excellent chef, and I see a lot of parallels between the two businesses.”

Matthew Tarantino is a key member of the RealtorAndrew Team. As one of the “fab five,” he is counted on to perform the sometimes tedious but always essential job of facilitating the stacks of paperwork involved in the average real estate transaction.

“In addition to being a great real estate agent, Matthew is an extraordinary administrator,” Burr said of Tarantino. “When it comes to keeping the ‘I’s dotted and the ‘T’s crossed, there is none better. Matthew is also intimately familiar with the coastal communities of Palm Beach County and is our expert in that area. He has an engaging personality and an extremely professional demeanor which, combined with almost 10 years’ experience as a Realtor, allows him to step into any role needed. All of these things free me up to concentrate on urgent needs of current customers, as well as developing new business.”

Tarantino, a longtime Wellington resident, enjoys his role on the team. “Andrew is the hunter-gatherer, and I am more of the provider of services to the clients, whether it’s showing a property or doing the paperwork required,” he said.

The word “team” is not used lightly by Burr and his co-workers.

“Our entire team focus is on each individual customer,” Tarantino said. “We limit ourselves to no more than 15 customers at a time, including both buyers and sellers, so that we can focus on quality representation rather than quantity.”

Tarantino believes that the group he’s part of is a true example of the old adage put forth by Aristotle: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

“We work for our customers by approaching the sales process as a team,” he said. “Some of us are better than others at certain aspects of the process, and so we utilize each others’ strengths. We creatively advertise the property and competitively, selectively market it to the community and beyond. We have a longevity in the communities we work in, which gives us an edge.”

Burr sees a healthy market both locally and in the surrounding areas.

“Terms that used to be heard often, such as ‘underwater’ and ‘upside-down,’ are starting to become a thing of the past,” he said. “Folks who have wanted to sell but have not been able to due to the value of their home being below the debt on their mortgage are now seeing home sale prices that allow them to cover their debt, and in some cases realize a modest return. Thus, we have a very strong transaction market, but with only a modest uptick in price.”

To contact the RealtorAndrew Team, call (561) 324-8914, e-mail or visit www.andrewsellspalm



Monica Hoffman & Neolfi Hentze Work With Both International And Local Clients

Monica Hoffman & Neolfi Hentze Work With Both International And Local Clients

By Matthew Auerbach

Working as a team at Heritage International Realty, Monica Hoffman and Neolfi Hentze offer up their experience as seasoned real estate professionals to their many customers, many of whom live a long way from Wellington.

“We work with international clients from Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Canada,” Hoffman said. “Neolfi and I just came back from a trip to Bogotá, Colombia, where we had an exclusive presentation to our customers there for investment opportunities in South Florida. We made excellent connections in Bogotá, and we are planning on going to Buenos Aires, Lima and Santiago with the same business plan.”

While their long-term goal is to entice buyers to settle and/or invest in the South Florida area, they know their No. 1 job is to provide service that is second to none.

“My specialty is consulting my clients on their real estate goals, short-term and long-term,” Hentze said. “My extensive experience allows me to work with my clients and their family members in making sound real estate decisions. I love helping people; it is second nature to me and very satisfying when you have clients that are so happy with the service we provide.”

Hoffman and Hentze are quite comfortable doing business on other shores. After all, it’s where their individual journeys began. Hoffman was born in Colombia and lived for many years in Venezuela. Hentze was raised in the Dominican Republic before moving to New York.

The two have found a shared appreciation for Wellington.

“In 2002, I met my husband, James, who at that time ran his company purchasing and rehabbing single and multi-family properties,” Hoffman recalled. “We married and moved here. We fell in love with Wellington and have been raising our family here for more than 10 years. The schools are great, and the equestrian venues are world-class. I love the parks and recreational activities, especially the past few years with all the major improvements to the community center, as well as the proximity to the beach, among many other things.”

Hentze agreed. “My family chose to live in the Wellington area for the possibilities of investing as much as it is a great place to live,” she said. “Wellington has been growing, yet it is still an affordable place to live. Schools are good, and there are lots of activities and great restaurants.”

Partnering at Heritage International has allowed these two professionals to utilize their strengths and achieve results that are personally gratifying, as well as being beneficial to those who retain their services.

“Working as a team with Neolfi has been wonderful,” Hoffman said. “We can deliver a higher quality of service to our customers with twice the selling power. We are available to them seven days a week, and we are on top of every single detail of each transaction. Utilizing Heritage’s ‘Intelligent Marketing Strategies’ provides our clients a strategic service versus the shotgun approach to marketing properties with a combination of targeted digital marketing and social media.”

Whether their clientele is many miles away or a stone’s throw from their office, Hoffman and Hentze believe that they can create the best situation possible for buyers, sellers or renters.

“At Heritage International Realty, we go the extra mile to bring our customers and clients the information they need,” Hentze said. “We are tireless in our dedication to our customers; we never stop. As highly experienced, educated and motivated agents, we get the job done. As a team, we are more powerful, because we are combining two different backgrounds and experiences.”

Heritage International Realty’s office is located at 4095 State Road 7, Suite U3, in the Marketplace at Wycliffe. For more information, call (561) 510-6840 or visit


Shane & Peggy Clarke Share A Mutual Love For The Real Estate Business

Shane & Peggy Clarke Share A Mutual Love For The Real Estate Business

Story by Matthew Auerbach • Photo by Abner Pedraza

It takes a lot of hard work to keep a partnership together and thriving over the years. When that partnership is both professional and personal, the achievement is that much more impressive. Such is the case with Shane and Peggy Clarke of Keller Williams Realty.

The Clarkes have found success in both their marriage and their work. Shane was born in New Zealand, while Peggy originally hails from Boston. They wound up in Wellington for different reasons: he, for the great golfing; she, for the relaxing lifestyle and beautiful year-round weather.

They met while working independently in the real estate business. It didn’t take long to realize that they shared similar views of their profession.

“We have the same vision, and work to achieve it with love, respect and a sense of humor,” Peggy explained. “It helps that we know and complement each other’s particular strengths. We can also agree to disagree at times, but we make the tough decisions together. We can’t imagine not working together.”

The Clarkes have been serving the community for 26 years. Over that time, they have become experts at handling all areas of the real estate buying and selling process.

“We specialize in all facets of real estate sales, including some commercial dealings,” Shane said. “We are certified by the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing and have earned the special acknowledgement of being members of the Million Dollar Guild. We are passionate about this business, and it brings us pleasure to find the perfect homes for our customers.”

They have an extensive knowledge of the area and pride themselves on knowing the details of the local real estate market. Their association with Keller Williams allows them to use their know-how to the fullest. “We have associated ourselves with Keller Williams Realty, as they are a high-achieving, progressive company that puts their agents first,” Shane said. “They have implemented models and scripts that direct agents to reach their maximum potential.”

While the support from Keller Williams is crucial to their success, the Clarkes know it is their deep involvement in every transaction that keeps them flourishing.

“We have always created a personal brand for all of our marketing products, which stand out and get us noticed,” Peggy said. “We will not sell a customer a home that we would not buy for ourselves. This has made us successful, and most of our business has been generated by personal referrals from past customers.”

The Clarkes have four children, all of college age or beyond. Raising a family was a big reason they chose to settle in Wellington.

“We love living in Wellington,” Shane said. “We were drawn to the young families, A-rated schools, organized sports and activities, equestrian events, quality hospitals and fine doctors. Having close proximity to the beaches and many fine restaurants in the surrounding areas is also a big plus.”

The Clarkes don’t have a crystal ball when it comes to predicting the future of the real estate market. Still, their instincts lead them to believe that the future is strong for both buyers and sellers. “While mortgage rates remain low, they have risen over the past few months,” Peggy said. “With these changes, we may see sellers being more flexible with their pricing to generate a contract.”

Shane also expects more people coming into the market.

“We are seeing more first-time buyers than usual,” he said. “Area rent prices are increasing, which is motivating millennials and others to move to purchase.”

The Wellington office of Keller Williams Realty is located at 12008 South Shore Blvd. To reach Shane and Peggy Clarke, call (561) 798-0888 or (561) 307-1506. For more info., visit