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Brady Walter Of Century 21 WC Realty Enjoys Working In The Wellington Market Perfect Fit

Brady Walter Of Century 21 WC Realty Enjoys Working In The Wellington Market

Perfect Fit

Two years ago, Brady Walter was in Maryland, attending college with the hopes of developing a career in the fashion industry. Today, he is an up-and-coming sales associate with Century 21 WC Realty, located in the original Wellington Mall at Forest Hill Blvd. and Wellington Trace.

This just goes to show how quickly life can change.

“I was working as a personal stylist for a men’s custom clothier in Maryland and several other states,” Walter recalled. “I would help men achieve the best versions of themselves, often by asking what motivates and inspires them. I found that I honestly enjoyed helping people.”

It was that caring attitude that led him to Florida.

“I had been doing some market research on the Palm Beach County area, and what I saw was a lot of potential in Wellington and the surrounding areas,” he said.

Soon, Walter had packed his bags and relocated.

When his girlfriend Tayler got her real estate license, Walter realized that helping people find the perfect home — the “perfect fit,” if you will — was very similar to his previous career in fashion. It was a challenge that he wanted to take on. Soon, he too, had his real estate license.

Timothy Watts, the head broker at Century 21 WC Realty, welcomed Walter and aided in his career transition.

“Tim has been nothing short of incredible,” Walter said. “He has met with me one-on-one on several occasions, showed me the ropes and walked me through what a Realtor should be doing on a daily basis.”

As for the Wellington area, Walter continues to be impressed by the local market.

“I see a lot of potential in Wellington, and in the real estate market in general for the West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens area,” he said. “There’s value in those homes and those communities, and that helps me help people.”

Because he is hyper-focused on matching people to their “best life,” Walter also takes note of the feel of a neighborhood.

“I lived in New York for a while, and I would have to say that the people here are much friendlier than in large cities like New York or Miami,” Walter said. “There’s a sense of community in Wellington that speaks to the growth of the area. With or without memberships involved, the sense of community is what makes people want to buy homes rather than rent. Once they do buy, their family is going to develop here and establish roots, and they are going to be happy they bought instead of rented.”

Walter noted that growth outside the Wellington community is also drawing more people here.

“There is a lot of new construction,” Walter said. “Not so much in Wellington, but in Loxahatchee, The Acreage, Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach. That activity has drawn people to Wellington as well.”

Walter continues to match every buyer with the proper home for them in the proper neighborhood, while also helping every seller move forward as they follow their dreams. But that’s not all. Walter added that, if asked, he may throw in some complimentary fashion advice as a bonus.

Call (301) 452-6832 or e-mail to contact Brady Walter. For additional information, visit


Martha Jolicoeur Of Douglas Elliman Lives And Breathes Wellington Real Estate Competitive Sport

Martha Jolicoeur Of Douglas Elliman Lives And Breathes Wellington Real Estate

Competitive Sport

A career based around horses is often a lifelong endeavor. For Wellington real estate agent Martha Jolicoeur, her time in the saddle led her to her true calling. An accomplished rider training under the tutelage of Olympians, Jolicoeur made a big change that led her to call Wellington home — and to help others do the same.

Jolicoeur grew up in Westport, Connecticut, located in the heart of northeastern horse country. For her, riding felt like a natural step, and it was one that rewarded her from the moment she climbed onto the back of a horse as a child.

Unlike most Olympic sports, men and woman compete as equals in equestrian events, and the sport also involves another living, breathing being. Jolicoeur experienced the many highs while competing, but horses also helped her discover another passion. While living and competing in the Middleburg, Virginia, area, it was from the back of a horse that Jolicoeur was inspired to take her professional career in another direction.

“I was riding my horse along a hill and thought to myself that I needed to find a different path to secure a future for my family,’” said Jolicoeur, whose daughter, Isabel, is an associate attorney at Atkinson P.A. in Miami. “I got off the horse and decided to focus on real estate full time. So, I moved to Florida.”

South Florida became Jolicoeur’s permanent home in 2005, and she has watched equestrians flock to Wellington from all corners of the world ever since. According to her, it’s a place like no other that brings people together over a special bond with horses.

“Wellington has become a place where everyone speaks the same language. That language is horses,” she said. “Horses brought us all together, and it gives this place a real sense of community.”

Real estate is now Jolicoeur’s “competitive sport” and she has — once again — found her way to the top. In 2018, she was ranked the No. 1 Florida agent as a member of the elite Douglas Elliman Real Estate Sports & Entertainment Division.

Jolicoeur has witnessed the evolution of Wellington real estate. Through the boom in condo living in the early 2000s and a transition in popularity to farm and home sales as the equestrian community put down roots, Jolicoeur caters to the needs of both the equestrian set and people looking for their own slice of Florida paradise.

“When I started in Wellington, there was a boom in the market,” Jolicoeur said. “You listed something, and it sold right away. I still feel that we have a very healthy market, but we are dealing with a larger base of people coming to Wellington and looking to own property. Another thing that is positively affecting the market now is the tax advantages of being a Florida resident. It’s a perk that many people can’t pass up.”

Since 2005, Wellington has experienced a growth spurt that is impressive to visitors and the real estate market as a whole.

“Growth has been the biggest facilitator for a healthy real estate climate in Wellington,” Jolicoeur said. “The equestrian activities have expanded, and the array of people wishing to live here has skyrocketed.”

However, it takes the expertise offered by someone with experience in the market to find the perfect home. 

“In this market, buyers have to do their research, take their time and watch the trends,” Jolicoeur said. “On the flip side, if sellers do their homework and price appropriately, their properties will sell.”

Today, Jolicoeur feels that there is a healthy mix of equestrian farms, private estates, condos and year-round residences balancing the market. “There is something for everyone,” she said. “People — related to the horse business or not — have realized that this is a place anyone would want to call home.”

To learn more about Martha Jolicoeur, call (561) 797-8040 or visit


Denise West Of Keller Williams Brings 30 Years Of Real Estate Experience Native Floridian

Denise West Of Keller Williams Brings 30 Years Of Real Estate Experience Native Floridian

Real estate professional Denise West of Keller Williams was born in Miami, the 10th of 11 children. Her parents instilled in her values that she still lives by today: treat others the way you want to be treated, always lead with faith and love, and if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything.

West became part of the Wellington community after living through Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Leaving the area where she had grown up wasn’t easy.

“It was hard to leave such a strong support base and family,” West recalled. “But when my husband Dale, a retired firefighter, and I happened upon Wellington with our three children — who were six, three and one at the time — we fell in love with the quaint community.”

She began her career in real estate a few years before that move.

“When I decided to get into real estate, I was eight months pregnant with my middle son,” West said. “I knew I would not be returning to my job as a marketing director for Florida Power & Light Credit Union because I made the choice to stay home at that point to raise my children and enjoy every phase of being a mother. But in the back of my mind, I also knew sometime in the future I might need or want to get back in the workplace and wanted to be prepared. Real estate seemed like a natural fit.”

West specializes in all residential communities, as well as the luxury market. Her experience in real estate has allowed her the opportunity to participate in every kind of transaction.

“Being a Realtor for more than 30 years, I have sold everything from townhomes to first-time home buyers, residential homes, investment properties, multi-million-dollar Intracoastal properties to second-home buyers and horse farms in Wellington,” she said.

West is one-half of the Keller Williams duo known as the “Hearth and Home Team.” Her partner happens to be someone quite close to her.

“I am blessed that my daughter Kristie is a Realtor with me,” West said. “My daughter Kristie and I, as a team, pride ourselves in helping each of our clients with top-notch service. Together, we blend social media interaction and a personal touch. We give our buyers and sellers our knowledge of the real estate market and provide hard facts to assist with good decisions, strong negotiation skills and added amenities not offered by the average Realtor.”

Their years together, along with their strong work ethic, have established this mother-and-daughter team as one to be trusted by both those in and out of the real estate market.

“As Realtors, we also network and market to fellow Realtors just as much as to the public,” West said. “When you are established and respected, you can call on others, and they can call on you, and many times a home is sold without ever hitting the market.”

The love West felt when she first visited Wellington back in 1992 has not diminished one bit.

“There isn’t enough I can say about Wellington,” she said. “Being a native Floridian, I know what communities are out there. I am not aware of another like Wellington. It provides the perfect balance of small-town community with modern conveniences, wonderful restaurants and, of course, our equestrian events, which make us unique in every way.”

To contact Denise West, call (561) 313-4006 or visit


Coldwell Banker’s Andrew Burr Leads A Group Of Real Estate Professionals Team Approach

Coldwell Banker’s Andrew Burr Leads A Group Of Real Estate Professionals Team Approach

Realtor Andrew Burr with Coldwell Banker heads up the Andrew Burr Group with four other real estate professionals. They specialize in residential purchases, sales and leasing of luxury homes and farms throughout central Palm Beach County, including Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach and Loxahatchee.

Real estate was not Burr’s first career. Years ago, he did his work in the kitchen. Somehow, he has found a connection between these two seemingly disparate professions.

“I started in auctions, and a lot of people wanted me to move into commercial real estate, but I enjoy the personal interaction of residential real estate and the satisfaction that comes with making customers into friends,” Burr said. “It carries over from my time as a professional chef. When I was a chef, I loved that I knew how well I did my job every single night. I still have friends I made due to being an excellent chef, and I see a lot of parallels between the two businesses.”

Matthew Tarantino is a key member of the team. He is counted on to perform the tedious but always essential job of facilitating the stacks of paperwork involved in the average real estate transaction.

“In addition to being a great real estate agent, Matthew is an extraordinary administrator,” Burr said. “When it comes to keeping the ‘I’s dotted and the ‘T’s crossed, there is none better. Matthew is also intimately familiar with the coastal communities of Palm Beach County and is our expert in that area. He has an engaging personality and an extremely professional demeanor which, combined with years of experience as a Realtor, allows him to step into any role needed. All of these things free me up to concentrate on urgent needs of current customers, as well as developing new business.”

Tarantino, a longtime Wellington resident, enjoys his role on the team. “Andrew is the hunter-gatherer, and I am more of the provider of services to the clients, whether it’s showing a property or doing the paperwork required,” he said.

The word “team” is not used lightly by Burr and his co-workers.

“Our entire team focus is on each individual customer,” Tarantino said. “We limit ourselves to no more than 15 customers at a time, including both buyers and sellers, so that we can focus on quality representation rather than quantity.”

Tarantino believes that the group is far greater than its individual parts.

“We work for our customers by approaching the sales process as a team,” he said. “Some of us are better than others at certain aspects of the process, and so we utilize each other’s strengths. We creatively advertise the property and competitively, selectively market it to the community and beyond. We have a longevity in the communities we work in, which gives us an edge.”

Burr believes that real estate today is a safe investment in the future.

“The largest fear many homebuyers have currently is that they will be facing another difficult market as we had a decade ago,” he said. “The reality is that the situation is completely different with lenders constrained by much more stringent rules and regulation, and more people than ever with more than 50 percent equity in their homes. The result of this is that we are in one of the strongest markets we’ve seen in decades. If you’re thinking about purchasing and are concerned about market strength, contact us, and we’ll help you through it step by step.”

To contact the Andrew Burr Team, call (561) 324-8914 or e-mail realtor Learn more at


Kim Jenard Brings Clients A Winning Attitude With Attention To Details

Kim Jenard Brings Clients A Winning Attitude With Attention To Details

After a career as a flight attendant and years raising four kids, Kim Jenard of Engel & Völkers funneled her attention and energies into the real estate profession, finding success working in Wellington’s luxury and equestrian markets.

Jenard worked at American Airlines for 13 years. It was there that she learned the value of customer service and patience, developing a “can-do” attitude that continues to serve her well to this day.

“I am a relationship person and have always had a very outgoing, sociable personality,” she said. “All of these are important factors and contribute to being successful in real estate. I tend to become friends with all of my clients, and I always follow my lifelong motto: ‘Do unto others as you wish others do unto you.’”

Jenard originally hails from Annapolis, Maryland. She has been a Wellington resident for almost two decades.

“I moved to Wellington in 2000 with my family,” Jenard recalled. “Our move was based on the fact that we wanted to raise our family here for the amazing parks and recreation facilities, along with the small-town vibe and amazing schools.”

All the time Jenard has spent in the area now benefits her clients. She is completely familiar with the diverse local neighborhoods that make up Wellington and the neighboring communities.

“I specialize in high-end luxury and equestrian properties, along with single-family home sales in the Wellington area,” she said. “I love attention to detail, along with marketing and showing custom homes that offer unique characteristics and quality materials.”

A major component to her success is certainly her attention to detail.

“Being that I service clients from all over the world, this is very important, as designs and styles vary from one client to another,” Jenard said. “Equestrian properties are a huge component of my business, as a large portion of my clients are involved in one or more of the equestrian venues here in Wellington. Some of them prefer to have an equestrian estate, while others prefer to have a luxury home with a separate barn elsewhere.”

Jenard prides herself on being a familiar face in the community.

“If you ask people around town if they know me, they will most likely respond with something like: ‘She knows everyone, and you cannot go anywhere with her without her running into someone she knows,’” Jenard said.

Jenard’s goal is to always put her clients’ needs first, and she works with them every step of the way as they make one of life’s biggest decisions: to buy or sell their home.

She’s just as committed to her adopted hometown of Wellington.

“Wellington is unique in the sense that it has a small-town vibe and is a unique village,” she said. “We have our own mayor, village hall, parades, parks, recreation galore, amazing schools and convenience to wonderful restaurants, shopping and world-class equestrian venues that attract people from all over the world.”

To contact Kim Jenard, call (561) 644-9650, e-mail or visit


JP Picone Of Home Loan Experts Helps Clients With Their Mortgage Needs

JP Picone Of Home Loan Experts Helps Clients With Their Mortgage Needs

You never know on what path your life will take you. For John Gerard “JP” Picone of Home Loan Experts, what began as a dream of playing professional baseball has led to a successful career as a mortgage broker.

It all started in Newark, N.J., back in 1971.

“I was the only child in a middle class, Italian family,” Picone recalled. “My career goal at that time was to play second base for the New York Yankees. I played a lot of baseball growing up. I attended mostly Catholic schools — St. Thomas in Bloomfield for my elementary years and Holy Family in Nutley for junior high. I graduated from Clifton High School in 1989.”

After high school, Picone got a job as a senior file clerk at a top-shelf law firm with help from his mother, Doreen, who was employed there.

“I enjoyed my time there very much and was even offered assistance with college and law school, if I wanted to commit to becoming an attorney,” he said. “I really wanted to follow in the footsteps of my dad, uncle and cousin; all hard-working men and business owners in their own right. These were the people I looked up to. I really wanted to be in my own business.”

After running his own towing business for three years, Picone relocated to South Florida in 1997. His extensive auto background led him to become a salesman for AutoNation. He attended AutoNation University with plans to move up in the company.

“For six months, I was an assistant finance manager, a finance manager for four years and finally, a director of finance,” he said. “My financial automotive career has taken me through many auto dealerships: AutoNation, Acura, GMC, GM, Cadillac, Hyundai, Suzuki, Subaru, Mazda, Chrysler and Mitsubishi.”

Picone, who has been married for more than 20 years to his wife Meredith, has two children: son Jared, 20, and daughter McKenna, 18. He has been a Palm Beach resident since 2000.

After a few years serving as a loan modification manager for a bank, he made the leap to the mortgage side and began originating residential and commercial loans.

“I worked with several companies before going with Home Loan Experts, a wholesale mortgage broker, in 2017,” Picone said. “I am licensed to originate loans in both Florida and Texas and can refer in all 50 states. My concentration is in Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens.”

Picone enjoys his position as a wholesale broker.

“At this level, I can offer my clients competitive rates and better service by shopping their loans while having access to every loan product available, for all the various credit profiles,” he said. “In effect, this gives me more control of the loan and allows my clients to close either on time or early, almost every time.”

Home Loan Experts makes sure to go the extra mile for each and every client.

“We have the ability to offer lower rates and zero broker closing costs,” Picone said. “This means both lower payments and lower out-of-pocket closing costs for our clients.”

Picone also strives to stay in contact with clients after the mortgage is done.

“I am available from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week,” Picone said. “If you need something on a Saturday or a Sunday, I am available. Our services also do not stop after your closing. I assist my clients if something occurs after we close or if they just have a question. We are here for you.”

To contact John Gerard “JP” Picone, call (561) 275-3984 or (561) 318-5987. Learn more at


Karen Allen Puts Her Decades Of Experience To Work For Clients

Karen Allen Puts Her Decades Of Experience To Work For Clients

Karen Allen is good with numbers, and she’s great with people. After spending more than a decade as a mortgage lender, she transitioned to real estate and is determined to help buyers and sellers with what she calls “one of the most significant transactions of their lives.”

A native of Brooklyn, Allen has been a resident of Palm Beach County for 35 years, where she currently heads up the Karen Allen Group at Keller Williams Luxury Homes International in Wellington.

 “My father and sister moved to Florida, so I wanted to be near family for my kids growing up, and to have an opportunity to buy a home here,” she recalled of her decision to relocate to the Sunshine State.

Mortgage lending was a natural fit for her, but as it turns out, it was only part of Allen’s journey.

“My background is in financing, and I worked on Wall Street,” she said. “I really enjoyed the financing end, given my background, but wanted to help people on the other end. That is when I got into the real estate field.”

Allen’s passion for being of service to others is a primary reason why so many of her clients come back to her time and again, and refer her service to friends, family and co-workers.

“I love helping people and to look out for them in every way,” she said. “I have worked with many first-time home buyers, investors and luxury properties. I have been with Keller Williams for almost 18 years full time, and two years ago moved to the Wellington office, where I currently have a team of my own.”

Allen prides herself on staying steps ahead of the competition by keeping up with the latest industry changes and innovations.

“At Keller Williams, we specialize in technology and are a learning-based company,” Allen said. “I am a designated luxury agent and have been a top-producing agent since entering real estate. I have been a board member of the Agent Leadership Council for 14 years and have served on the culture and charity committees each year.”

She’s equally at home working with first-time or experienced home buyers. Whether a property is luxury or distressed, Allen and her team know how to close the deal.

“I am both passionate and dedicated, and I believe in being honest and ethical to do what it takes with my knowledge and commitment to make each transaction a special one,” Allen said.

She believes that her experience and creativity give her an edge when it comes to selling homes in the shortest period of time while achieving maximum value.

The same can be said for helping buyers identify their perfect home at a fair monetary estimate. She stays involved in every step of every transaction, which provides clients with both a sense of security and well-being.

As comfortable as she may be in any kind of situation, Allen does have her preferences.

“I love boating, so ocean/waterfront properties are among my favorites to sell,” she said. “Florida has so many other opportunities as well, such as golf communities, equestrian and aeronautical neighborhoods.”

Wellington is one place where she enjoys doing business. “Wellington has so much to offer,” Allen said. “Whether it be estate homes, equestrian properties, waterfront properties, A-rated schools, as well as an abundance of community activities, including concerts, festivals, events and more.”

To contact Karen Allen, call (561) 818-8403 or visit


Bowen Realty’s Paris Lynn Addington Brings Her Clients A Lifetime Of Local Experience

Bowen Realty’s Paris Lynn Addington Brings Her Clients A Lifetime Of Local Experience

Paris Lynn Addington of Bowen Realty is well-versed in the day-to-day life of area residents. She lives here and has spent a majority of her life in Palm Beach County. However, her story began on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

“I was an army brat, born in Paris, France,” she recalled. “My father decided to name me after that beautiful place. We left Paris when I was six months old.” 

Addington’s family relocated from the City of Lights to South Florida while she was still in diapers. 

“I have lived here most of my life,” Addington said. “I graduated in 1981 from John I. Leonard High School. I’ve lived in Royal Palm Beach, Wellington and Loxahatchee, and I know the western communities very well. I have watched Wellington develop from the beginning, from just a few golf courses and homes to the thriving community it is today. My kids have attended school in the Wellington and Loxahatchee areas.”

She headed west for a while before returning to Palm Beach County.

“I’ve spent the last nine years in Dallas, Texas, where we have some family,” Addington said. “We moved back last year to be with our growing family and couldn’t be happier to be home again.”

Addington entered the real estate field for reasons that are both personal and professional.

“I decided to get into real estate because I genuinely love the area and the people and have family in the business,” she said. “I specialize in finding homes that people will love, and that includes either buying or renting.”

Of course, when the time comes to leave their home, Addington is sympathetic to the emotions that situation conjures up.

“I also understand that people’s homes are their pride and joy, as well as one of their biggest investments,” she said. “I will work hard to market their home when the time comes to sell.”

Not only is Addington happy with her career choice, she’s glad to be working for a company that supports her and provides the tools necessary to enhance her performance.

“Working for Bowen Realty truly benefits all of our clients, either buying or selling,” she said. “We offer many years of experience and offices all over Palm Beach County and Port Saint Lucie. We use the latest marketing tools available and can market homes on many platforms.”

The future for buyers, sellers and renters looks bright.

“I believe that the real estate market in Palm Beach County, specifically in the western communities, will continue to grow and prosper,” Addington said. “With so many people moving to Florida, our economy continues to expand and strengthen. After all, who doesn’t want to live in paradise?”

Addington has seen many parts of the nation, but it is Wellington and the surrounding areas that she holds most dear.

“In my opinion, the western communities are the best places to live,” she said. “It has fantastic schools, shopping, dining, world-famous equestrian facilities and everything you could possibly need. It’s great for young people just starting out. From young families to senior citizens, there is something for everyone.”

Paris Lynn Addington is based out of the Bowen Realty office at 1168 Royal Palm Blvd. For more information, call (561) 301-1289 or e-mail


Realtor Debbie Swinford Enjoys Helping The Community She Loves

Realtor Debbie Swinford Enjoys Helping The Community She Loves

A career in real estate can be both financially and personally rewarding. For Debbie Swinford of Bowen Realty, her profession provides a way to perform a task that is very personal: improving the lives of those around her.

Swinford, who grew up in West Palm Beach and attended Forest Hill High School, is married with three daughters and three grandchildren.

“As my children got married and the grandchildren started coming, I needed something where I could be available to them, as well as provide income,” she said. “Many friends were Realtors; one of my daughters, as well. So, I went to real estate school, and I have found it very rewarding. Real estate has provided me a way to spend time with my grandchildren and family.”

Swinford has always been interested in helping people. “I’ve done many medical mission trips to Ethiopia, Africa and Haiti,” she said.

Her current job allows her to assist others much closer to home.

“I make myself available seven days a week — after church, of course — to my clients in need of direction and answers,” Swinford said. “I am grateful to have the opportunity to be trusted and help out my fellow man. Nothing is more rewarding than to know you did the right thing and brought happiness to people.”

Swinford makes every effort to assist buyers and sellers who might be confused about the real estate market and are looking for someone who can help them find the perfect situation for themselves and their family. Her connection to her company is strong.

“I will say this industry can be difficult, but when I found Bowen Realty, all that went away,” she said. “We are a locally owned firm that is heavily involved in the community it serves.”

Sometimes, that involvement focuses on a community of one. Swinford is part of a group who have come to the aid of a Lake Worth woman whose home is not in the best of shape.

“She has many issues with her house,” Swinford said. “But it’s paid for, and she is alone and wants to stay there, so we decided to just start helping her.”

Swinford arranged for a company to go out to the woman’s residence and patch her roof — pro bono, she’s proud to say — because raccoons were found running around up there.

“We have a long way to go because the large holes in her roof inside the home need to be totally dry walled,” she said. “We can get her in a better living situation, and as a Realtor, I know how much a person’s home means to them.”

Swinford works diligently for her clients. She looks for the best deals and is confident in her ability to get any deal done in a professional and efficient manner. With all that said, she’s guided by the personal principles that ground her life every day.

“In today’s age, we must help and be honest with one another,” Swinford said. “Setting our own agendas aside for someone else, we can choose honesty or deception. I choose honesty.”

To contact Debbie Swinford of Bowen Realty, call (561) 370-4197.


Jennifer Drahan Of Keller Williams Brings Clients A Unique Equestrian Background

Jennifer Drahan Of Keller Williams Brings Clients A Unique Equestrian Background

Riding and real estate: an activity and a profession that both loom large in Wellington. It’s no wonder, then, that Jennifer Drahan of Keller Williams, who’s passionate about both, should happily settle in the community.

Drahan grew up in the Lone Star State and graduated from Texas A&M in 1995.

“My grandfather was a builder, my mom an interior designer and retailer, and my dad was in marketing and owned rental properties as a side business,” she recalled. “When I wasn’t riding, I was driving around to different build and design projects with them.”

She once dreamed of representing her country as a show jumper at the Olympics.

“I went right into life as a professional equestrian after college, traveling the world following my passion for horses,” Drahan said.

That didn’t come to pass, but another career came calling.

“I am obsessed with real estate,” Drahan said. “I used to drive around and walk around abandoned properties before I got my license. Now I am more careful.”

Still, it was her love of the equestrian lifestyle that brought her to Wellington. When she finally arrived in 2002, it was love at first sight. “I will never forget thinking to myself, after driving for 24 hours to get here, ‘I never want to leave this place, it is so beautiful,’” she said.

Drahan bought a condo in Wellington in 2004 while still working in Connecticut. Two years later, her business relocated here. She got her real estate license in 2010, but it wasn’t until 2012 that she ended her professional riding and training career and turned full-time to real estate.

“I have several friends in the business who are able to juggle another career with real estate, and while I admire their ability to multi-task, I am at my best when I do not spread myself too thin,” she said.

Drahan specializes in equestrian, luxury and investment properties. She feels these areas are a natural fit considering her background. Another natural fit for Drahan is working with Keller Williams.

“At KW, we have an awesome culture of helping others, sharing, being learning-based, and always growing and thinking bigger,” she said. “I personally have streamlined communication for buyers and sellers, a major focus on staging and property preparation prior to listing, and I use cutting-edge tech to get my listings in front of the right people.”

Whether you’re looking for your dream home or putting your current residence on the market, Drahan believes that she has the talent and tools to get you the best deal possible.

“We are able to offer our buyers Keller Mortgage, saving them thousands of dollars, plus we are rolling out our iBuyer program, so sellers are able to sell their property immediately, without marketing, showing and waiting for the right buyer,” she said.

Drahan has a very positive view of Wellington’s real estate market.

“The current local market has stabilized a bit, which is great, while farms and luxury properties continue to sell at an encouraging rate,” she said. “Overall, the Wellington market was up slightly the first quarter of 2019, with average days on market coming down from 125 to 100. I expect to see a continued stable market over the rest of the year, with a slight pickup in the luxury market toward the fall.”

To contact Jennifer Drahan, e-mail, call (281) 851-7248 or visit