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The Fite Group’s Melanie Peterson Uses Her Equestrian Experience To Help Clients

The Fite Group’s Melanie Peterson Uses Her Equestrian
Experience To Help Clients

Wellington is the go-to place for all things equestrian. For Melanie Peterson of the Fite Group Luxury Homes, horses were her life and her livelihood for many years, and when it was time to close the barn door on her equestrian career, she began a new career in real estate.

“I was a professional horse trainer since high school and settled at my own facility after college,” said Peterson, whose family moved to Wellington in 1989. “One of my clients owned a brokerage in Boca Raton and encouraged me to get my license. I took his advice and did just that in 2011 and closed down my training business. I have been selling real estate in and around Wellington ever since.”

Although her training days are behind her, she still enjoys getting up in the saddle, as well as other outdoor activities.

“My husband and I live in Wellington with our two dogs and enjoy riding horses, bass fishing and sporting clays,” Peterson said.

Her equestrian experience has served Peterson well in her real estate career. It certainly helped her choose an area of the profession in which she has undeniable expertise.

“Utilizing my knowledge from managing horse farms and my business experience, I decided to specialize in equestrian properties in Wellington,” she said. “Growing up here, I have witnessed the growth over the years. Knowing these developments from as far back as before they existed helps me to guide my clients in their decisions, whether it is a single-family home, condo, farm or land needing to be developed.”

Wellington isn’t the only area that benefits from Peterson’s talents. 

“I also have my real estate license in Kentucky and specialize in equestrian properties in Lexington, specifically around the Kentucky Horse Park. Many of my clients here are also my clients there,” she explained.

Winding up with the Fite Group was anything but a coincidence for Peterson. She was searching for the perfect fit and found it.

“I chose to work at the Fite Group because I was looking for a brokerage that would support my business and help it grow,” Peterson explained. “The Fite Group has four offices around the county and over 120 agents. We all support each other and refer clients to each other. We also have a top marketing and graphics team that supports each property, so our media, whether digital or print, is second to none. Combining my knowledge and experience with the breadth of support from my office, it is a winning combination that allows me to get top dollar for my sellers and negotiate great deals for my buyers.”

Peterson’s view of Wellington is all-inclusive, but she does give great credit to the equestrian community for the role it plays in making the area an attractive destination.

“Wellington is special because it is a very international community with a hometown feel,” she said. “Whether you live in a $200,000 condo or a $10,000,000 farm, we are all eating at the same restaurants and going to the same grocery stores and share many of the same passions. The equestrian industry in Wellington has set it apart from any other community in the country, and the real estate values have benefited greatly from its development and expansion in recent years. It supports all of our local businesses and trades people, and definitely props up our real estate market in comparison to other municipalities nearby.”

The Fite Group Luxury Homes is located at 13501 South Shore Blvd. in Wellington. To contact Melanie Peterson, call (561) 870-6587 or e-mail


United Realty Group’s Dilenia Rivas Specializes In Residential Real Estate

United Realty Group’s Dilenia Rivas Specializes In Residential Real Estate

Brooklyn has produced some of the most influential Americans in history, and New York City’s most populated borough has also had a positive effect on Wellington’s real estate scene, thanks to Dilenia Rivas of United Realty Group.

“I graduated from Eastern District High School in Brooklyn, N.Y., and then obtained my college degree from LaGuardia Community College,” Rivas said. “I moved to Wellington in 2007 because most of my family had relocated to Florida, and I wanted a better quality of life for my children and myself.”

That desire soon became the driving force in her professional career, as well.

“I decided to get into real estate because I have always enjoyed helping people,” Rivas said. “Real estate allows me the opportunity to help people realize their dream of home ownership, and to me, nothing is more fulfilling.”

Her time as a Wellington resident has enhanced her business acumen. Rivas knows the area well, and she is completely confident that she can create the perfect match between buyer and home.

“I specialize in residential homes in the South Florida market,” she said. “I am a longtime resident of the Wellington area, which allows me to better serve my clients who are looking to buy homes, sell or invest in Palm Beach County. Raising my family and working in the local Wellington market makes me especially qualified in assisting my clients in their home purchases.”

Having first-hand knowledge of the community and its surrounding areas makes Rivas a perfect fit at United Realty Group, which prides itself on offering both its agents and clients a completely full service, state-of-the-art experience. All of the area’s marvels and joys are presented to potential customers in a pressure-free experience.

“United Realty Group is a statewide real estate company,” Rivas said. “Our Wellington office specializes in equestrian properties, as well as commercial real estate acquisitions.”

Rivas definitely relies on her experience in and understanding of Wellington to give her a leg up on other Realtors when it comes to doing business in the village. She is also very aware that our area does a great job selling itself.

“Wellington has awesome public schools and is close to everything,” she said. “Our public school system is hands-down the best in South Florida, which is very important to most families looking to buy homes in our area. Wellington has the greatest equestrian population in the entire United States. We host the Winter Equestrian Festival every year, attracting horse enthusiasts from all over the world.”

For all it offers, Wellington is like other areas when it comes to buying, selling and renting homes: it’s at the mercy of the real estate market. Fortunately, Rivas sees the market as strong and only getting stronger.

“We are seeing the greatest rise in property values in the past seven years,” she said. “There is no greater time to buy or invest in Wellington real estate than right now.”

To contact Dilenia Rivas, call (561) 633-6456 or visit


Mortgage Specialist Steven Prince Enjoys Helping Clients Achieve Home Ownership

Mortgage Specialist Steven Prince Enjoys Helping Clients Achieve Home Ownership

Steven Prince of Ideal Lending Solutions is a people-focused mortgage loan officer. Raised in Wellington, Prince has been a professional lender for the past 20 years. He is confident in his capabilities and enjoys face-to-face contact with his clients.

“I have a really cool profession because I am helping [people] and ushering in that American dream of home ownership — making it possible for people who didn’t think it was possible,” Prince said. “That’s really exciting to me, and that’s why I love what I do.”

The nature of his industry is always changing, and he has to be adaptable.

“Things are changing constantly,” Prince said. “My job now consists of, number one, product knowledge and trying to stay on top of the guidelines. They can be one way today, and by the end of the day, something changes.”

So, Prince is always teaching real estate agents he works with, helping them perform their jobs to fulfill their duties to provide for clients. The clients, of course, being the people who are looking for a home that meets their wants and needs.

Prince said one of the most important aspects about getting a client into his or her new home comes down to the contract.

“It’s all about how you structure it for the underwriter,” he explained. “It comes back to how that deal is structured and how you can get things into the system, so product knowledge is about teaching my agents how to structure these deals.”

Prince had been licensed since 1998, but after 2008, the mortgage rules and regulations changed. “Everyone had to go back to school and get a new license,” he said.  “There was a new licensing requirement that kicked in.”

Prince was required to take a national test and a new state test in order to update his credentials and continue performing the work he had done for a decade at the time.

Unlike other types of lenders and mortgage brokers, Prince said he is unique because he has direct connections to major mortgage loan companies, such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Along with being competitive and confident in his ability to work with his clients, Prince takes great pleasure in the outcomes of helping people find homes that they can afford. “At the end of the day, we as individuals have to take personal responsibility for our finances,” he said.

Prince is a loan officer with Ideal Lending Solutions, based in West Palm Beach. There he is focused on what he enjoys most, working directly with clients. But Prince also has long-term experience training teams of brokers, lenders and agents.

“That’s where I cultivated a lot of my business from — training and teaching agents how to structure their business and how to market their business,” Prince said.

Over the past decade, Prince said the housing market has changed for the better. He said there will always be fluctuations that can cause downturns and upturns in the market as a whole, but he said that the way everything works today has made the overall climate a positive one to work in.

“Today, with the new laws that are in place, which I’m a huge advocate of, is that you cannot get a loan unless you can prove your ability to repay that loan back,” Prince said.

He is confident in today’s housing market.

“It’s a very healthy market that we’re heading down,” Prince said. “It’s very healthy to see we’re experiencing tremendous growth right now. Home prices are up. The beauty of that is it’s real money, and it’s real transactions that are happening now.”

Contact Steve Prince at (561) 719-7474 or Learn more at


Mary Miller Brings Clients A Lifetime Of Experience In The Wellington Area

Mary Miller Brings Clients A Lifetime Of Experience In The Wellington Area

When real estate professional Mary Miller of Illustrated Properties accompanies clients on their search for possible new homes in Wellington or the surrounding area, she’s squarely in her comfort zone.

“I am a true South Florida native who grew up in the western communities and graduated from Wellington High School in 1992,” she said.

Miller’s first career started at Print It Plus in Royal Palm Beach, where she was employed for more than two decades. It prepared her for her current role as a Realtor.

“Direct experience collaborating with numerous local business owners, helping them to grow their businesses within marketing budgets, project management and demanding deadlines have shaped me into the detail-oriented person I am today,” Miller said.

That close involvement with clients, as well as her willingness to immerse herself in every level of the real estate process, has brought Miller much success. She knows that trust must be earned in order to get the job done right for those she’s working with. Her expertise, confidence and commitment are huge factors in helping her reach that goal.

“As a Realtor with Illustrated Properties in Wellington, I enjoy helping individuals and families as I guide them through the process of buying or selling a home,” she said. “My business management experience, along with my extensive knowledge of the local area, guarantees you the best real estate transaction with the least amount of stress.”

Miller didn’t wind up at Illustrated Properties by accident. She was looking to be part of an organization that could not only utilize her unique skill set to the fullest, but also offer her the widest possible client base.

“I chose Illustrated Properties because they are Florida’s largest, independently owned real estate company,” she said. “I am provided with professional market intelligence, industry-leading marketing and negotiating tools, and a network of qualified buyers and sellers across the globe.”

Miller is quite pleased with the state of the current real estate market, be it on a national level or here in Wellington. She wouldn’t be surprised to see residential numbers swell a bit over the coming year.

“2018 is a great time to be in the real estate market,” Miller said. “Interest rates are still low, and the local market has been healthy and stable. This somewhat level playing field is good for everybody looking to buy or sell this year. Also, the intense winter conditions up north may have some seasonal visitors looking to make a home purchase this year.”

Of course, even a dedicated Realtor has to kick back from time to time. When Miller isn’t plying her trade and fulfilling the dream of a buyer or seller, she allows herself the enjoyment of simple but essential pleasures.

“In my personal life, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends,” she said. “I love to foster dogs and help them to find forever homes. My hobbies include painting, fitness, and relaxing at our local, breathtaking beaches.”

Illustrated Properties is located at 11924 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 18, in Wellington. To contact Mary Miller, call (561) 324-6175, e-mail or visit


Milko Castellanos Of U.S. Mortgage Enjoys Helping Clients Buy The Perfect Home

Milko Castellanos Of U.S. Mortgage Enjoys Helping Clients Buy The Perfect Home

For Milko Castellanos, branch manager of U.S. Mortgage of Florida in Wellington, it comes down to getting the deal done.

“My career’s passion is to always find a way to get the deal done,” Castellanos said. “Every loan is like a puzzle that must be completed correctly and on time in order to close. As a branch manager, I am consistently asked by my loan officers to assist in structuring deals. I enjoy helping others close the difficult, ‘hard to close’ deals. This is how we have built U.S. Mortgage to be one of the leading lenders with builders throughout Florida.”

The Miami-raised Castellanos has lived in Wellington with his wife and daughter for the past 15 years. His career in mortgage originating was a natural move for him.

“It just made sense after I worked in my father-in-law’s real estate/title agency for a few years,” he said. “The market’s boom and my high interest in the business aided the easy transition.”

Castellanos and his team are dedicated to providing their total commitment to every client.

“My customers should expect premium customer service and competitive, low rates,” he said. “We are available nights and weekends, which sets us apart from big banks. U.S. Mortgage of Florida is its own lender and has relationships with 18 different lenders. This gives us the ability to approve loans that other lenders cannot close.”

The journey to a successful experience at U.S. Mortgage of Florida begins the moment a client fills out an application.

“Our system then walks the client through every step of the process, starting with when the appraisal has been ordered, to the loan being approved, and finally, to the favorite words of every loan officer, Realtor and customer: ‘clear to close,’” Castellanos said.

His years of experience have taught Castellanos that being accessible to his clients anytime he is needed is absolutely necessary, not only to their peace of mind, but also to the successful culmination of any deal.

“Buying a home is one of the most stressful times in most people’s lives,” Castellanos said. “I pride myself on being able to walk people through this process step by step. My phone is a 24/7 tool that is utilized to assist my clients with any questions they may have.”

Heading up a solid team is another plus.

“I have two full-time loan officer assistants who aide all my clients in gathering information asked of them by the banks,” he said. “Since I have worked with many first-time home buyers, I am very aware of what it takes to get a deal closed. And on the flip side, I have dealt with clients multiple times as investors and return buyers as well.”

Castellanos sees a bright future for anyone thinking of settling down in Wellington.

“I am very excited about the real estate market, as banks have started to adapt to the market,” he said. “The conforming loan limits have just been raised to $453,100 from $424,100 in 2017. What this means is more buyers will be able to qualify for higher-priced homes and still reap the benefits of getting low conventional rates for homes in the higher price range. This is very significant here in Wellington as home values continue to rise.”

U.S. Mortgage of Florida is located at 1200 Corporate Center Way, Suite 104, in Wellington. For more information, contact Castellanos at (561) 886-0300, (954) 410-6013 or


Martha Jolicoeur Helps Make Wellington Home For Horses And Humans Alike

Martha Jolicoeur Helps Make Wellington Home For Horses And Humans Alike

It is no secret that Wellington is a winter haven for horses and humans alike. For many seasonal residents, Wellington has become much more than simply an escape from the cold. Offering non-stop horse shows in the sun, Wellington has become home for many equestrian athletes and their four-legged partners.

The annual equestrian pilgrimage south has spurred a high demand for farms and homes in Wellington, a demand that real estate broker Martha W. Jolicoeur is uniquely qualified to fulfill.

As the level of horse sport competition in South Florida has climbed higher and higher, so too has the need for bigger and more luxurious properties. The result is a flourishing market filled with “to-die-for” homes and farms.

Jolicoeur first made a name for herself among the equestrian community as a top amateur rider who then competed internationally. Stepping into her role in the elite Douglas Elliman Real Estate sports and entertainment division, Jolicoeur exhibits the same passion she had for competing when matching her real estate clients with the homes and farms of their dreams.

“I truly found my calling when I combined my zeal for horse sport with a talent for real estate,” said Jolicoeur, who has been a licensed agent since 1991. “I have watched Wellington explode onto the international show jumping, dressage and polo scenes, and become a hotspot for the best athletes and horses in the world. The real estate market has grown immensely alongside that, and it is an honor to be able to help members of the equestrian community find, or sell, their ideal farms and homes.”

Looking for the perfect equestrian home? Take a stroll with Jolicoeur through several amazing equestrian real estate properties.

Convenience and privacy are realized in a seven-stall center-aisle barn and estate at 1761 Clydesdale Avenue. Gated within Paddock Park 2, the property is within hacking distance to all the action at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, yet is tucked away on a slice of equine-inspired paradise.

“This move-in ready property is perfect for any training operation,” said Jolicoeur of the custom-built barn, which features a tack room, indoor and outdoor wash stalls, as well as a feed and laundry room. “Just steps away from the barn itself is an expansive sand ring and large paddocks providing ample turn-out space.”

Turning off Clydesdale Avenue, the lavish main house with impact glass includes four bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, fireplaces throughout, and a superb gourmet kitchen with custom granite countertops and a chef’s prep island.

“A divine outdoor heated pool and spa with marble pool deck and full summer kitchen make the most of a sprawling backyard,” said Jolicoeur of the $3.36 million property. “And it doesn’t stop there. The estate also includes a detached one bedroom, one bathroom guest cottage with a full modern kitchen and living area. This Clydesdale Avenue estate is perfect for anyone looking to show horses during the winter or to find a new place to call home in Wellington.”

Just a short distance from Paddock Park, 15491 Palma Lane can be found inside the gates of Palm Beach Point. Step out from an immaculately appointed home onto a covered Carrera marble patio and catch a glimpse of the eight-stall center-aisle barn.

“Custom wood paneling in an open-air setting make this barn a vacation in itself,” said Jolicoeur of the $5.4 million farm that includes a 135-foot-by-230-foot riding arena with all-weather sand textile mix footing and a surround sound system. “Adjacent to the barn are seven paddocks on 5.4 acres, creating a beautiful sight from the custom outdoor kitchen and saltwater pool.”

Inside the home, an ideal blend of rustic and Mediterranean styles grace the completely updated residence. It features a split bedroom floor plan with sloped ceilings and decorative ledges that add personality to every room. The space boasts a formal dining area and eat-in kitchen, with granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances. In the master bedroom, a Roman tub, separate shower, dual sinks and a sitting area are stand-out attributes. “Whether hacking to a horse show or relaxing at home, this property is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the competition season,” Jolicoeur said.

Venturing into Palm Beach Point East, 4770 Stables Way provides another property option only a short hack from the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.

“This incredible ten-acre farm is fit for the professional horse person,” said Jolicoeur of the 12-stall center-aisle stable. “It recently underwent a full renovation and is ready for the new season featuring the finest amenities.”

The $6.7 million property features a new tack room with granite countertops and unbeatable storage capacity, as well as a spacious owner’s lounge with a full kitchen and two-and-a-half bathrooms. “Ample space for riding is available, courtesy of a large Grand Prix field and a new ring with top-grade fiber footing and an underground drainage and water system,” Jolicoeur said. “The on-property tent pad holds 15 12-foot-by-12-foot stalls, and there are nine paddocks, a large lunging ring, and covered treadmill and blacksmith areas. This pristine farm is one any horse would be happy to come home to.”

Jolicoeur understands the importance of customer excellence and prides herself on dealing honestly and fairly while creating relationships with her customers that continue far beyond a transaction.

For more information about Jolicoeur, or to find out more about one for the properties featured here, visit


Shannon Boyd And Mackenzie Scichilone Are Both Renovation Specialists And Realtors

Shannon Boyd And Mackenzie Scichilone Are Both Renovation Specialists And Realtors

The partnership of United Realty Group’s Shannon Boyd and Mackenzie Scichilone is based on trust, dependability and a shared knowledge of loss.

“Mackenzie and I partnered due to unfortunate circumstances,” Boyd said. “I was at a tough place in my life, struggling with the sickness of my mother and working 24/7 in real estate. I called on Mackenzie to help me, and she was able to take my current transactions and close them all while I was able to be at my mom’s side. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.”

Boyd’s mother passed last March. When Scichilone’s mother followed a few months later, she knew who she could count on.

“Shannon was entirely there for me,” Scichilone said. “Our clients never knew anything was happening, because Shannon never skipped a beat. We are both forever grateful that we found each other and have built this amazing partnership.”

The bond between these two lifelong Floridians goes deep, extending to their shared love of renovation.

“Real estate has been a passion of mine from the age of 19,” Boyd said. “At 22, I started investing in property and loved the renovation process. Fast forward a few years to becoming a licensed Realtor and being able to represent our clients in the buying and selling of real estate, while also giving them the vision to transform that fixer-upper into to their dream home.”

Scichilone was also driven by dreams of restoration.

“I decided to get into real estate because I felt like I had the knack for renovating and designing homes,” she said. “With that said, being licensed and having the ability to find my own deals to be able to flip homes was the right thing to do.”

Once these two Wellington residents joined forces, the community reaped the benefits of their joint talents.

“Mackenzie and I specialize in Wellington because, simply, we live here, we eat here, we entertain here and we love it here,” Boyd said. “We can be to most properties within 15 minutes and are able to provide our clients the flexibility of showing property on a last-minute’s notice.”

They are also adept at crystallizing a vision of what a structure can ultimately become.

“I would say what we specialize in is guiding our clients to finding their dream home and helping them create the perfect design to fit their lifestyle,” Scichilone said. “Most people do not have the ability to visualize the possibilities a home might have. Shannon and I are experts in renovating the imperfect and revitalizing a home to its fullest potential. Clients love the versatility that we offer, not just as Realtors, but also as renovation specialists.”

Renovating allows both women to infuse a bit of their personalities into the business of real estate.

“Our true passion is to be able to find a diamond in the rough and add our personal touches and find the perfect buyer,” Boyd said. “We find that we can get the best value for our clients through renovation. We have a great crew that is extremely efficient and specialize in quality craftsmanship.”

The two are always there for one another, which allows them to always be there for clients.

“Real estate can be very stressful at times, but doing it with a friend makes it less of a job,” Scichilone said. “We both realize we work better together. It’s the ‘power of two.’”

United Realty Group is located at 1035 S. State Road 7, Suite 121, in Wellington. For more information, call (561) 469-8706 or visit Call Shannon Boyd directly at (954) 415-3363, or call Mackenzie Scichilone directly at (561) 756-0528.


Bill & Jody Jorgensen Of The Jorgensen Team Keep The Focus On Their Clients

Bill & Jody Jorgensen Of The Jorgensen Team Keep The Focus On Their Clients

Bill and Jody Jorgensen of the Jorgensen Team at Keller Williams Wellington could be referred to as a duo or perhaps a partnership, but when you cover all the bases and supply satisfaction to your customers every step of the way, “team” nicely sums up the operation.

The Jorgensens went to school in South Florida and were childhood sweethearts. A job promotion brought them to Wellington in the early 1980s.

“We have brought together decades of talent and expertise to form a highly successful partnership,” Jody said. “With more than 25 years in the western communities, we understand the unique personalities of the various neighborhoods and have seen Wellington evolve into the vibrant village it is today.”

It doesn’t take much prodding to get one member of the team to sing the praises of the other.

“Jody is a successful second-generation Realtor with decades of exposure to the South Florida real estate market,” Bill said. “She is also a popular real estate home design stager. The staging service is complimentary and will help to showcase your home and maximize its value to prospective buyers. Her successes include a strong residential and property management background, including Fortune 500 global re-locations.”

Jody is equal in praise for her husband.

“Bill is brilliant, and he brings a wealth of knowledge of real estate acquisitions to his new position at Keller Williams,” Jody said. “He is E-Pro certified and receives high praise for his aggressive, state-of-the-art marketing campaigns, including powerful social media advertising strategies and his ability to get the deal done. He is our go-to Realtor for luxury home communities, international clients and clients with a keen interest in golf club and ‘fly in, fly out’ neighborhoods like Wellington’s beautiful Aero Club. He easily bridges the gap between first-time home buyers and CEOs looking for a new home.”

Like any successful team, the talents of the individuals involved come together to create an entity that is truly more than the sum of its parts.

“You get the best of both worlds with the Jorgensen Team,” Bill said. “You get the personalized service and communication of working with a single agent, and you also get the diversity and strength of experience of working with our team. The Jorgensen Team offers a collaborative approach to the evaluation process for both buyers and sellers, as well as the ability to leverage the expertise of more than one real estate professional.”

As experienced as they are, the Jorgensens realize that a deal is only truly successful if it works on an emotional level. “Our relationships matter, and we believe that a good reputation is a person’s greatest asset,” Jody said. “We know that finding a home for your family is about more than an address. It’s deeply personal and perhaps the largest investment you will ever make in your lifetime. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer looking for a seasonal home, in the market for a luxury estate or selling to move up or downsize, our team can make it happen.”

The Jorgensen Team puts their clients first.

“Your home is our priority, and we are honored and committed to providing both buyers and sellers the very best client experience,” Bill said. “Our goal is to far exceed our clients’ expectations. We are their trusted partner on this journey and beyond.”

For more info., call Bill Jorgensen at (561) 801-3212 or Jody Jorgensen at (561) 281-7908, or visit them online at


Linda And Harold Wellman Bring Unique Skills And Years Of Experience

Linda And Harold Wellman Bring Unique Skills
And Years Of Experience

Linda and Harold Wellman of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty didn’t start out as Floridians, but they both knew they would eventually settle here and begin their careers in real estate.

A New Jersey native, Linda majored in fashion design at Manhattan’s Fashion Institute of Technology while pursuing a career with United Airlines.

“Since I frequently traveled to Florida, I decided that’s where I wanted to make my roots,” she said. “In 1984, I took a buyout from United and moved to Boca Raton.”

Harold grew up in Michigan and got his degree in secondary education.

“My family spent all holiday vacations in Palm Beach County since 1968,” he recalled. “I was very honored to have met John D. McArthur, one of the largest land holders in Palm Beach County, which from a young age sparked my interest in real estate. I always knew that after I graduated from college, I would make Florida my home. So, I moved to Broward County in 1980 and through the years worked my way north, eventually settling in Wellington.”

The Wellmans married in 1986, the same year they both decided to get their real estate licenses. Their motto soon became “the husband and wife team that works for you.” The couple, who now have two college-age children, moved to Wellington in 2003.

“For the past 15 years, we have focused primarily on Wellington, selling family, active adult and luxury real estate, and Boynton Beach selling family and active adult,” Linda said. “There are so many choices in the adult market, and we are truly experts in that field. Our experience and knowledge is priceless, and we pride ourselves on always educating our buyers and sellers, and our video reviews speak for themselves.”

Their partnership not only highlights their individual strengths, but allows Linda and Harold to blend those strengths to provide the ultimate real estate experience.

“Linda and I have a fantastic working relationship,” Harold said. “She handles the marketing and customer relations, while I focus on contracts, appraisal issues, inspections and maintaining timelines. We are very easy-going and pride ourselves on maintaining a lasting relationship with our buyers and sellers.”

Linda’s background in fashion design has found its way into her real estate career. “There is a huge difference in listing a home and marketing a home, something that a majority of sellers don’t realize,” she said. “We truly offer the highest level of marketing out there and have no competition at our level. I am trained in feng shui and staging, so as an added benefit to our sellers, we offer complimentary staging. It is crucial when a buyer walks up to a home that their first impression is good.”

For Harold, the keys to continuing success lie in never resting on his laurels and a no-nonsense approach when it comes to getting the job done.

“I pride myself in continuing with education and always staying on top of local real estate trends,” he said. “Our efficiency makes all the difference when working on a real estate transaction. It is very important to both Linda and I that we maintain a professional image in this industry.”

For more info., call Harold Wellman at (561) 389-8356 or Linda Wellman at (561) 676-8886, or visit


Ameron Realty’s Halina Sledz Brings A Unique Background To Real Estate Clients

Ameron Realty’s Halina Sledz Brings A  Unique Background To Real Estate Clients

The allure of all things equestrian is what makes Halina Sledz, a broker for Ameron Realty, feel so at home in her adopted hometown of Wellington, a community world-renowned for its equestrian facilities and championship competitions.

“I was born, raised and educated in Europe,” Sledz said. “During my university studies in Poland for my master’s degree in civil engineering, an international horse jumping show was held annually at our university stadium. The excitement of preparing for my final exams coincided with the excitement of that competition.”

Balancing her scholastic responsibilities with her love of horses was not a problem for Sledz.

“My dorm was located next to the university stadium, so I could either take a break from studying and go down to the stadium, or I could watch the horse competition from my dorm window while I was hitting the books,” she recalled. “Over the years, that closeness to the equestrian community allowed me to meet horse owners, breeders and top international equestrian riders of the day.”

After marrying and starting a family, Sledz moved to Wellington, where she once again became immersed in the equestrian world.

“With my husband being an engineer as well, together we designed and built several spec houses in Wellington and in the western communities of Palm Beach County,” she said. “During the building process, I was involved in hiring and managing several subcontractors. That led me to selling real estate full time. My experience in property construction allows me to give good advice to potential clients on any issues with property they may be interested in.”

Sledz specializes in residential waterfront properties on the island of Palm Beach, as well as selling equestrian properties in the Wellington and the western communities.

“If a Palm Beacher desires to own a farm in Wellington, or a Wellingtonian likes to own an oceanfront property, I have that expertise and can assist them from start to finish,” she said. “I always try to fulfill the expectation of any potential buyer. I have world-wide contacts and speak several languages, which allows me to easily communicate with clients all over the world. While I have experience in selling upscale, luxury properties, I also work with first-time home buyers and military veterans.”

Sledz is also knowledgeable on investments in commercial properties and sells them, as well. No matter what transaction she is brokering, her top priority is to her clients.

“I am always on the lookout for the next great opportunity for my clients,” she said. “I attend to my clients’ needs in a diligent and conscientious way. I am very thoughtful of their time, and I work hard to find the right properties that will be of their interest.”

Many of those properties are right here in Wellington, a destination Sledz believes is a perfect place to put down roots.

“Having lived in Wellington for many years, I have witnessed first-hand its beauty, peacefulness, yet steady growth,” she said. “What makes the Wellington area special is the aeronautical subdivision, the Aero Club, and world-class equestrian facilities and venues. This makes Wellington a comfortable place to live, with major retail stores, various types of restaurants, excellent public schools and two hospitals.”

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