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Florida Eye’s Dr. Jason Gorscak Is Dedicated To Protecting Your Sight

Florida Eye’s Dr. Jason Gorscak  Is Dedicated To Protecting Your Sight

Protecting your eyesight is vitally important, and for more than a decade, the Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute has provided Wellington-area residents with advanced eyecare services using state-of-the-art technology.

“We’ve had a presence in Wellington for just over 11 years now, but opened our new office five years ago,” ophthalmologist Dr. Jason Gorscak explained. “There was an overwhelming need for good ophthalmic patient care in the area and looked at this opportunity to offer more care.”

Gorscak was born in New Jersey, attended Johns Hopkins University and then came down to Florida where he earned his medical degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine. He then completed his ophthalmologic residency at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey before joining Florida Eye in 2008.

While Gorscak focuses on comprehensive eyecare for his patients, he specializes in the diagnosis and removal of benign and malignant eyelid tumors. He also treats cataract conditions, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

“I knew I wanted to go into medicine when I was in college. I wanted to help people,” Gorscak said. “When I was in Miami doing a rotation at Bascom Palmer, which is an eye hospital, there was an 85-year-old Haitian lady who spoke no English.”

Gorscak described how the quiet, four-foot-tall woman was completely blind due to severe cataracts that covered her entire pupils. “The resident did the cataract surgery, and the next day I was there as the patient took off her patch for the first time. She saw for the first time in who knows how many years,” Gorscak recalled. “This lady, who spoke no English, this smile grew on her face. She didn’t have to say any words. It was just amazing, and from that experience, I knew this is what I wanted to do.”

Florida Eye offers specialized care for cataracts, glaucoma, retinal conditions such as macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy, and even pediatric ophthalmology.

“All the doctors at the Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute have an extreme desire to provide professional and compassionate care to all of our patients,” Gorscak said. “We truly enjoy what we do. Here in the Wellington facility, we have trained staff from technicians to the front desk that are all a very big part in providing excellent care to our patients.”

After more than a decade of practicing ophthalmology, Gorscak has seen what happens when patients don’t prioritize their vision.

“We recommend that anyone over the age of 50 have their eyes checked once a year, and every two years for someone under the age of 50,” he said. “I’ve seen 20- and 30-year-olds with severe glaucoma, which is a silent disease that can cause you to go blind. It’s not common, but it happens, and it’s worth getting checked.”

Sometimes patients come in because they have picked up some bad habits, like sleeping with their contact lenses in.

“So many people wear these extended-wear contact lenses, and they sleep in them for about a month,” Gorscak said. “I see so many infections from patients who do that, and despite what it says on the box that sleeping in contacts is not good for your eyes.”

After working and living in densely urban areas, Gorscak found a deep connection to the community of Wellington, where he now lives and is raising his family. In his spare time, he enjoys racing cars non-competitively on road courses throughout the country.

Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute is located at 2575 State Road 7 near the Mall at Wellington Green. Operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Appointments can be scheduled online at or by calling (561) 792-1205.


The B-12 Store Offers An Array Of Popular Vitamin Injections

The B-12 Store Offers An Array Of Popular Vitamin Injections

The B-12 Store, a unique concept with locations across Florida and beyond, opened recently in the Mall at Wellington Green. Along with a line of vitamin supplements, the B-12 Store also offers vitamin injections that are growing in popularity in today’s health-conscious society.

“We offer a full range of vitamin injections for people’s general health,” owner Mary Karatal explained. “We have vitamin C, B-12 and D-3. We also have a range of lipotropic shots for weight loss.”

The store also carries two specialty shots: Glutathione and the Amino Blend. “Glutathione is increasing in popularity — it is a master-antioxidant, supports liver health and aids in treating inflammation in the body,” Karatal said. “It is also wonderful for brightening the skin and treating acne and eczema. Some of our clients who have arthritis or an autoimmune disorder have seen an improvement after regular Glutathione injections.”

Also available is Biotin for hair, skin and nails. “Our Biotin shot is wonderful for people who want to stimulate hair growth; have thicker, softer hair; and encourage nail growth as well,” she explained.

Karatal is a Florida native. “I grew up on the west coast of Florida in beautiful Clearwater,” she said. “After graduating college at USF, I received a Fulbright Fellowship and lived abroad for some years. I finally moved back to Florida four years ago.”

She first learned about vitamin injections while seeking to solve her own health challenges. “I have been diagnosed with a severe vitamin B-12 and D-3 deficiency twice over the past 10 years,” Karatal said. “It was through this eye-opening experience that I learned about the effectiveness and importance of vitamin injections. After my last diagnosis, I started taking B-12 and D-3 pills but felt little difference in my everyday health. It was only after receiving regular B-12 and D-3 shots at the B-12 Store’s Sarasota and Pembroke Pines locations that I saw a quick turn-around in my energy level and mood.”

Karatal then decided to open a location herself. The B-12 Store in the Mall at Wellington Green opened Feb. 1.

“Wellington is a community that is focused on wellness, and we’re so happy to be a part of it,” Karatal said. “Many of our customers come in having done their research or, having already had injections in the past, know exactly what they want. Many of them mention that their increased energy gave them a much-needed boost at work or at home.”

The B-12 Store makes getting a vitamin injection simple and convenient. It is open seven days a week, including evenings.

“Clients can trust that we are offering only the highest quality, medical-grade injectable vitamins available,” Karatal said. “We run under the direction of our medical director, Dr. Chris Ham, who actually owns the four B-12 Stores in the Tampa Bay area, and everything in our store is FDA approved and administered by a licensed nurse. There are many people who are actually recommended to receive a B-12 injection on a regular basis. For instance, vegans, vegetarians and people who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery. People no longer have to make a doctor’s appointment for something as simple as a vitamin B-12 shot.”

Karatal said that there are many benefits to giving vitamin injections a try.

“Increased energy and better sleep are the two benefits that we hear about the most,” she said. “We also have many athletes and personal trainers using the Amino Blend, and they have said that there is a true difference in their performance and muscle tone.”

Another specialty increasing in popularity are custom cocktails, such as the Immunity Shot.

“We actually have several local doctors who come in for the Immunity Shot when they are starting to feel like they are coming down with something,” Karatal said. “We also have clients who come in for this injection when they are about to take a long flight or a cruise. Our Revival Shot is also highly effective and is perfect for when someone is feeling incredibly tired or when they know they have a very busy week coming up.”

Karatal noted that her team is made up of experts who specialize in helping customers feel comfortable. “We have an amazing group of nurses who are extremely knowledgeable and really take the time to get to know our customers and their needs,” she said.

The B-12 Store is located in the Mall at Wellington Green at 10300 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 213. For more info., call (561) 513-6919 or visit


Dr. Emily Harrison Uses Technology To Provide A More Personal Approach

Dr. Emily Harrison Uses Technology To Provide A More Personal Approach

Originally from New Jersey, Wellington’s Dr. Emily Harrison cares for patients the way she would want her own family members to be treated. She works to get to know her patients as individuals, and to develop an understanding of the cultural, spiritual, and social factors that may be contributing to the patient’s health concerns, all with technology and a personal touch.

Moving to the Wellington area three years ago, Harrison enjoys spending time outside of work with her family, being outdoors and running in the community’s many parks. She enjoys going to equestrian events with her family and cooking healthy meals.

“My passion for preventive care inspired me to go into primary care,” Harrison explained. “I enjoy working with patients to set personal goals to improve their health.”

Harrison helped start up the first One Medical office in Washington, D.C. The firm, which now has offices nationwide, is part of a new concept in healthcare across the country that focuses on a personal approach with a designated provider for each patient. The doctor/patient communication relationship is emphasized, and the access to the doctor is maximized while waits are kept to a minimum.

“It is almost like a concierge service, but they take insurance,” Harrison explained. “They treat patients personally, in a relaxed setting with lots of provider communication with the clients. I love that approach — with so much communication. I strive for it in my own practice.”

Harrison incorporates the patient’s entire lifestyle into treatment to get them healthy and keep them that way.

“I focus on educating my patients and setting personal goals to improve their health,” she said. “I stress the importance of incorporating diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications to prevent and treat disease.”

Harrison makes a point to get to know each of her patients very well to facilitate the overall treatment and wellness plan. Somewhat ironically, technology is helping in re-establishing that seemingly long-lost family doctor/patient rapport.

The medical practice has portal technology to make keeping up with medical records easy for the patient, and it has the ability for patients to communicate with the doctor using phones and computers without the need for an office visit.

“I offer telemedicine for established patients,” Harrison said of the HIPPA-compliant, secure computer video link for patients where she can interact with them and “see” the patient without the need for an office visit.

Harrison explained the benefits of the technology.

“It is sometimes difficult for patients to come in during their busy schedule and workdays, or they are too sick to get out of bed,” she said. “These visits may be used for colds or acute illnesses, as well as follow-up visits for high blood pressure or for prescription refills when appropriate.”

Harrison added that the service makes it easier to continue getting the appropriate follow-up care if the patient’s busy schedule, mobility issues or illness makes it difficult to come in.

Harrison said that she is happy to be building her practice here in Wellington and is accepting new patients.

“Wellington has so much to offer, whether experiencing an internationally recognized equestrian event, enjoying local parks or the beach, and events at the exceptional schools,” she said. “I enjoy taking care of patients of all ages and strive to keep the entire family healthy.”

Dr. Emily Harrison’s office is located on the campus of Wellington Regional Medical Center at 10111 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 255. The office accepts insurance and there is no subscription fee. Call (561) 377-7131 or visit for more information.


Grace Family Medicine Brings Direct Primary Healthcare Model To Wellington

Grace Family Medicine Brings Direct Primary Healthcare Model To Wellington

A new healthcare model eliminating the middleman between providers and patients is sweeping the country, and Grace Family Medicine Direct Primary Care of Wellington, the first example of the subscription service providing medical care with a nurse practitioner and a physician, opened recently in the community.

“This is like a health movement that is new with the public, and it’s gaining a lot of steam across the U.S.,” said Carlos Poveda a seasoned healthcare administrator, who operates the practice with his wife Jessica Poveda, a nurse practitioner, and his father Dr. Leon Poveda, a family medicine and internal medicine physician. “Our families have been in healthcare for a long time,” Jessica added.

Carlos explained that healthcare providers want to take back control of healthcare and put it into the hands of the patients and the providers.

“We have seen changes that we don’t really like because the landscape is creating a lot of barriers for patients as far as obtaining quality, affordable healthcare,” he said. “And for the provider side, barriers to actually providing that kind of personalized care.”

That is when they decided as a family to find out what we they could do to actually practice medicine in a better way.

The approach of direct primary care, known as DPC, offers subscriptions to a medical practice with primary care covered by the subscription and other services available at a reduced rate from insurance co-pays and deductibles.

“The membership-based model is pretty straight forward,” Carlos said. “It removes the middleman, so we don’t bill insurance, and that’s good. We contract directly with the patient to deliver comprehensive primary care with discounts on labs, imaging services and a growing network of specialists. But most importantly, what they get is our time, the opportunity to build a relationship with us, and the providers have time to really dig into the patient’s conditions and goals.”

He was quick to explain the difference between DPC and what is known as “concierge medicine.”

“Distinct from concierge medicine, which is more expensive, charges a retainer and bills insurance, DPC allows us to have that relationship with our patients, and it’s affordable. Our plans start at $50 a month, and $100 a month is the maximum for 65 and up,” Carlos said. “We have families with two teenagers and subscription rates of $200 a month.”

The goal is to keep the service affordable. “Because our pricing is just right, it’s accessible to most people, who want personalized care with 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week access to their medical provider, same or next day appointments, extended visits of 30 minutes to an hour, and the ability to talk, text, video chat or message the doctor,” Jessica said. “Insurance is not required, although 90 percent of our patients have a high-deductible, more affordable or a catastrophic plan if they have to go to the hospital. It just makes financial sense for so many people.”

What they don’t want to see are patients delaying care because they can’t meet their deductible.

“American families are getting priced out with so many health insurance plans,” Carlos said. “I always say health insurance does not equal healthcare.”

The Povedas are proud residents of Wellington. “We are growing our family here. We live in Wellington. We are here for the long-term to establish a family-owned and operated business that brings quality and value to our fellow residents,” Carlos said. “We’re very much involved in the community.”

“Our kids are going to school here, we’re part of nonprofit boards, we coach our kids’ basketball teams,” Jessica noted.

Establishing a new type of medical practice does have its challenges.

“It has been a challenging journey because it’s the first time many people are hearing about DPC,” Carlos said. “Education is a big aspect of our marketing.”

He also added a little background on the name Grace Family Medicine.

“Our faith does not affect how we treat any patient,” Carlos said. “Grace, to us, is an unmerited gift from God. That’s why we started this business here in Wellington because we know it’s going to bring a lot of value to everyone.”

Grace Family Medicine Direct Primary Care of Wellington is located in the Wellington Plaza at 12785 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 8E. For more information, call (561) 331-5155 or visit


Dr. Andi Grossman Joins The Family Firm At Palms West Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Andi Grossman Joins The Family Firm At Palms West Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Andi Grossman was born into a veterinarian family, growing up as part of Palms West Veterinary Hospital, run since 2005 by her father Dr. Ira Grossman, who relocated from his successful practice in New York. They are a family who has devoted much of their lives to the pets of the Wellington area.

Grossman graduated from veterinary school in January and joined the family firm as the newest staff member at the veterinary hospital. But she has been following in her father’s footsteps and working around the practice her whole life.

“I love Wellington. I love the horses. I love animals. I love when the horse people come to town. They always have dogs and cats that need to be treated, and everyone in the horse community knows everyone else in the horse world, and they are great people,” Grossman said. “I used to ride horses a lot in Wellington. I haven’t in years, but I’m hoping to get back into it.”

Meanwhile, Grossman has been bonding with a newborn puppy. “It’s a Shar-Pei mix who is my new best friend,” she said.

Busy excelling in school for much of the past few years, Grossman graduated from veterinary school in the accelerated program at Ross Veterinary College on St. Kitts, a fully accredited curriculum by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education. It offers a high-tech campus in a Caribbean island setting and is the same school attended by her brother Neil, who joined the practice just over a year ago upon his graduation and completion of his clinicals. “It’s a beautiful place to go to school,” she said.

Grossman believes that two major factors set Palms West Veterinary Hospital apart. The first is that it is a family firm with father, sometimes mother, brothers, sister and sister-in-law all working there with a total staff of more than 30.

“We are run by a family with a family attitude, we are run like a family, treating patients and their pets like family, and we understand that a client’s pets are their family,” she said. “Our cats and dogs are our babies and our children. We want to take as much care of them as we possibly can.”

Grossman continued that the other major factor is that the hospital is never closed. “We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we are always there to help clients out and their pets with really anything they need,” she said. “We always have a doctor there all day and all night, so if they have any concerns or questions, they can always call us, and we will help them out with anything.”

The practice takes appointments but understands that you can’t schedule when your pet is going to be sick, so it also takes walk-ins. “When someone comes to the door, it could be a vaccine or a major emergency. We cover everything,” Grossman said. “Because we take walk-ins, you don’t have to have an appointment to come in. If you see that something’s wrong with your pet, you don’t have to wait for an appointment. You can come right away.”

The practice also offers a link on its web site to VetSource for medication, products and food, all available online, so patients can order any moment of any day and have the items shipped to their door. “The practice can help you choose and will arrange for any prescriptions,” Grossman said. “It couldn’t be more convenient than with our family team helping out.”

This family attitude and round-the-clock service combines with the in-house, state-of-the-art equipment, such as the digital x-ray, which allows for as many views as needed, and a complete chemistry facility that permits the team to work quickly, seeing comprehensive results in minutes. Grooming and other services make for a single-point operation for pet care and emergency service.

Extended office hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week. The critical care emergency department, staffed with a doctor and technician, is always open.

The Palms West Veterinary Hospital is located at 556 Folsom Road. For more information, visit or call (561) 798-2780.


Dr. Hart Collier Seeks To Improve Quality Of Life For Wellington Residents

Dr. Hart Collier Seeks To Improve Quality Of Life For Wellington Residents

Dr. Hart Collier, who recently joined the Wellness Experience in Wellington, brings nearly 25 years of familiarity with the western communities. He grew up in the Acreage/Loxahatchee area, attending Seminole Ridge High School, before relocating to Tampa to earn his undergraduate degree and chiropractic degree.

Moving back last year to again be closer to his family, Collier joined the team at the Wellness Experience at the beginning of the year.

“Even though I’m quite new to practicing — I graduated in December — I have fresh knowledge about the latest techniques and procedures that are being taught in school,” Collier explained. “Combined with Dr. Randall Laurich’s experience of 20 years of practicing, 13 in the Wellington area, and the sophisticated computer analysis used to pinpoint problem areas, you can’t get any better service.”

Laurich founded the Wellness Experience in Wellington as a secondary location for his successful practice in Boca Raton. Later, he sold his initial facility to devote all his energies to treating Wellington-area patients from the facility in the Kobosko’s Crossing plaza.

Collier said that the Wellness Experience, with its objectives of improving function, reducing pain and increasing a patient’s overall quality of life, is different from many other chiropractic practices.

“Manual chiropractic therapy, massage therapy and rehabilitative exercises offer so many benefits,” he said. “It can fix a patient’s nagging pains and aches, provide better overall functioning of the musculoskeletal system and help with better athletic performance.”

The Wellness Experience offers everything patients need to live a pain-free life. “We offer many supportive products: natural anti-inflammatory CDB including tinctures, capsules and topical creams, back and pelvic stabilization braces, custom orthotics and specialized neck pillows,” Collier said. “We consider ourselves a general practice, and we can treat anyone who walks through our doors.”

The Wellness Experience was founded to create a facility that maintains the original chiropractic principles with the addition of technology to improve each patient’s quality of life. The doctors at the facility are trained to locate, analyze and correct where there is nerve interference along the spinal column. Using gentle force, they change the structure of the spine to allow the brain to communicate better with the rest of the body, thus assisting the body in healing itself.

Collier’s interest in chiropractic procedures began when he was very young.

“My father had his lumbar spine fused together when I was in the fourth grade, so I grew up wanting to help people avoid the pain and struggle he had to go through,” Collier said. “I also received chiropractic care when I was 15 for back spasms that held me out of the sports I loved. Shortly after receiving care, my spasms went away.”

Collier, who is currently single, is close to his family. “I have two amazing parents, an identical twin, older brother, younger sister and the cutest little niece, Grace,” he said.

Participating in a range of activities, Collier enjoys the outdoors. “My hobbies are fitness and exercises, fishing and diving, and any sport, really,” he said.

After treating some riders participating in the Great Charity Challenge, Collier has developed an interest in equestrian sports. “Even though I grew up in the area, I’ve only been to one jumping event and no polo games, but I plan on fixing that soon,” he said.

Collier invites residents to learn more about chiropractic health and the Wellness Experience. “No matter what issue a person is dealing with, the Wellness Experience has the knowledge and traditional skills combined with the latest techniques and high-tech equipment to relieve pain and improve performance and quality of life,” he said.

The practice maintains a web site offering a great deal of information about the services available.

“Our web site — — is where you can find a bevy of videos about our services, and you can fill out our new patient paperwork online,” he said. “Our wonderful office manager, Nicole, is the best. She can set patients up with an appointment and answer any questions about insurance and payments.”

The Wellness Experience is located at 9180 Forest Hill Blvd. in Wellington. For more information, call (561) 333-5351.


Periodontist Dr. J’Nelle Delica Treats Patients With A Delicate Touch

Periodontist Dr. J’Nelle Delica Treats Patients With A Delicate Touch

Periodontist and implant surgeon Dr. J’Nelle Delica of Delicate Periodontics and Implant Dentistry is a transplant from Fort Lauderdale who brought her expertise north after falling in love with Wellington.

Delica sees patients with a variety of situations. “Maybe a patient is missing teeth and exploring options to replace them with dental implants, or perhaps they have a gummy smile that they’re curious about correcting,” she said. “Possibly they have sensitive, inflamed gums. If so, they will find a new level of service when they step into our office.”

The modern facility offers many services, including digital X-rays, dental and deep cleanings, dental extraction and dental implants. The practice features the latest in laser therapy.

“LANAP is a laser-assisted treatment modality for patients with periodontal disease,” Delica explained. “It offers a non-invasive approach to correct and, in many cases, restore bone loss. Our patients enjoy this non-surgical approach, which results in faster healing times.”

After a highly decorated student career at Florida A&M University and post-graduate studies in Boston at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the Harvard School of Public Health, Delica returned to South Florida for her residency at Nova Southeastern University in periodontics and implant surgery.

Delica became interested in her specialty while in dental school.

“During my training, I learned much about the specialty of periodontics. I was heavily exposed to how important setting a healthy foundation is for all aspects of dentistry,” Delica recalled. “Periodontics deals with the tooth supporting structures, including the gum tissue and bone. As a specialist, I’ve also been extensively trained in treating any advanced gum or periodontal disease, bone grafts and cosmetic procedures to either increase or decrease the gum tissue around teeth.”

Delica’s practice aims to provide patients with a delicate touch.

“Our practice is distinguished by a few factors. We truly care about our patients’ overall well-being, and it shows in the reviews we get from clients who have had a great experience getting care,” she said. “I’m the board-certified periodontist and implant surgeon with the delicate touch. I do my part in staying abreast of the advances in the field to bring these options, and the most up-to-date equipment, to my patients.”

Her passion for patient service is evident in every aspect of the practice.

“We pride ourselves in providing patients with the best care in a comfortable manner. In addition to holding ourselves to a high standard of clinical care, we ensure our patients are well informed about every step of their treatment,” Delica explained. “It’s common practice to schedule a second appointment to address all the fine details, so when it’s time for their actual procedure, there is less angst. We even see a benefit in making visits to our office more enjoyable. Our other features include espresso or other hot beverages, smooth jazz and great views to make the experience more relaxing.”

Delica and her staff go out of their way to inform patients about their dental options.

“I find educating and bringing change to patients extremely rewarding. In many cases, the advanced procedures require a surgical approach. Periodontics allows me to express my creativity in addressing complex cases,” she said. “I enjoy getting patients from point A to B in a manner that’s clear, understandable and comfortable. After residency, I found myself just wanting to do more for my patients. In time, that translated to opening my own practice.”

With a passion for providing patients with the best dental care in a comfortable manner, Delica “moved up” to Wellington to open her practice because of the great community and its people.

“I have so enjoyed being part of the Wellington community. It is a great place for our family, and I am looking forward to continuing to serve patients who want to experience dentistry the delicate way,” she said. “As the equestrian season continues, I am looking forward to attending many polo matches and experiencing this extremely important facet of Wellington life. I look forward to being here for a very long time.”

Delicate Periodontics and Implant Dentistry is located at 3319 State Road 7, Suite 315, in Wellington. For more info., call (561) 892-2170 or visit


Helping People Get Fit Is A Dream Come True For Cheryl Love Of Resilient Fitness

Helping People Get Fit Is A Dream Come True For Cheryl Love Of Resilient Fitness

After three decades in the corporate arena, Cheryl Love dreamed of retiring and owning a fitness center in a community where everyone who comes in can feel like it is theirs to enjoy. Resilient Fitness & Wellness of Wellington is her dream come true.

Originally from Chicago, Love resided for years in the small community of Spring Lake, Mich. She has lived in Wellington since 2013 and is now the CEO of the business she envisioned for decades.

“I was in the automotive manufacturing business for 30 years in the capacity of vice president of human resources. I was in charge of 300 personnel, including training, safety, workers compensation and all human resources duties,” Love recalled. “I have always enjoyed fitness and have been active my entire life. I organized 5K and 10K races for my employees and others.”

It is a mission she has continued now that her corporate days are behind her.

“I retired from my 30-year career in Michigan, and this business became available two months later,” Love said. “God has perfect timing in making your ultimate dreams come true. I have always loved helping people, both in education and personal growth, to stay physically active, and I love to see and hear their testimonies on their progress.”

Love, who is single and has a 33-year-old son, is comfortable in her new life.

“Now I have the best situation: helping people achieve their fitness goals. So, this is my retirement dream come true,” she said. “My current hobbies obviously include working out. I enjoy all sports and outside activities. I am fond of sporting clay shooting as well. I enjoy boating and water sports. Dancing is also a fun aspect of keeping fit.”

The rebranded Resilient Fitness & Wellness, complemented by a sharp new web site, is a 12,000-square-foot facility, which includes a fitness center, clothing boutique full of designer clothing and a jewelry shop specializing in one-of-a-kind pieces.

“Resilient has all new Precor equipment, which includes the Queenax functional training system,” Love said. “We also have personal training and group fitness training for all age groups. Also included in our services is an aerobic center, in which we include classes in Zumba, Zumba Strong, Bachata, Hard Core, HIIT Core, Pop Pilates and Total Body. We also have a spin room for those who enjoy cycling,”

For convenience, the web site features the dates and times of classes and provides an application to sign up online for the classes. Resilient covers all ages interested in fitness.

“For seniors, we have Silver Sneakers classes. CrossFit has classes seven days per week. We also offer kids fitness classes,” Love said. “All of our trainers are certified in helping clients achieve their goals as desired, including nutrition instruction.”

To provide a complete menu of services, Resilient has partnered with the Wellness Experience for chiropractic care and Bio Core Health for IV therapy, medical weight loss programs, hormone replacement therapy, wrinkle relaxers, fillers and more.

One thing that sets Resilient apart from other fitness centers is a different approach to fitness and wellness, assisting clients in reaching their objectives in a modern, state-of-the-art facility.

“We are devoted, day in and day out, to offering our members a higher level of attention,” Love said. “We pride ourselves on our personal attention and service to help clients achieve their goals, and we pride ourselves on a clean and well-organized environment.”

The comfortable facility has experienced personal trainers who go the extra mile, so clients can achieve their fitness goals and have fun doing it.

“We know that everyone is different and approach our members as individuals, working one-on-one to ensure that a client’s workout plan is built specifically for them,” Love said. “We go the extra mile to understand their lifestyle, diet and fitness goals.”

Love pointed out that the facility even offers individual showers for those who like to work out in the morning before they head out to their career and need to shower and dress at the center. It is just one more way that Resilient Fitness helps clients achieve their goals. “We are here to help change your life for the better,” Love said.

For clients interested in both flexibility in scheduling and a service that is gentler on the pocketbook, small group training is available featuring five to seven people training at a time with each following an individualized program.

The complete range of services offered by Resilient Fitness allows clients to determine the scope of service that is perfect for them.

Before new clients begin a program, they first undergo a “Personal Resilient Analysis,” where experts learn their needs and goals. The client will do some fitness tests and determine their individual goals and develop a plan on how to reach them. A timeline is drawn showing how long it will take to reach the goals.

Trainers will critique current diet and exercise programs and educate the client on things, including caloric need, carbohydrate metabolism, timing and balancing meals, as well as cardio and target heart rate.

“The benefits to our clients are having a place where they can, if they choose, do so much more for their health than just work out,” Love said. “We have a large variety of classes that can assist individuals to achieve their fitness goals at all fitness levels. It is perfect for the active lifestyles of the residents of Wellington.”

Love enjoys her new life in Wellington. “It is a small, family community, such as the town of Spring Lake, which I enjoyed for many years,” she said. “The village has so much to offer, especially the equestrian community during season.”

Love welcomes all area residents to visit the facility and see all that it has to offer.

“I wanted to have a fitness center in a small community where everyone that comes in can feel like it is theirs to enjoy,” she said. “The staff is educated in assisting everyone and making them feel welcome and part of our Resilient family.”

Resilient Fitness & Wellness is located at 11596 Pierson Road in Wellington. For more information, call (561) 204-5033 or visit


Orthodontist Dr. Randall Shults Enjoys Making Smiles Beautiful

Orthodontist Dr. Randall Shults Enjoys Making Smiles Beautiful

Orthodontist Dr. Randall Shults recalls that seeing a teacher’s wonderful smile in elementary school was when he first became interested in dentistry.

“My second-grade teacher had the warmest, most beautiful smile I had ever seen. I appreciated at a very young age that your smile, and how you choose to use it, is your introduction to others the first time you meet and every social interaction thereafter,” explained Shults, who has practiced in Wellington for 25 years.

After growing up in Littleton, Colo., a small suburb of Denver, Shults picked Wellington to establish his practice and raise his family.

“I moved my family to Wellington in the spring of 1993 for the small-town atmosphere, great local schools and to start my orthodontic practice,” he said.

Shults became focused on orthodontic procedures relatively early in his dental school career.

“While attending dental school, the chair of the orthodontic department selected two dental students to treat orthodontic patients,” Shults remembered. “I saw the response to well-done orthodontic correction dramatically enhance my patients’ appearance, confidence, self-esteem, and improve their oral health and general physical well-being. The deal was sealed for me. I knew as a third-year dental student what I wanted to do with my professional career.”

Shults is married to Rose Carbone and they have three children. He enjoys biking, paddle boarding, yoga and TRX training at Ultima Fitness. He is a past president of the Palm Beach County Dental Association, a past peer review chair of the same organization and has been the orthodontic section chair of the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Center since 2010.

A passion to provide excellent treatment is what Shults feels sets his practice apart from other offices and is a reason that clients choose him.

“Evidence-based treatment is choosing the most appropriate orthodontic treatment based on the best science available today,” he explained. “In other words, doing the right things for the right reasons. We help make the difficult decisions and then take care of clients with compassion and kindness. I live in Wellington and my commitment and lifetime passion is to provide clients and their families with excellent orthodontic care.”

He treats patients of all age groups.

“We are here to serve the entire family from seven to 70,” Shults said. “We welcome patients with ‘routine’ orthodontic needs or with more complex concerns, which may require orthopedic jaw growth modification or team treatment involving jaw surgery and restoration of missing or broken teeth.”

It all adds up to more confident and attractive smiles.

Shults added that easier access for better dental hygiene is a goal for him, as it is associated with improved oral health and overall health and well-being. “I use Damon Braces because the self-ligation feature eliminates the older elastic or steel ties, making them much easier to keep clean, more comfortable to wear and faster to adjust, which means less time spent in my office and more time to do whatever it is a patient really wants to do,” he said.

He uses other orthodontic methods as well.

“I often recommend Invisalign as an esthetic alternative to braces. Both systems, Invisalign or Damon Braces, have their unique advantages and disadvantages,” Shults said. “We will be happy to help select the treatment which is best for an individual patient.”

Shults is also proud that his office is one of a select few to participate in the evaluation of a new type of braces.

“We currently are one of five orthodontic offices in the United States that has been asked to participate in clinical testing and evaluation of 3M’s new clear, self-ligating orthodontic braces,” he said.

Shults is proud to have grown his practice in Wellington. “We love Wellington as a family-friendly community and the safe academic, sports and social programs available to help our children grow, develop and excel as productive young adults,” he said.

The offices of Shults Orthodontics are located in Wellington at 12180 South Shore Blvd., Suite 101. For more info., call (561) 793-9888 or visit


It Has Been One Adjustment After Another For Dr. Brett Taylor’s Chiropractic Practice

It Has Been One Adjustment After Another For Dr. Brett Taylor’s Chiropractic Practice

With more than 30 years as a chiropractor, Dr. Brett Taylor of the Taylor Chiropractic Center has been caring for the residents of the western communities for 25 of those years.

“It’s all about helping people to get out of pain, getting function and improving their overall quality of life,” he said.

From his new Wellington office, Taylor and his team treat thousands of patients for short-term relief care for acute problems, all the way to a long-term wellness care for those clients who choose that option.

“We’re very hands-on. We never treat you in a way that you feel like just a number in a practice,” he said. “I choose to be involved with the patients from the moment of consultation through all treatments and adjustments. I want to know exactly how the patients are feeling.”

Taylor grew up in the business, so to speak, as a second-generation chiropractor. “I started getting adjusted when I was a kid, and I was always interested in science and nature,” he explained. “That’s what chiropractic philosophy is, a combination of science and nature — the holistic treatment method.”

Services at the practice include traditional hands-on chiropractic adjustments with spinal mobilization techniques, as well as a combination of therapeutic treatments including ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, flexion/distraction and others. Taylor is also certified in physiotherapy.

These comprehensive services give clients of the Wellington center a full spectrum of chiropractic wellness care: traditional chiropractic care, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling, massage therapy, and spinal and postural screenings.

These various modalities allow Taylor to treat multiple spinal conditions ranging from back and neck pain to more complex problems. This includes degenerative disc disease, sciatica, whiplash injuries and more.

In the initial, guaranteed satisfaction consultation, Taylor will determine which treatment is best for a patient’s situation. The guarantee promises that if you are not 100 percent satisfied with your initial visit, then you will not be charged by the office for that visit.

Taylor said that the practice’s goal is to get the patient out of pain fast, and they offer pain-relief treatment programs with that in mind. Yet he stresses that good health is much more than the absence of pain. It is taking care of yourself, going to the gym, eating right and using appropriate vitamin supplements. “I am a strong believer in vitamins,” said Taylor, who works holistically to restore patients to their full potential.

Taylor and his wife Pam, who runs the office, have been together 26 years and have a son who attends the University of Florida and a daughter who attends Florida Atlantic University. Over the years, they have been active supporters of the American Cancer Society and the Kids Cancer Foundation. In addition, Pam was a chair of the Acreage/Loxahatchee Relay for Life fundraiser. She also volunteers with Friends for Life, an organization that raises money to help local families with cancer. “We do try to reach out to the community and help where we can,” Taylor said.

Excited about the new location, he said that he will be able to provide caring service for all patients from the surrounding areas. “I like Wellington. It has a hometown, family feel,” Taylor said. “Patients say they like the office because we have a warm, caring, friendly atmosphere, and it shows that we like taking care of our friends and patients.”

Taylor recalled that one patient said the center should be called the “Cheers” of chiropractic, after the television show “where everybody knows your name.”

Taylor said that his slogan says it all: “You feel fine when your spine is in line.”

The facility offers same-day appointments, and walk-ins are also welcome. Insurance is accepted, not required, and the office is a provider for most major insurance companies, including Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana and United Healthcare, among others, in addition to accepting Medicare assignments. They also take Florida No Fault/PIP for auto injuries, plus there are affordable self-pay options.

The Taylor Chiropractic Center is located at 12788 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 2002, at the corner of Forest Hill Blvd. and Wellington Trace. For more information, call (561) 793-5050 or visit