Urban Air Adventure Park Offers Great Entertainment For The Whole Family Indoor Fun

Urban Air Adventure Park Offers Great Entertainment For The Whole Family Indoor Fun

Families face many challenges when it comes to finding activities everyone can enjoy while getting some good, old-fashioned exercise. How does exercise compete with the digital distractions of games and streaming content, especially on oppressively hot days or when it is raining? The new Urban Air Adventure Park offers a solution right here in Wellington.

“I was introduced to Urban Air as a concept out of the Texas area, and I watched how they grew to become one of the more successful franchise opportunities in the country,” owner Bobby Kreusler said. “I loved the idea of what it was about — promoting family entertainment.”

Kreusler did extensive research into the brand, but what convinced him that this was the right local venture were conversations with people he knew personally.

“I asked about what families do with their kids for fun, and there was a common problem — not a lot of places to take the kids when it is raining or too hot,” he explained.

Urban Air offers a new option. “I watched people having fun with their kids,” Kreusler said. “I thought it was unique that mom and dad very often went out on the trampolines or did the warrior course. I really liked that and thought there was a need in this area.”

Kreusler is a native to the Palm Beach area, and he found the perfect location for his indoor park near the Mall at Wellington Green. It is surprisingly difficult to find spaces that fit the need for 30,000 square feet and 22-foot ceilings.

“It was really the perfect storm of opportunity. Factor in the strong community of families and schools in the surrounding area, and it seemed like the perfect spot to me,” he said. “We’ve been extremely pleased with the support from the community and from the turnout of our guests.”

Urban Air opened in April and has since started offering a new membership program through the franchise. For as little as $10 a month per person, guests can obtain unlimited access to the facility.

“The platinum package is a tremendous deal for families,” said Kreusler, who explained that guests can get full access to all attractions for an entire month for less than the cost of a two-hour visit. “We are known for parties, but also healthy, physical fitness.”

Kreusler also finds that the park offers a great way for families to play together in a way that works for their schedule.

“If the kids are playing on a soccer team, the parents very often can’t participate, whereas here, they can go around and do everything together as a family unit,” he said. “And they don’t have to wait around for a 6 p.m. game.”

A lifelong love of sports led Kreusler into the industry as an attorney, often representing entertainers, musicians and athletes, including many golfers on the PGA Tour. Sports aside, Urban Air is designed to be fun for all groups, not just families with kids.

“We do school field trips, spirit nights and special events for charitable corporations. Corporations can come to us for unique team-building events,” he said. “We are geared for people from all backgrounds.”

With 14 different attractions to choose from, kids and adults of all ages and abilities will find something they love. Urban Air is far more than just another trampoline park or indoor bounce house.

“I think the sky coaster is a really cool option — to be able to fly around indoors in your own little personal coaster is very cool,” Kreusler said. “But I love dodgeball. I’m competitive, and it’s fun to get in there. I’ve seen people do all different variations, like parents versus kids, and I can tell you after 10 minutes of bouncing around, you are absolutely exhausted. I don’t know how the kids do it.”

The adventure park also offers a ropes course, slam ball, a warrior course, the Pro Zone, virtual reality and a unique attraction called the Wipe Out.

“No one has that kind of diversity and selection amongst attractions,” Kreusler said. “We also have a full café with food, and beer and wine for the adults. We have televisions and places for adults to sit and relax, too.”

The facility is open seven days a week. Operating hours are Monday through Thursday, 4 to 8 p.m.; Friday, noon to 11 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.; and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Urban Air Adventure Park is located in the Shoppes at Wellington Green at 10560 W. Forest Hill Blvd. For more information about activities, memberships and packages, visit www.urbanairwellington.com or call (561) 408-0809.


Coldwell Banker’s Andrew Burr Leads A Group Of Real Estate Professionals Team Approach

Coldwell Banker’s Andrew Burr Leads A Group Of Real Estate Professionals Team Approach

Realtor Andrew Burr with Coldwell Banker heads up the Andrew Burr Group with four other real estate professionals. They specialize in residential purchases, sales and leasing of luxury homes and farms throughout central Palm Beach County, including Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach and Loxahatchee.

Real estate was not Burr’s first career. Years ago, he did his work in the kitchen. Somehow, he has found a connection between these two seemingly disparate professions.

“I started in auctions, and a lot of people wanted me to move into commercial real estate, but I enjoy the personal interaction of residential real estate and the satisfaction that comes with making customers into friends,” Burr said. “It carries over from my time as a professional chef. When I was a chef, I loved that I knew how well I did my job every single night. I still have friends I made due to being an excellent chef, and I see a lot of parallels between the two businesses.”

Matthew Tarantino is a key member of the team. He is counted on to perform the tedious but always essential job of facilitating the stacks of paperwork involved in the average real estate transaction.

“In addition to being a great real estate agent, Matthew is an extraordinary administrator,” Burr said. “When it comes to keeping the ‘I’s dotted and the ‘T’s crossed, there is none better. Matthew is also intimately familiar with the coastal communities of Palm Beach County and is our expert in that area. He has an engaging personality and an extremely professional demeanor which, combined with years of experience as a Realtor, allows him to step into any role needed. All of these things free me up to concentrate on urgent needs of current customers, as well as developing new business.”

Tarantino, a longtime Wellington resident, enjoys his role on the team. “Andrew is the hunter-gatherer, and I am more of the provider of services to the clients, whether it’s showing a property or doing the paperwork required,” he said.

The word “team” is not used lightly by Burr and his co-workers.

“Our entire team focus is on each individual customer,” Tarantino said. “We limit ourselves to no more than 15 customers at a time, including both buyers and sellers, so that we can focus on quality representation rather than quantity.”

Tarantino believes that the group is far greater than its individual parts.

“We work for our customers by approaching the sales process as a team,” he said. “Some of us are better than others at certain aspects of the process, and so we utilize each other’s strengths. We creatively advertise the property and competitively, selectively market it to the community and beyond. We have a longevity in the communities we work in, which gives us an edge.”

Burr believes that real estate today is a safe investment in the future.

“The largest fear many homebuyers have currently is that they will be facing another difficult market as we had a decade ago,” he said. “The reality is that the situation is completely different with lenders constrained by much more stringent rules and regulation, and more people than ever with more than 50 percent equity in their homes. The result of this is that we are in one of the strongest markets we’ve seen in decades. If you’re thinking about purchasing and are concerned about market strength, contact us, and we’ll help you through it step by step.”

To contact the Andrew Burr Team, call (561) 324-8914 or e-mail realtor andrew1@yahoo.com. Learn more at www.andrewsellspalmbeach.com.


Wellington’s Landscaping Team Works To Keep The Community Green Going Native

Wellington’s Landscaping Team Works To Keep The Community Green Going Native

One key to Wellington’s allure, both to residents and visitors, is its small-town feel. An important part of that atmosphere is the amount of green space and trees found in the community. Wellington’s landscaping team is key to setting the tone, from the moment one drives past the first Village of Wellington welcome sign.

Brian Hopper is the operations superintendent in charge of all landscaping and trees found on village property. Over the past seven years, he has taken his master’s degree in forest resources and conservation from the University of Florida to bring the vegetation in Wellington to a more natural state.

“Having a strong natural resources background gives me the tendency to use native species whenever I can. I’m always looking for ways to increase our tree canopy,” Hopper said. “My favorite thing is when I get an opportunity to be creative. By that I mean, do our own in-house designs for landscape enhancements, especially to plant trees in spaces that didn’t have any.”

This tendency to use native plants has long-term side effects for Wellington that are beyond just aesthetics.

“Native plants are more cost effective,” said Deputy Director of Public Works Bill Conerly, who is Hopper’s supervisor. “They require less treatment, too. You don’t get the exotic pests, and they don’t need the herbicides to take care of themselves. I’m a Florida guy. I’ve seen the changes, and the native species are low maintenance compared to exotic plants.”

Conerly and Hopper have worked together for years and share a passion for taking care of Wellington’s greenery. One such project they are both proud of is the Wellington Environmental Preserve at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Everglades Habitat, located at 3491 Flying Cow Ranch Road.

“It started off as an old agricultural field that was nothing but Brazilian pepper, and they carved out the retention areas to attract birds,” Hopper recalled. “They did initial plantings, and we have added to it every single year just to make it better. Now, everything has started to grow and recruit native species. Not only do you get to see aquatic vegetation but upland habitats — all built from scratch.”

The 365-acre preserve has been a work in progress that began in 2007 and now has plants ranging from wildflowers to oak trees re-seeding and growing on their own. Originally designed to be a stormwater retention area, there is much more going on at the preserve now. “It’s amazing all the native species that you can see at any given time,” Conerly said. “We have migratory birds, bald eagles and ospreys. We put out osprey perches, and you can see them eating fish and interacting with each other.”

Hard work and consistency have paid off. Wellington has been awarded a Tree City USA designation for more than 20 years running. In addition, the village has also maintained a growth award for the past 10 years, proving there is an increased level of attention and commitment to the trees here.

“For the past five years, we have planted an average of approximately 500 trees a year, and about 1,500 seedlings each year at the Wellington Environmental Preserve,” Hopper said. “We also give away free seedlings to all the local schools in celebration of Earth Day, and we offer free trees at the Earth Day event held at the Wellington Amphitheater.”

For Hopper, the big projects are great, but he feels it is the little projects that add up to big things.

“We have high-profile projects — like the landscape berm over near Stribling Way and State Road 7 — but it’s the amalgamation of all the tiny little projects that make a difference,” he said. “It’s the small neighborhood entryways, like the median in front of a neighborhood that we overhauled even when no one asked for it, and it looks so much better. They may not be projects that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but I know it has an effect on people’s daily lives.”

One example is an upcoming planting project to add more trees along pathways in the preserve to create better shaded stopping points for trail users. In the end, the purpose always comes back to the community and its residents.

“When you have a resident write on social media about how great something looks — when the public says that, it really makes you feel good,” Conerly said. “One good compliment goes a long way.”

Hopper and Conerly view their work in Wellington as more than just a day job. “I always like to say if you do what you love for a living, sometimes it doesn’t feel like work,” Hopper explained. “It’s nice to be able to enjoy what you do when you have a passion for it.”

He also shared a little advice for locals when deciding what to plant in their own spaces. “Stay away from the plants that you know are pest problems, or plants that you know are going to have to be treated,” Hopper said.

Conerly couldn’t agree more. “In my personal yard, if it doesn’t attract a butterfly, a bee or a bird, I try not to plant it,” he said.


Dr. Kshitji Kapoor And Dr. Tanmya Ravi Bring Out The Best In Your Smile Integrity Dental

Dr. Kshitji Kapoor And Dr. Tanmya Ravi Bring Out The Best In Your Smile Integrity Dental

Dr. Kshitji Kapoor and Dr. Tanmya Ravi recently acquired Perfect Smile Dentistry in Wellington, rebranding the longstanding practice as Integrity Dental. The couple is passionate about providing the finest dental care to patients in the Wellington area.

“We were looking at practices all over Palm Beach County, and even some areas in Broward County, but we never really liked anything because we were happy here,” Ravi explained. “It was like the stars lined up for us.”

The doctors both earned their dental degrees from Boston University a decade ago, but they continue their pursuit of knowledge to keep up on the latest advances in dental medicine.

“We are both very academically inclined,” Ravi explained. “In two years, you are supposed to do 30 to 36 continuing education units, and we are getting 100 in one calendar year. That translates into good skills, good treatment and good management.”

Understanding their clients’ needs is an important step in the process of providing quality dental care, but Ravi and Kapoor know there is more to building a trusting relationship.

“We want our patients to feel like more of a family and not just transactional,” Kapoor said. “We always introduce it as a behavioral change toward how people take care of their teeth. That change will stay with them and help them stay healthy.”

Too many people stay away from the dentist office out of fear, but they work to put patients at ease.

“For some, going to the dentist isn’t just unpleasant, it’s scary,” Ravi explained. “We see it, and we get it. If you are fearful, let us help you. The whole goal is that if you are comfortable, we can do our best work.”

The comfort of patients, along with the drive to always improve their process, has led Integrity Dental to offer some of the most state-of-the-art dental equipment.

“We are using an intra-oral scanner system to replace the old way of biting down to take an impression of the teeth. It is a digital scanner that goes in your mouth to take pictures, and then it stitches those images together to make a digital picture of your teeth,” Kapoor explained. “Digital dentistry is going to change a lot about the field.”

Kapoor and Ravi are passionate about what they do and find great satisfaction in their work.

“I got exposed to dentistry as a child. I went to an orthodontist, and it made an impression on me at a very young age,” Kapoor said. “I feel building up a person’s smile gives them an instant impact, and that is the positive part of dentistry.”

Kapoor’s partner in life and practice shares his love of science, but also finds that dentistry gives her the opportunity to be an artist.

“I always liked the arts and crafts side of things, but I was a science student, so this seemed like a good mix of the two,” Ravi said. “We work with our hands all day long. Working with people, objects, molding things and creating fillings that look like teeth. We fix gaps and get the colors perfect.”

Both dentists also joined the U.S. Army Reserve years ago and continue to practice their profession in the service of both soldiers and their country. Ravi is a captain, while Kapoor was promoted to the rank of major in September of this year.

Integrity Dental offers many services outside of routine dental work, including tooth-colored fillings, implant replacements and restorations, dentures, Invisalign, crowns, bridges and cosmetic smile makeovers.

Integrity Dental is located at 12300 South Shore Blvd., Suite 208, in Wellington’s Mizner Place.

The office is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. They are also open on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

For more information about Integrity Dental, or to schedule an appointment, call (561) 204-4494 or visit www.integritydentalwellington.com.


Palm Beach Aquatics Is A Leader In Lake And Wetland Restoration Protecting Water

Palm Beach Aquatics Is A Leader In Lake And Wetland Restoration Protecting Water

Always interested in the idea of working to maintain a healthy environment, John Natale founded Palm Beach Aquatics in 1998 as a full-service environmental management company specializing in lake and wetland restoration.

With his business partner Mike Lehman, the firm has become a Florida leader in environmentally friendly green technology for lake management.

“Our services include algae and weed control, fountain sales and service, aquatic planting, fish stocking, bank restoration and beneficial bacteria programs,” said Natale, who moved to the Wellington area more than 30 years ago from Hartford, Conn.

Committed to working to improve the environmental well-being of Florida’s communities, Palm Beach Aquatics achieves its goal in two important ways. First, it restores wetlands, promoting natural methods and thereby reducing chemicals and nutrients in ground and service waters. The company also helps to prevent weathering and provides animal habitat by the introduction of native vegetation — plants, grasses and trees — to their appropriate communities.

“We are an authorized Aqua Control and Airmax fountain and aeration system dealer,” Natale said. “Placing a fountain or aerator in your waterway is one of the most beneficial things you can do for the ecosystem.”

He added that other beneficial actions include the addition of aquatic plants and fish stocking.

“We are a SePRO preferred applicator and stewards of the water. Our trained aquatic biologists have more than half a century of combined experience,” Natale said.

Working in both the private and public sector, the team is experienced with small and large bodies of water and in advanced freshwater fish management.

A new product being used by Palm Beach Aquatics is a weed control solution that is as effective as the chemical in Roundup, without the carcinogenic compounds.

The firm even offers an eco-friendly method for flying pest control.

“We offer a completely green approach for mosquito, midge fly and black fly control that is very important for horse stables and farms in Wellington,” Natale explained.

The green theme extends to the company itself, which conserves and limits overall energy consumption in its offices, facilities and vehicles. As an environmentally friendly company, Palm Beach Aquatics strives to protect natural environments, conserve resources and educate its clientele on environmental issues.

“We also strive for exceptional customer service and pride ourselves on using EPA-approved and environmentally safe products that are not harmful to horses and humans to treat the waters,” Natale said.

Palm Beach Aquatics offers its lake, fountain and aerator service throughout South Florida for lake and fish management. “We carry a full line of Aqua Control fountains and aerators to keep your lake in regulated circulation,” Natale said.

Incorporating the objective of sustainability for every decision in the business, the firm strives to play a positive role in conservation from global climate change to local issues, such as water scarcity and aquatic vegetation management.

In order to prioritize its environmental stewardship, the company focuses on the following areas: water, waste recycling, habitat restoration, exotic species control, energy conservation, phytoremediation (which includes processes mediated by plants that are useful in treating environmental problems), best management practices and transportation.

Using only EPA-approved herbicides and natural methods of nutrient reduction and algae prevention such as waterway aeration, using enzymes and bacteria to reduce sludge, and algae prevention rather than treatment, the company encourages the use of slow-release fertilizers and educates clients on the effects of nutrient loading in and around waterways.

As a longtime resident of the area, Natale enjoys the lifestyle of Wellington. He and his wife moved to the area in 1987. They have one daughter who works for Wellington Parks & Recreation. Natale’s hobbies include fundraising and polo.

For more information about Palm Beach Aquatics, call (561) 719-8900 or (888) 391-LAKE (5253) or visit www.pbaquatics.com. The web site includes links for customer service, work order requests and a client-only log-in for comprehensive reports for each property.



Raja Indian Cuisine Brings A Flavorful Taste Of The Subcontinent To Wellington Modern Indian

Raja Indian Cuisine Brings A Flavorful Taste Of The Subcontinent To Wellington Modern Indian

A passion for flavor with a modern twist on traditional Indian food is the promise of the newly opened Raja Indian Cuisine & Bar, located inside the original Wellington Mall.

Look for the sign with the Golden “R.” Once inside, you’ll find an array of authentic treasures — dishes spanning many regions, draped in layers of bold flavors, and a dining atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming.

“We want you to have an experience,” General Manager Debarghya Bhattacharjee said.

Raja Indian Cuisine celebrated its grand opening on Oct. 30 with a luncheon buffet that was quite impressive.

“Our food is from all over India. We’re not focusing on any one regional cuisine. We have traditional Indian, such as northern India, as well as Indo-Chinese,” Bhattacharjee explained.

Raja’s owners — the husband-and-wife duo of Sunil Kayalchirayil and Sheeba Krishnankutty —call it “modern Indian.”

“Our dishes are not too common — street food, Indo-Chinese,” said Kayalchirayil, who studied the culinary arts in India.

The food is fresh, flavorful and bright with colors. The lunch buffet is a great way to sample a number of types of hot and cold foods. From appetizers, hot soup and salads, to entrees and desserts. The buffet is offered daily, Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at $12 for adults and $9.99 for children. The buffet stays open until 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and costs $14.99 for adults and $10.99 for children.

Buffet items vary daily, but two vegan and two vegetarian dishes are always options, such as Balti vegetables and mixed vegetable Poriyal, as well as three types of salads.

Flavors are spice-filled, from cumin to coriander, cinnamon, cloves and more. A variety of chutneys line the beginning of the table to suit a wide range of tastes.

“These are the accompaniments,” Bhattacharjee explained. “They go with almost all the foods.”

The accompaniments include mint, onion dip, mango and lemon pickle, which tends to be a guest favorite. “We make it fresh, in-house. It’s a long process,” Bhattacharjee said.

Appetizers include the popular samosas, a stuffed, crispy phyllo dough.

“Special items, like the goat Malabar, is from southern India. We use dry-roasted coconut. The Chicken Tikka Masala always has cream in there,” Bhattacharjee described.

Buffet entrees include items such as Tandoori Chicken and Shrimp Biryani.

Desserts are also offered, one hot and one cold, including the Galub Jamun, which are donuts in a warm sugar syrup.

Diners also have a wide-ranging a la carte menu to choose from as well. All dishes are labeled clearly by spice levels of medium or hot, as well as vegan and gluten free.

For starters, there’s the Saffron Pen Salad with radish, onion, fresh fruit, shaved carrots and cucumbers, and saffron mermaldu dressing for $6. The Lamb Shalgam soup is made with spiced ground lamb, poached egg and vegetable broth for $7. Raja’s Mix Sampler includes chicken wings, chicken kabob, paneer tikka and samosa veg pakora. It goes for $12 to get a taste of all those items.

As for entrees, there are a number of curry dishes to several vegan options, with its own section on the menu. Tandoor options include tandoori chicken, jumbo shrimp and more. A variety of Naan breads are available, from butter to garlic, Rosemary olive oil, to ginger honey — all make a savory addition.

The owners’ favorite is one of the chef specials, the Yellow Snapper. It’s cooked in a tandoor topped with curried coconut shrimp. The specials run between $20 and $25.

For dessert, the fig and honey kulfi is made with fig basil sour coulis and raspberry butter, while the mango cheesecake comes with vanilla bean ice cream and red wine rose syrup reduction.

Hot beverages range from black coffee to masala chai, and more, to top off your meal. The dining room is welcoming with deep brown wood booths and tables with gold accents on the seating.

“When you first walk in, this restaurant had its own history and light fixtures. We tried to keep it that way, but we added blue paint, which gives you an energetic vibe,” Bhattacharjee said. “When you walk in, it’s a feeling of family with a large dining table, that gives a homey feeling. In the corner, there’s a relaxing waiting area with small couches and a tea table. We have some elephant pieces from Rajasthan, also pieces from the Buddhist religion.”

Raja also features private party rooms for up to 50 people and meeting spaces for up to 12. The outdoor patio bar is getting a makeover to provide a whole other atmosphere with lots of seating. Dogs are even invited to join their families, with their own special menu to order from.

Also in the works is live entertainment from cultural dancers to sitar music. The owners plan to soon work with the Winter Equestrian Festival and expand the flavors available there.

Meanwhile, guests from Wellington and the surrounding communities are invited to visit the new restaurant for a celebration of Indian food, music and culture.

Look for the golden “R” inside the circle at the far back parking lot. It will greet you for an authentic experience with many happy and tasty returns.

Raja takes reservations, offers carryout and is working with Delivery Dudes and Grub Hub. See their Facebook page for daily specials and upcoming entertainment.

Raja Indian Cuisine & Bar is located in the original Wellington Mall at 12794 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 20, with direct access through the back parking lot. For more information, call (561) 318-5383 or visit www.rajawellington.com.



2020 Great Charity Challenge, Presented By Fidelity Investments, Focuses On Partnerships Feb. 1

2020 Great Charity Challenge, Presented By Fidelity Investments, Focuses On Partnerships Feb. 1

With a growing national and global sense that partnerships are at the core of progress and impact, the Great Charity Challenge, presented by Fidelity Investments, will once again sharpen the focus on the power of united communities when it returns on Feb. 1, 2020 to the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.

Having distributed $13.5 million to more than 240 Palm Beach County nonprofit organizations to date, the exciting event hinges on the generous support of the equestrian community and local business partners.

Through an open application process, the GCC encourages all Palm Beach County-based charities to apply to participate in the event’s 11th edition through Nov. 15. Following a thorough vetting process in partnership with Bank of America, the drawing of the first 24 charities will take place throughout Palm Beach County the first week of December. All selections will be posted live online through the GCC’s social media platforms.

The fortunate selectees will meet their randomly paired equestrian teams on Saturday, Feb. 1 to receive a share of the more than $1 million purse. The winning team’s nonprofit will receive $150,000, while all pre-selected participants are guaranteed a minimum grant of $15,000.

Founded in 2010 by Paige Bellissimo and Equestrian Sport Productions, the GCC has maintained its values of professionalism by being “impact-driven.” Transparency guarantees impartiality with its public lottery-style selection process, while 100 percent of the money raised gets distributed to local nonprofits.

Over the last five years, the relay-style show jumping competition has brought team spirit to a new level by incorporating themes into each yearly celebration. With riders dressed up in costumes and horses adorned to match them, this year’s theme of “Broadway Musicals” will pay recognition to the wisdom commonly found in these plays. From “You can change the world if you change your mind” (Kinky Boots) to “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise!” (Les Misérables) and “If you stand for nothing Burr, what will you fall for?” (Hamilton), all who attend the event will leave inspired to foster the change they wish to see in their own back yards.

“With Equestrian Sport Productions’ full support by covering 100 percent of the costs associated with hosting the GCC, to the generous donors who join in our mission to create a positive impact locally, the riders who donate their talents and horses for the evening, and all the way to the amazing nonprofits who work tirelessly to better Palm Beach County, the event is truly a showcase of the power of partnerships,” GCC Executive Director Anne Caroline Valtin said.

The GCC competition during the 2020 Winter Equestrian Festival at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center will offer free general admission and will be held Saturday, Feb. 1 starting at 6 p.m. Free parking will be located at 13500 South Shore Blvd. in Wellington at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival show grounds.

For the latest event information, application process and sponsorship opportunities, visit www.greatcharitychallenge.com and follow the event on Facebook and Instagram at @greatcharitychallenge.


International Polo Club Palm Beach Looks Forward To A Competitive 2020 Season

International Polo Club Palm Beach Looks Forward To A Competitive 2020 Season

Another world-class season of polo is about to return to the grounds of the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington.

Beginning Sunday, Dec. 29 and continuing through Sunday, April 19, the 2020 season will welcome the best players and ponies from around the world to compete in the elite 18-goal and 22-goal tournaments.

The iconic venue spreads over 250 acres with seven state-of-the-art fields, a newly constructed polo arena, a spectator-friendly stadium and 7,000 square feet of indoor event space.

Based in the heart of Wellington, IPC offers both new and lifelong polo fans plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sport of kings. Each week, spectators are invited to attend the various matches held across the property with casual tailgating. On Sundays, guests can enjoy the exciting feature game on the U.S. Polo Assn. Field with even more hospitality options, including stadium seats, premium box seating, tailgates and field-side tables in the Veuve Clicquot Pavilion.

An impressive social scene and lavish brunch can always be found in the Veuve Clicquot Pavilion prior to the start of the traditional 3 p.m. match. Also returning this winter is the luxurious Celebrity Cruises Polo Lounge featuring all the VIP perks guests would expect to experience at a polo event. The enjoyable atmosphere, coupled with a perfect field-side view, makes the Pavilion and the VIP Polo Lounge two of the most enviable tickets during the winter season.

New this season include enhanced food and beverage options for all spectators and family-friendly ticket pricing. Lower-level sections in the stadium will now start at just $20 with an up close and personal view of the intense match taking place. Additionally, delicious new signature cocktails will be available for guests seated in the stadium and in general admission zones.

The 2020 season will feature an extensive competition calendar with three 18-goal tournaments and three 22-goal tournaments over the course of four months. The Herbie Pennell Cup will kick off the schedule on Dec. 29, followed by the Joe Barry Cup from Jan. 1 through Jan. 12. The Ylvisaker Cup tournament will take place next, from Jan. 11 through Feb. 2, concluding the 18-goal series. The decision to lower the tournaments from 20 goals to 18 goals was made so more teams and rising players could participate in the winter season.

The launch of the 22-goal Gauntlet of Polo series begins with the C.V. Whitney Cup tournament on Feb. 1 and continues with the start of the USPA Gold Cup tournament on Feb. 22 and the U.S. Open Polo Championship tournament on March 21. For the second year in a row, IPC will host the U.S. Open Women’s Polo Championship Final on Saturday, March 21 on the U.S. Polo Assn. Field 1 to benefit Susan G. Komen.

In its inaugural year, the Gauntlet of Polo sequence brought in a record number of participating teams to vie for the coveted $1 million prize and ultimate victory of three tournament wins. The Pilot Polo Team, led by Curtis Pilot, mastered the triple champion title, claiming each 22-goal tournament and, therefore, obtaining the coveted Gauntlet trophy.

“We’re very excited to welcome back the 22-goal tournaments. Last year, some of the best polo I’ve seen in years was played in these matches,” IPC’s Director of Polo Operations Jimmy Newman said. “The players were very competitive, and I think we’ll see that again in this season’s Gauntlet series.”

Also returning for the 2020 season is the International Polo School at IPC. Now in its third year, the school allows new fans of all ages to learn the rules of the game first-hand with individual lessons, simulation training and team practices. The USPA-certified instructors are currently booking daily lessons and looking for individuals to fill the amateur-friendly low-goal league. For more information on lessons and the league, contact Gates Gridley at jgridley@equestriansport.com or (203) 232-6935.

In addition to world-class polo, IPC is becoming a hotspot for other popular field sports and special events. This November, the IWLCA Presidents Cup, the world’s largest female lacrosse tournament, will be held at IPC. This event alone will welcome up to 400 high school teams totaling to 7,000 female athletes. Back in 2017, the Florida Sports Foundation named IPC the Large Market Sports Venue of the Year, after it held several rugby, football and field hockey tournaments. Brides have also turned their sights on the fields of IPC, booking their fall, spring and summer weddings in the Pavilion or right on the main field.

“We’ve definitely seen a rise in our event reservations over the last year,” IPC’s Vice President of Event Operations Vaneli Bojkova said. “IPC is such a unique venue that has those picturesque backdrops and exclusive experiences that brides are really seeking out these days to make their wedding different from others.”

The polo club offers an extensive list of services and floor spaces for events of all sizes and styles and is now booking for 2020 and 2021.

The International Polo Club Palm Beach is located at 3667 120th Avenue South in Wellington. To learn more, visit www.internationalpoloclub.com.

International Polo Club 2020 Sunday Polo Schedule

December 29

Herbie Pennell Final (18 goal)


January 5

 Joe Barry Cup (18 goal)


January 12

Joe Barry Cup Final (18 goal)


January 19

Ylvisaker Cup (18 goal)


January 26

Ylvisaker Cup (18 goal)


February 2

Ylvisaker Cup Final (18 goal)


February 9

 C.V. Whitney Cup (22 goal)


February 16

 C.V. Whitney Cup (22 goal)


February 23

 C.V. Whitney Cup Final (22 goal)


March 1

 USPA Gold Cup (22 goal)


March 8

 USPA Gold Cup (22 goal)


March 15

USPA Gold Cup (22 goal)


March 21

U.S. Open Women’s Polo 

Championship Final (22 goal)

Saturday Afternoon Game


March 22

 USPA Gold Cup Final (22 goal)


March 29

 U.S. Open Polo Championship 

(22 goal)


April 5

 U.S. Open Polo Championship 

(22 goal)


April 12

U.S. Open Polo Championship

(22 goal)


April 19

U.S. Open Polo Championship Final (22 goal)
The International Polo Club Palm Beach is located at 3667 120th Avenue South in Wellington.

For ticket information, visit www.internationalpoloclub.com/sundaytickets.

Tentative schedule, subject to change. Sponsors listed at time of print.


2020 Winter Equestrian Festival Highlights World Class Competition At PBIEC

2020 Winter Equestrian Festival Highlights World Class Competition At PBIEC

With the 2020 Winter Equestrian Festival on the horizon, Equestrian Sport Productions is ready to welcome the 41st annual show series to the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington.

Notably the longest-running equestrian sport circuit in the world, WEF 2020 will feature 12 weeks of world-renowned hunter, jumper and equitation competition. The festival will begin on Wednesday, Jan. 8 and continue through Sunday, March 29.

“This will be an outstanding winter season,” said Michael Stone, president of Equestrian Sport Productions, which produces WEF and manages the PBIEC show grounds. “With the 2020 Olympic Games on the horizon, we are once again welcoming athletes from around the globe to the WEF stage. This circuit will surely be a great opportunity for them to test their skills with the best of the best.”

WEF 2020 is preparing to host 11 weeks of FEI-sanctioned competition out of 12 total weeks of competition, which is the highest caliber of show jumping in the sport. Many world-ranked and established athletes participate each year, making WEF, and Wellington, a hub for the most talented equestrians in the world.

“The circuit is always a valuable one. It’s a good start to the year to have our students and all of our horses together,” explained two-time Olympic team gold medalist and longtime WEF competitor Beezie Madden. “My horses are going to have a nice vacation in the fall, and then we will get them started up in Florida again. We have a nice farm [in Wellington] that belongs to [Abigail] Wexner, and it’s always a great place to be and to train.”

The return of WEF also means the return of the popular Saturday Night Lights series, which is free and open to the public. The events offer a cornucopia of entertainment for the entire family, including face painting, live music, food, carousel rides, a petting zoo, pony rides and more. Each Saturday night features the highlight class of the week, regularly including Olympians and the stars of show jumping.

The season begins with national level competition for hunters, jumpers and equitation riders. The crowd-favorite Battle of the Sexes competition returns on Saturday, Jan. 11, pitting a team of male riders and a team of female riders against one another. After completing several variations of jumping relays and competitions, one team will reign supreme.

WEF 2 (Jan. 15-19) features a CSI 2* competition, while WEF weeks 3 (Jan. 22-26), 6 (Feb. 12-16) and 10 (March 11-15) will host CSI 3* competition. CSI 4* competition will take place during WEF weeks 4 (Jan. 29 – Feb. 2) and 11 (March 18-22). Week 8 (Feb. 26 – March 1) will once again welcome the lively CSIO 4*, and Saturday night will host the historic Nations Cup, where teams of three or four riders represent their countries in a thrilling display of athletics that entertain the masses. The impeccable grass Derby Field at Equestrian Village, a horse and rider favorite, will see action this year during weeks 4, 6, 9 and 11.

The 2020 Great Charity Challenge, presented by Fidelity Investments, will be held during the fourth week of the Winter Equestrian Festival on Saturday, Feb. 1. GCC is a relay-style equestrian jumping competition with teams consisting of two junior/amateur riders combined with one Olympic or world-class rider. The 34 rider teams are randomly paired with 34 charities that serve Palm Beach County. The GCC has distributed more than $13.5 million to 240 local Palm Beach charities and nonprofit organizations since its inception a decade ago.

Hunter competition will also take place throughout the 12-week span, and welcomes back WCHR week, a favorite among the hunter community, during WEF 6 (Feb. 12-16). The season will continue to feature international hunter derby competitions, along with top equitation and hunter classes offered for children, juniors and adults of all levels.

The 2020 season is set to include four weeks of CSI 5* competition. The CSI 5* Grand Prix competitions will be hosted on Feb. 8, Feb. 22, March 7 and March 28. Riders will go head-to-head in the two-round format, concluding with an invigorating jump-off against the clock to determine the ultimate winner.

Originally incorporated during the 2017 season, each CSI 5* competition will also have a CSI 2* competition running parallel, and the grand finale, the $500,000 Rolex Grand Prix CSI 5*, will be held during WEF 12, wrapping the circuit up with the most anticipated class of the season.

The festival will see thousands of horses competing throughout the winter circuit, and the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center looks forward to welcoming competitors back for an exciting winter season.

“Each year, we see the numbers flourish, welcoming new competitors, strengthening the circuit and solidifying the Winter Equestrian Festival as one of the most prestigious competitions in the world,” Stone said.

More schedule announcements for the 2020 Winter Equestrian Festival will be released soon. For more information, visit www.pbiec.com.

Palm Beach International Equestrian Center 2020 Winter Equestrian Festival Highlights

WEF 1 “AA” — January 8-12

Saturday Night Lights – $75,000 “Battle of the Sexes”

Sunday – $75,000 Grand Prix


WEF 2 CSI 2* “AA” — January 15-19

Saturday Night Lights – $72,000 Grand Prix CSI 2*

Sunday – $25,000 Under 25 Grand Prix, $36,000 1.50m Jumper Classic


WEF 3 CSI 3* “AA” — January 22-26

Saturday Night Lights – $134,000 Grand Prix CSI 3*


WEF 4 CSI 4* “AA” — January 29 – February 2

Friday Night Stars – $25,000 Under 25 Grand Prix Team Event 

(AGDF Show Grounds, Global Arena)

Saturday – $209,000 Grand Prix CSI 4* (AGDF Stadium, Derby Field)

Saturday Night Lights – 11th annual Great Charity Challenge, 

presented by Fidelity Investments (WEF Show Grounds, International Arena)


WEF 5 CSI 5* and CSI 2* “AA” — February 5-9

Saturday Night Lights – $391,000 Grand Prix CSI 5*

Sunday – $72,000 1.50m Jumper Classic and $50,000 Grand Prix CSI 2*


WEF 6 World Champion Hunter Rider Week

CSI 3* “AA” — February 12-16

Friday Night Stars – $134,000 Grand Prix CSI 3* (AGDF Show Grounds, Global Arena)

Saturday – $36,000 1.50m Jumper Classic (AGDF Show Grounds, Derby Field)

Saturday Night Lights – $100,000 USHJA/WCHR Peter Wetherill

Palm Beach Hunter Spectacular (WEF Show Grounds, International Arena)

Sunday – $25,000 Under 25 Grand Prix and $25,000 National Grand Prix

(AGDF Show Grounds, Derby Field)


WEF 7 CSI 5* and CSI 2* “AA” Five Star Week — February 19-23

Saturday Night Lights – $391,000 Grand Prix CSI 5*

Sunday – $72,000 1.50M Jumper Classic and $50,000 Grand Prix CSI 2*

WEF 8 CSIO 4* “AA” Nations Cup Week — February 26 – March 1

Thursday Evening – WEF Sport Horse Auction (AGDF Show Grounds, Global Arena)

Friday Evening – $36,000 Under 25 Grand Prix Semifinal

Saturday Night Lights – $150,000 Nations Cup CSIO 4*

Sunday – $209,000 Grand Prix CSIO 4*


WEF 9 CSI 5* and CSI 2* “AA” — March 4-8

Friday – Pony Hunter Derby (AGDF Show Grounds, Derby Field)

Saturday Night Lights – $391,000 Grand Prix CSI 5*

Sunday – $72,000 1.50M Jumper Classic and $50,000 Grand Prix CSI 2*


WEF 10 CSI 3* “AA” — March 11-15

Saturday Night Lights – $134,000 Grand Prix CSI 3*


WEF 11 CSI 4* “AA” — March 18-22

Friday – Developing Jumper Classics (WEF Show Grounds, International Arena)

Saturday – $209,000 Grand Prix CSI 4* (AGDF Show Grounds, Derby Field)

Saturday Night Lights – $134,000 1.50m Jumper Classic Series Final

(WEF Show Grounds, International Arena)

Sunday – $50,000 Under 25 Grand Prix Final (AGDF Show Grounds, Derby Field)


WEF 12 Rolex CSI 5* and CSI 2* “AA” — March 25-29

Saturday – $50,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby (AGDF Show Grounds, Derby Field)

Saturday Night Lights – $500,000 Rolex Grand Prix CSI 5*

Sunday – $50,000 Grand Prix CSI 2* and $50,000 National Grand Prix

(WEF Show Grounds, International Arena)


Palm Beach International Equestrian Center Main Grounds

3400 Equestrian Club Drive, Wellington, FL 33414


Equestrian Village at PBIEC (AGDF Show Grounds)

13500 South Shore Blvd., Wellington, FL 33414


For more information, call (561) 793-JUMP or visit www.pbiec.com.

WEF general admission free, parking $20/car Saturday nights.


AGDF 2020 Welcomes Star-Studded Lineup To Equestrian Village

AGDF 2020 Welcomes Star-Studded Lineup To Equestrian Village

With the winter season rapidly approaching, fans and competitors are marking their calendars for the ninth annual Adequan Global Dressage Festival (AGDF), returning to Equestrian Village at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington from Jan. 8 through March 29, 2020.

As the largest and longest-running dressage circuit in the world, the AGDF welcomes equestrians from all over the globe to compete across a 10-week schedule of events, offering international and national level showing opportunities for dressage professionals and amateurs alike.

“We are delighted to welcome dressage enthusiasts back for another year of top competition,” AGDF Director of Sport Thomas Baur said. “This season is imperative, as it delivers opportunities for competitors seeking out World Cup qualification, as well as Olympic and Paralympic preparation. This year, the CDI 5* serves as a mandatory outing for the U.S. Dressage riders striving for team placement; a group of Japanese competitors will make the journey to work toward Tokyo 2020; and a CDI-W has been added into the last week of competition as a final opportunity for riders contending for FEI World Cup Finals. The 2020 AGDF will also strategically host two CPEDIs in January, as a way to accommodate athletes looking to achieve scores before Paralympic qualification ends.”

The AGDF season serves as a strong competition scene for riders seeking to gain more experience with their mounts, Baur explained, and 2019 Pan American Games team silver medalist Jennifer Baumert credited the show for allowing her to do just that in years past.

“AGDF is one of my favorite horse shows,” Baumert said. “As a true pinnacle of dressage in the United States, the people, the atmosphere, the international flair all make it an incredible place to bring your horses to prepare them.”

She is enthusiastic regarding how much the sport of dressage has grown in recent years, with Wellington at the forefront.

“I think it’s incredibly beneficial to have this circuit,” Baumert said. “It has really put the U.S. on that international stage. The fact that we can attract so many riders from other nations is a major accomplishment and a big deal for our sport.”

The incoming lineup features four CDI-Ws, one CDI 4* and CDI 5*, as well as a CDIO 3* and two CPEDI competitions. The invigorating Friday Night Stars series will return as a season staple, highlighting the iconic FEI Grand Prix Freestyle, and national classes will run parallel to international competition throughout all 10 weeks.

The inaugural Lövsta Future Challenge for Young Grand Prix Horses (8- to 10-year-olds) will kick off this year, serving as the next step for horses returning after 2019’s Prix St. Georges Future Challenge, and eDressage will also make its debut in the national and CPEDI arenas this year.

The 2020 season kicks off Jan. 8-12, featuring the first of four CDI-W competitions, as well as the first CPEDI 3* and national show of the season. AGDF 3 will follow (Jan. 22-26) with the same schedule, welcoming CDI-W, CPEDI 3* and national competitors to the arenas at Equestrian Village.

The circuit resumes for AGDF 5 (Feb. 5-9) and will host its third CDI-W of the year, as well as continued national events in the rings adjoining the Global Arena. AGDF 6 (Feb. 12-16) hosts national competition.

AGDF 7 (Feb. 19-23) promises a star-studded spectacular, as competitors from all over the globe go head-to-head competing at the highest caliber in the CDI 5*. The CDI 4* and national levels promise another competitive week during AGDF 8 (Feb. 26 – March 1).

The popular Challenge of the Americas takes center stage for AGDF 9 (March 4-8), and international competition resumes on March 11 with AGDF 10, a national show, and the CDIO3*. Week 11 (March 18-22) welcomes more national competitors to PBIEC.

The finale of the AGDF season will feature the final CDI-W of the 2020 season, and the last chance for riders to achieve qualification for the FEI Dressage World Cup Final, which will be held in conjunction with the Jumping World Cup Final in Las Vegas in April.

“We are grateful to have been on this journey from its inception,” said Allyn Mann, director of strategic partnerships at American Regent Animal Health (formerly Luitpold Pharmaceuticals), makers of Adequan i.m. (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan), the title sponsor of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. “It is nice to see that AGDF continues to attract a varied audience of riders and horses, giving everyone the chance to ride down the center line. We wish everyone continued success.”

The Palm Beach International Equestrian Center’s Equestrian Village site is located at 13500 South Shore Blvd. in Wellington. For more information about the 2020 Adequan Global Dressage Festival, visit www.globaldressagefestival.com.

Adequan Global Dressage Festival 2020 event Highlights

January 8-12 — AGDF 1

Friday Night Stars – Grand Prix Freestyle CDI-W

Saturday Night Under the Lights –

Para-Dressage CPEDI3* Freestyle


January 22-26 — AGDF 3

Friday Night Stars – Grand Prix Freestyle CDI-W

Saturday Night Under the Lights –

Para-Dressage CPEDI3* Freestyle


February 5-9 — AGDF 5

Friday Night Stars – Grand Prix Freestyle CDI-W


February 12-16 — AGDF 6

National Show


February 19-23 — AGDF 7


Friday Night Stars – Grand Prix Freestyle CDI 5*


February 26 – March 1 — AGDF 8


2020 Florida International Youth Dressage Championships

Friday Night Stars – Grand Prix Freestyle CDI 4*

March 4-8 — AGDF 9

National Show

Friday Night Stars – Challenge of the Americas


March 11-15 — AGDF 10


Friday Night Stars – Grand Prix Freestyle CDIO3*

Sunday Night – American Equestrians Got Talent


March 18-22 — AGDF 11

National Show


March 25-29 — AGDF 12

Friday Night Stars – Grand Prix Freestyle CDI-W


The AGDF Show Grounds are located at Equestrian Village at PBIEC

13500 South Shore Blvd., Wellington, FL 33414

AGDF general admission is free.

Parking is $10/car on Friday nights.


For more information, call (561) 793-JUMP 

visit www.globaldressagefestival.com.


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